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Simple Tricks - Blending Papers

Oftentimes when using a kit, I’m so taken by so many of the pretty papers that I like to be able to use several of them on my layout. Other times I like aspects, or parts, of the papers and prefer to ‘mix’ or blend them together to create the look I want. Sometimes on a background paper I may blend together 3-4 different papers. Here are some samples of what you can do:

1. Using a large soft edge eraser, erase parts of the paper to reveal another paper below. In this layout, parts of the leafy paper with the yellow bird is erased to reveal a floral pattern below. Both papers used the same creamy background so this was easy to do. (Barefoot by Shabby Princess)

2. Using the pull-down menu in your Layers Palette, choose options such as Overlay, Screen or Hard Light to allow a paper to peak through another layer. In this layout, the cloud paper is Darkened and the blue ray paper is given a Hard Light effect. This helps the two layers blend together. (Reach the Sky featured in The Daily Digi files #29)

3. Using the Magic Eraser, selectively erase parts of the paper such as the background around polka dots or flowers. Then you can use that design to overlay on top of another background. In this layout, the top layer of paper has the greenery. All of it has been erased but the small section of green, revealing the blue paper behind it, giving it an underwater feel. (Island Adventurers by Michelle Coleman)

4. Hide the seam, or joining of two papers, behind a series of photos, a ribbon, a strip of paper. It’ll allow you to simplify or elaborate according to what you’re trying to achieve in your background. In this layout, there’s a floral pattern paper over top of a background paper of hills, trees and monkeys. The seam between the two papers is hidden behind the photos.(Monkey Do by Mindy Terasawa)

5. Extract parts of papers and use them on your paper to add more visual interest, draw in color, or compliment the photos you are using. In this layout, blue swirls from other papers were used to draw in the blue skirt in the photos. The original paper was a pink background with white flowers. (Beautiful Journey and Cloie’s Closet by Michelle Coleman)

Go ahead and give it a try! Blend, mix, let the papers combine to create something new. You may surprise yourself!

(Title made from School Daze by Forever Joy and font is Giggles by Fontologie.)

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