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internet Sometimes I feel like I am going to the same web sites over and over. Each day, I’m at my email, Facebook, Pinterest, the local news/weather site, and the Daily Digi (of course!). Most days I’m at a scrapbooking forum or two and I read many blogs through Google Reader. When I want someplace new to go, I head on over to StumbleUpon to find fresh information and inspiration. Basically, StumbleUpon helps you find new sites based on your interests. It sets up a small task bar at the top of your browser where you can click through site after site and indicate whether you like them or not. image Here are just a few of the neat sites that I came across: Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Tips on How to Write a Great Story The Daily Green 10 Of The Strangest Unclaimed Airline Baggage Items Ever Found Bucket List: 225 Things to Do Before You Die The Metropolitan Museum of Art

10 movie poster clichés (with plenty of examples)

10 Weird and Mysterious Places on Earth Disney Princesses in Accurate Period Costume Visit Norway The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona The Most Epic Ad Ever Made: A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Street There is so much interesting stuff out there just waiting to be found!
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