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Making Custom Christmas Cards

image Custom Christmas cards and calendars are one thing that often bring people to explore digital scrapbooking. There are a lot of different ways a Christmas card can be created and customized using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. In this post, you will find information for:
  • creating a card using a drop-in quick page card (including a tutorial for the beginner)
  • creating an infographic Christmas card (for the intermediate to advanced digi scrapper)
  • creating a card using a layered template (including a tutorial for the beginner)
  • product suggestions
  • inspiration and ideas
  • printing ideas (including a tutorial for uploading custom designs to Costco)
  • clip_image001
I love creating Christmas cards! I love looking at all of the GREAT designs available. I’ve recently found though, that sending Christmas cards with a family photo on them is mostly a U.S. tradition. Here’s an infographic showing some of the history behind Christmas Cards (click to see larger image): image

Layered Quick Cards and Templates

First off, we have some layered template cards. I created a tutorial for making a card using a layered template similar to the ones below to help those that are new (I use One Little Bird’s templates in my tutorial). The tutorial also shows how to adapt the card to fit Costco’s Custom Card size for printing: image image image image image image image clip_image001[1]

Quick Cards

Next up are some super cute drop-in quick cards. I created a tutorial showing how to use cards similar to these. The tutorial also shows how to adapt these cards for printing as a Custom Card at Costco : image image image image image image image image image image image ScreenClip(86) image image image Our team member Kim Lund (a.k.a. Miss Kim) contributed a card to this collection of free cards on Becky Higgins’ site. They come in 4x6, 5x7, and Costco’s 6x7.5 ScreenClip(98) If you really don’t want to do them yourself, CD Muckosky has an option of having her customize them for you to print at home: image image clip_image001[3]


I have seen a couple of infographic cards around and I love them! Here are some examples: image Something like this could be adapted to a Christmas card: image If you would like to create an infographic card, I found a Google Doc Template that has customizable infographic images. Once you are done customizing, you can export in a PNG or PDF to use in Photoshop. The Daily Digi has a Christmas card board on Pinterest where we’ve assembled some ideas and inspiration for the intermediate to advanced digital scrapbooker that might want to make their own card from scratch. clip_image001[5]


Most years, I have just printed my cards as 5x7’s and bought some 5x7 envelopes at the office supply store. You just can’t beat the 27 cents that Costco charges for their 5x7’s. Last year, I figured out how to upload my own design to the Costco Custom Cards that are 6x7.5 and include envelopes (I think non Costco members can order and have them shipped. See my tutorial for uploading a custom design here). I haven’t decided for sure what I will do this might be a photo card along with an infographic.  I love the shaped cards that I found at Black River Imaging, but haven’t decided if that’s the direction I will go or not. There are, of course, lots and lots of places to get cards printed. Persnickety is my go-to printer for layouts and they do cards as well at reasonable prices.  
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