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in the designer's studio with DANIELLE CORBITT

DesignersStudio I am very excited to welcome Danielle Corbitt to THE DIGI FILES this month!!  Danielle really has a knack for creating themed kits!  I find that so many of her designs bring a smile to my face as well as many, many layout ideas to my mind!  Let’s take a closer look at Danielle’s contribution: folder And here are some layouts to show you some fun ways to use this cute kit: image
Layout by Jacki, additional supplies:  Misty Cato's Gridworks alpha for the title.
Layout by Karen, additional supplies; Janet Phillips template; Traveling Typewriter font.
Layout by Katie, additional supplies: Kaye Winiecki, Alpha by Diane Rigdon, CK jot font
Layout by Steph, additional supplies: template by Cindy Schneider

A hybrid project by Kim:

image clip_image001_thumb3 InTheStudioWith Hiya Folks, I'm Danielle Corbitt and I live in the great state of Texas.  I am the proud Momma to two precious little boys.  My 11 year old, Noah is ADHD amongst other things which is why I became a SAHM.  My 4 year old, Xander, is so bubbly and spunky.  My whole world revolves around my little guys and they keep me very busy!


dcorbitt_lakers_web Credits: Nothing but Net -- Danielle Corbitt  Template -- ChrissyW
tips7tricks3 I love to create unique elements, so I'm always doodling and jotting ideas down throughout the day.  I keep a notepad with me at all times so I never forget an idea or inspiration I had. howitallstarted3 I started traditional scrapbooking in High School.  I stumbled upon digital when I was looking for some free papers to print for my youngest sons' baby book in 2005.   I was a scrapper for a good six months before I decided to try my hand at designing. I thought I can do that and have never looked back.  I have been designing off and on for 5 years. inspirestocreate3 Everything inspires me!  I mostly look around at my surroundings and the people that I come in contact with everyday.  I base alot of my kits on events and happenings.  My boys are another inspiration, from their clothes to their activities.  I love funky, vivid colors that make a statement, so if I see a picture with bold colors or an outfit that is fun, I try to recreate that feeling! toolbox3 I design on a Dell Inspiron desktop with 4 GB of ram.  I have a 1 TB EHD that I store all my Digital Stash on. I mostly create in Photoshop CS3 but I also use Artrage, and Illustrator for drawing. My camera is the one thing that I can bring myself to upgrade.  I have a Minolta Dimage with a 7x Zoom Lens.  I also have a Bamboo Craft  Touch Tablet which I just got about 2 months ago for drawing.  It's been a learning experience and I am so thankful I decided to upgrade. favoriteproduct3 DCfavoriteproduct popularproduct3 DCbestsellingproduct clip_image001_thumb15 Here are some of my favorite products by Danielle DCproduct1 DCproduct2 DCproduct3 DCproduct4 DCproduct5 clip_image001_thumb11 Here’s some inspirational layouts using Danielle’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits. inspirationallo1 inspirationallo2 inspirationallo3 inspirationallo4 inspirationallo5 clip_image001_thumb7 Go have a look in Danielle’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

Danielle put her store on sale for TDD Readers! :)

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