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I'm Afraid to Scrap All About Me

image I think one thing many scrappers agree on is that we don’t really like scrapping about ourselves.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start even when you know that your story is important. We’ve talked about this a lot on The Digi Show and even had one of our older episodes dedicated to it. Since we are working so hard on encouraging you to get IN the photos, I thought I would take some time to encourage US (because *I* need it too) to get IN our layouts as well!  Let’s start with some inspiration and tips from our team: From Heddy: Sometimes my AAM (All About Me) pages are simple, like this one I did for a CT introduction page... image I've found that scrapbooking using lists lets me get a lot of journaling onto a page. For example, here's one I recently did of my favourite things that happened in August: image I also don't believe that AAM pages need pictures - because if I waited for a photo, I might not do the page! Here's a photoless page example: image There are a lot of great AAM challenges at store forums. Here's one I did for a challenge at MScraps about my biggest fear: image Trina shared these layouts with us: image image image Trina said that Nettio is a favorite source for templates that would work great on AAM layouts and she used this one on a layout of her daughter. I know Anne (Lime) has been working hard on including herself in photos and scrapping them too: image image image image image I always like to look through Lynette and Heather Hess’s galleries for All About Me inspiration.  Heather also did a post last month about turning a template into a layout without photos. It included lots of tips for scrapbooking your own stories. Here are a few other resources to get you started if you are a little afraid (like me): TDD_AAM_prv***This download is no longer available. It will be available for members through the end of September, 2011*** Heddy was super sweet and sent over this template for our readers. She told me not to tell you it was from her, but hoped someone would be able to scrap a memory with it. Well, I can’t pretend the template is from me...haha!  If you do scrap a layout using this template, I’m sure Heddy would LOVE to see it, so leave us a link in the comments! Download by clicking the image.
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