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Which font is YOU?

My (Steph's) mom kept a baby book for me while I was younger and in it I have a birthday card from my maternal grandpa written by him in his own handwritting.  One day when my mom was in town, we were looking through that book and came across that card.  She looked at the card and was emotional as she told me that she is not aware of anything else with his handwriting on it.  I feel as if I have a piece of him with me now as I look at his handwriting. I was thinking the other day about this and about how seeing my own mom's handwriting effects me.  To me, it is easily identifiable.  It is a beautiful script!  My mom often wrote me notes as I was growing up in her own handwriting.  When I see something written by my mom, I am instantly filled with a warmth and comfort, like a favorite blanket.  As I thought about this, I wondered if my own children would have that experience?  Would they even be able to recognize MY handwriting?  I'm not sure they could as most of my notes, letters, and journaling on scrapbook pages are in one of my favorite fonts (arial, traveling type writer, times, etc.)  There are not many things with my own handwriting on it.  I have no excuse for this, I make fonts, I could totally make my own handwriting into a font...but I hate my handwriting!  I do have one font in my store that is very similar to my own handwriting and I was nervous to put it "out there" because of how much I hate my own handwriting, but the font became a favorite of my customers.  So, this post is as much for ME as it is for YOU!!  I want my family to have the warm fuzzy feeling when they see my handwriting, just like I do my mom's and she did her dad's.  So, I am setting another scrapping goal to start using my own handwriting on my layouts AND my notes to my kids!  It will take some courage to do, but I am going to conquer my fears and DO IT!! :) Here are some great ways to add your own handwriting to your layouts: Wendyzine has an action that will turn your handwriting into brushes.  I love any of Wendy's actions because she really knows what she is doing and they ALWAYS work without any fuss (which is important for me).  This action would be especially great for those people with several different styles of handwriting. wendyzine Darcy does a great job of turning your handwriting into a font for you and it is very affordable!  She offers an exclusive (you are the only person to use it, own it) or non-exclusive (she has the right to sell the font in her store) options. darcy coupon Darcy also sells handwriting font packages, so you can look for a font that is similar to yours if that works better for you.  She has given us a coupon code for that too :) TDD-fontsrock Expires August 31, 2009 30% off any font pack purchase (excludes scoops) Lastly, lots of scrappers turn to the Fonts for Peas by Amanda when they want a handwritten font.  If you want to scan and send Amanda your handwriting (following these directions), she just might choose it to be fonted and give it away on her site! So, let's go!  Let's add more of ourselves to our layouts so our loved ones know what our handwriting looks like (and don't mistake it for one of our favorite fonts ;) ). steph_sig
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