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Facebook Timeline Covers


If you’re on Facebook, you probably have a timeline cover image. Have you ever used your digital scrapbooking skills to scrap a cover image? It’s a fun way to decorate your Facebook page while showing off your digital scrapbooking hobby.

Fortunately, the digital scrapbook community has tons of great stuff to help you make an awesome timeline cover quickly and easily! From freebie quick pages to templates, the designers have lots of goodies to help you add some personality to your Facebook page.

Facebook Timeline Cover Freebies

Many digital scrapbook designers offer Facebook timeline cover “quick pages” as freebies, often made to promote a newly released kit. I did a quick search and found a few freebies. Keep in mind that these were active freebies the week of June 10, 2013, but they might not be active if you’re reading this post in the archive in the future. It’s more of an example of the type of timeline cover quick pages that are available.




Timeline Templates

Naturally, if you want to make your own Facebook timeline cover, there are templates available for purchase to make things easier:









Making Your Own Timeline

If you want to make your own Facebook timeline cover, it’s very easy! Before you start though, double-check the Terms of Use on the kit you want to use to make sure that the designer is okay with it being used for Facebook timeline images.

To make your own cover image, create it on a canvas with these dimensions:

  • Length = 851 pixels
  • Width = 315 pixels

All you have to do is scrapbook the timeline as you would any page.

As a final step, remember to save your finished product at the web-resolution of 72 dpi as a flattened JPG image.


And that’s all there is to  it! Another fun way to use your digi supplies!

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