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Digi Scrapping with Acrylic & Transparent Items

Sahlin Studio Plastic Alpha. Jenn Barrette Something Good. Brush Script MT font.
  Have you ever used acrylics or transparent embellishments on a digital scrapbook page? There are so many fun ways to use these types of elements to kick up the “wow” factor on your layouts! (All images are linked for credits) I love the use of big acrylic numbers and alphas on a layout! It’s a great way to emphasize a theme, without overpowering the page. Turning30Low Transparent acrylic embellishments can be placed over patterned paper for a fun look. The design still shows through, yet the text on the alphas is readable. iloveyousweetheartweb Not all acrylic is crystal clear. I love the color tinted acrylic hearts on this sweet layout. 2011_03_26-About-Isabelle-copy Acrylic can go right on top of a photo! I love how the scene is still visible right through the title. Friends_WEB13 You can even read journaling through acrylic embellishments! heathergw-1 A simple acrylic bracket is a great addition for layering and visually anchoring photos to a page. the-beach3 For title work you can mix acrylic alphas with other lettering for creative looks. 10-25-Lola-_5months_   shadow One of the biggest tricks for digi scrapping with acrylics (or transparent items) is getting the shadowing right. If you apply a standard drop shadow, it can make an acrylic piece look cloudy or murky. Here are some great tutorials to help you get the best shadows for acrylic pieces. I’ll freely admit that I’m all about “cheating” when it comes to shadowing acrylic elements. I almost always us acrylic drop shadow styles to get the best look. If you’ve never used styles before, you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy they are to use! Many designers include an acrylic style when they sell shadow style packs. These are a few of my favorites: tstroud-rocktheshadows-preview-01 onelittlebird_shadowstyles_prev800 Shadowing makes a BIG difference with acrylics! Here’s a what my title looked like without any shadowing: great Here’s what it looks like after I applied Traci Stroud’s acrylic shadow style: great with shadow It’s worth taking a little extra time and effort to get acrylic shadowing done the right way!   shopping Are you ready for some enabling? Here are some of my favorite acrylic items: tlpfolder-33 ft_CUacrylicstyles-600 kwiniecki_clearlythere_preview 7d59b974bfbcdec5ceeb5e20629c7a75 jkneipp_acrylicframes365 mle-Bloom&Groom-acrylics-preview copy CinziaL_AcrylicAlpha_prev EL479491 tstroud_clearlyfunky_preview kfredricks_clearly_preview TBorges_AcrylicColorsStyle3-1 vstegall-ALPHA-acrylic-prev-01 jenn2-punkboi-acr_LRG clearlyroundedalpha_pvw I’m ready to dig through my supplies and play with some acrylic embellishments and alphas now. I hope you can see new uses for clear acrylics on your own digi creations! katie big
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