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Scrap Your Year

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Do you ever wonder what to do with all the "other" photos on your hard drive?

You know the ones: the ones you haven't scrapped. The ones you love. The ones that tell your story.

I had the same problem.

I stumbled upon the solution by accident.

After creating a set of templates, I wanted to test them. I grabbed some of my favorite photos from the month of January and plopped them in. Before I knew it, the page was done. Week one of 2013 was recorded!

I kept going. It was so easy! I then started timing myself...could it really be this fast? The answer was YES!

In approximately 14 hours (over the course of a weekend), I had more than 1500 photos placed in templates, week by week. The result was far more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for.

Let me take you on a virtual retreat.

As much as I would love to fly away to a cabin in the woods with all of my favorite scrapping friends, it just isn't possible. In this class, however, we'll pretend we are on a weekend retreat. And during this retreat, we'll get all of your photos from an entire year placed in album pages.

I love a good retreat!

You'll get a packing and prep list. You'll have sessions through the weekend. You'll be inspired. And the best part don't have to leave your home.

This class is broken into five main sessions. You'll watch a video (embedded right into the .pdf file!) After watching the video, you'll have specific tasks to do.

I'll get you organized and ready to get your photos scrapped using the 12 FREE 2-PAGE TEMPLATES (a $15 value!)

You can choose to scrap your year week-by-week or month-by-month. It's up to you!

You'll also receive a free layout-planning guide, helping you decide which template to use.

Come away with me! Together let's create an album your family will love!

*These classes are in a PDF format with the lesson videos embedded directly in the PDF*

P.S. When I created this class and recorded the videos, I hadn't yet had my album printed. I have since printed it (in two volumes) from Adorama Pix. When I opened the box, I started giggling. Those two albums are one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Although I have scrapped more than 2000 pages in the last ten years, this is — by far — my favorite project to date. I guess when all is said and done, it really is the photos that matter most.

Here is an email I received from someone after taking my WATCH ME SCRAP class:

Dear Janet,
I just finished your last video from the Watch Me Scrap class and I'm on the verge of tears. Don't worry! They are tears of joy. I have been digi scrapping since 2007. I've completed and printed hundreds of layouts each year since. But for some reason, I hit a major slump last year. I lost my way. By then end of the year, I had maybe 3 pages done. Frankly, it frightened me a little. As a mother of 6 children, ages 23 to 5, I wondered if I would ever get back to scrapping.
Monday afternoon I was going through some emails and noticed that you had a class and thought to myself, "I LOVE her templates and style. Maybe I should take the class?". It wasn't long before I was downloading it. I was excited to see how you put your pages together. I was not disappointed. While much of it was a great review for me, I loved seeing the simplicity with which you execute your pages. I realized that I USED to be a simple scrapper. I USED to focus on my photos. I USED to enjoy capturing my family's memories...
Just watching you create, reading how you organize your layouts, and my favorite part the WHY you scrap, was really powerful. My light was ignited again and I'm looking forward to returning to the hobby I love. I know that what I do is important to my children and to those who come to follow.
So, I wanted to write to you and tell you thank you. You gave me a great gift.

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Get Organized: Photos

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*These classes are in PDF format with the lesson videos embedded directly in the PDF*

I really want to move forward with PSE, and you have given me the courage to do so. - Renee

You just saved me hours of organizing with your metadata searches - what a timesaver! - Marina

Have you got a camera, smart phone, DVDs of scanned images or all of the above?

If you feel like you have so many photos you don't know what to do you are in the right place.

After helping hundreds of people organized their photos, I’ve noticed the same questions coming up:

  • I have oodles of photos! How to do organize the backlog?
  • How do I keep it up? I don’t want to fall behind again!
  • How do I find what I want when I want it?

In five lessons, we’ll spend 15 minutes working on the core areas of organizing:

  • Gathering photos from all your cameras and devices
  • Importing them into Photoshop Elements Organizer
  • Setting up a system for new photos
  • Documenting who, what, where and when automagically
  • Setting you up for success so you have your photos in hand when you are ready to scrap

With a little help from me, you will create a system so that your favorite photos are easy to find.

This class is designed for Photoshop Elements 11 or newer on a Mac or PC. Some of the material is relevant to earlier versions, but the interface changed and mapping/geotagging isn't available in PSE10 and earlier.

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Get Organized: Supplies

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*These classes are in a PDF format with the lesson videos embedded directly in the PDF*

Thanks again Melissa . . . you can’t begin to know how thrilled I am that this finally worked. I’ve struggled with so many other options and I so happy this one really paid off. If it weren’t way past my bedtime I’d be dancing but it is time for sleep. Thank you a hundred times over... you are truly awesome and inspiring !!! – Anna

When you have gigabytes of supplies it can seem like a never ending task to get organized.

  • Some people tell you to rename and move files
  • Some people tell your about expensive new software or obscure plugins
  • Some people tell you to convert your files to new formats
  • Some people tell you to give up

I tell you that it doesn't have to be that hard.

You can organize your photos and supplies in minutes not hours, and all you need is Photoshop Elements. There's no converting, no endless tagging and no lost and corrupted files.

Who am I to claim that organizing doesn't have to be boring, time consuming and fussy?

G'day, I'm Melissa Shanhun, digital scrapbooking educator, Aussie mum and all-round creative person.

Over the years I’ve moved my creating to my computer to help me create more projects in less time. Being a teacher at heart, I can’t help but want to share my inside info with you, so you spend less time organizing and fighting with software and more time doing the scrapbooking you love.

Over the past three years, I’ve helped over hundreds of women here in Perth and around the world, learn how they can organize their photos using their computers. With the automated features inside Photoshop Elements Organizer, managing your digital scrapbooking stash doesn't need to be tedious or time consuming. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback from over 350 students the first run of this class, we've made Get Organized: Supplies available to you today.

Why struggle on your own, when I can show you how to get organized?

Don't go it alone - you'll need someone to help you get over the hurdles and hiccups that come along with the technology jungle.

  • Do you have piles of digital scrapbooking supplies?
  • Do you have a mess of folders on your computer?
  • Do you want to get organized quickly?

Join me to SUPERCHARGE your supply organization.

You will learn:

  • Simple ways to organize your supplies - saving hours of your time!
  • How to import your supplies into Photoshop Elements Organizer
  • Some options for organizing your way
  • Time-saving, ready-made keyword tags to download
  • Fast searching techniques that will help your complete layouts with the perfect supplies in no time!
  • Managing the import process - so you don't have to remember what you've imported and what you haven't
  • Setting up your Digi home base - so everything is in one place
  • Unzipping your files - so you don't find corrupt files when you are trying to scrap
  • Advanced searching techniques so you can find the supplies you need in a snap - forget hunting for that perfect red button
  • How to maintain your system in just a few minutes at a time - so things keep running like clockwork

Each lesson includes:

  • Explanations of how the Organizer can make your life easier
  • Step by step instructions and images to walk you through organizing your supplies your way
  • A video to show you exactly what to do
  • A 15 minute challenge that will get you organized in record time

I know you'll be ecstatic when you have your supplies at your fingertips and put your software to work for you.

Register today to see how Photoshop Elements can do the work for you.

This class is designed for Photoshop Elements 11 or newer on a Mac or PC. Most the material is relevant to earlier versions (6+ on the PC and 9+ on the Mac), but the interface has changed a little.

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WATCH ME SCRAP (Intro to Digital Scrapbooking)

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*These classes are in a PDF format with the lesson videos embedded directly in the PDF*

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learnt from the Click and Create Class I purchased. It is wonderful and I cannot wait to see what others you are going to come up with. It is so easy to follow and being able to see the video and then also have the "pdf" for reference has made everything so much clearer. Thank you so much - Alison

If you want to preserve your family's memories in a fun, frugal, creative, and mess-free way, then grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and get ready to start digital scrapbooking!

WATCH ME SCRAP is a video tutorial series that will teach you (yes, YOU!) everything you need to know to get started in digital scrapbooking. Don't let that computer intimidate you! I will walk you through the digital scrapbooking process in a fun and friendly way, giving you all the tools and skills you need to get started. Start preserving your family's memories today!

As an award-winning scrapbooker and trusted digital scrapbook product designer, I have created this set of videos with the busy mom in mind. This is how I would want to learn! Averaging about 15 minutes, each video introduces you to new skills and techniques that build on one another. Rather than learn the skills in isolation, you will instead WATCH ME SCRAP and see and hear the whole scrapbooking process as it is happening. Armed with these new skills, you will be challenged to create the same three layouts I do and in the process, you will be prepared to create your own beautiful pages.

Included in this download:

1. Almost 30 video tutorials (totaling over 6 hours), starting with downloading a free program trial and ending with an answer to the question, "Where do I go from here?"

2. A user-friendly Activity Guide that will highlight the main points of the video and allow you practice until you feel confident.

3. All materials needed to complete the sample pages.

This class is designed for Photoshop Elements 11 or newer on a Mac or PC.

These lessons are very large files (100mb-300mb) please be sure to disable firewalls prior to downloading, they will take quite a bit of time for the downloads to complete.

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