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Do you want to learn Lightroom in a fun, simple, and non-intimidating way?

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Who is this class for?

This class was developed ( no pun intended!) with the beginning Lightroom user in mind. This doesn't mean you won't learn powerful and professional skills, because you will! It just means that even if someone has never used Lightroom before, he/she will gain the necessary skills to edit in a quick and easy way. This class is not intended for those wishing to edit for commercial/professional purposes.

What will I learn?

After completion of this workshop, you will feel confident to edit your photos using only Lightroom. You'll learn how to import, develop, export, and more! [PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR COURSE OUTLINE]

What if I don't have Lightroom?

If you don't have Lightroom, you are still free to watch the videos and learn. However, to get the most from this class, I would encourage you to have you own copy. You can download a free trial from Adobe (though it is only good for 30 days). The best idea is to purchase Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for $9.99/month. It's an AMAZING deal. Please make sure to read the tech specifications to ensure your computer can run Lightroom. See refund policy below.

Who is teaching this class?

Janet Phillips (that's me!) I absolutely adore Lightroom and how much it has changed my photo editing. I am so passionate about this tool and I can't wait to help you understand its magic!

How long is this workshop?

This workshop will run for six weeks, from August 1 to September 11, and will include weekly videos, lesson guides, and group discussion. However, you will be able to download and keep all the information as long as you would like... so even if life gets in the way, you can still keep learning.

Are there specific times I have to be online?

Nope. Nada. Zilch. I am a busy mom of six and I know how hard is to have to be in a certain place at a certain time. I will be checking in a few times a day, but I don't expect any of us (myself included) to be strapped to a computer all day!

Your videos and lesson links will be sent weekly to your email address (all emails will go to the email registered with your Stripe account. If you would like links sent to a different address, please let me know!)

When you say workshop, does that mean I have to interact with other participants?

You have the option of taking part in the group discussion via Google Groups (it should be fun!) or simply sitting back and working through this class on your own.

How much time will this take?

Time spent on this class is totally up to you! Videos will range from 5-20 minutes, making the time needed to watch them easy to fit in between loads of laundry! How much you practice and interact with other participants will affect your overall time commitment. And remember, you'll be about to download and save all of the class information!

Do I get to keep the information?

Yep! The videos, written lessons, presets, and practice images are yours to keep!

Can I share the information with others?

In short, no. This information in this class is intended only for registered participants. Much time and energy has been put into this and we ask you to honor the intended use. In addition, while practice images will be available for you to use and keep, please understand that all images are © of Janet Phillips and are for personal use as an aid to this class only.

How do I register?

Simply click to purchase this class. The Daily Digi accepts payments from your credit or debit card via Stripe. If you would rather pay by Paypal, please email me at the address below and I can invoice you.

What happens after I register?

Once you have registered, you will be able to download your welcome guide. Also, please ensure that the email you used when you registered is where you would like your information to be sent to each week. If not, please email me.

When is the last day to register?

The last day to register with the $15 discount is JULY 16, 2016.

The last day to register for the class is JULY 27, 2016.

Are there refunds available?

All sales are final.

However, if you cancel BEFORE JULY 27, I will do my best to issue a refund. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER JULY 27.

What happens if I can't finish the class?

If you can't finish the class and it is after July 27, you will still be given all of the following videos and lessons. You can simply finish the class on your own at a convenient time.

Will this class be available as a standalone self-paced class?

Probably...maybe...not sure :) Since this is the first run of the class and there will certainly be slight tweaks here and there (and that's why we are offering it at such a great value!). Our hope will be to package up the information and sell it as a standalone class, but the certainty and the date of availability are unknown at this point.

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions not addressed here, please email me at the address below and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.



---------> If you have questions regarding your purchase, please contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


WEEKLY LESSONS (two each week, both emailed on Monday):

  1. Introduction, setting up Your Lightroom workspace, RAW vs JPEG
  2. Importing photos, library module, exporting photos
  3. I want to start right now! (quick and easy editing)
  4. Develop Module, part 1
  5. Develop module, part 2
  6. Finding your style, black and white conversions, other color variations
  7. Adjustment brush, clone/healing tool, and gradients
  8. Presets & other time saving tips
  9. Organization
  10. Specific photos with specific issues
  11. Editing full sessions, copy and paste, sync
  12. Slideshows & photobooks


  1. Advanced adjustments
  2. What if Lightroom can’t do it?


  • Private Google Group for questions and discussion (must have Google account; you can set one up specifically for this class if desired)
  • Optional weekly challenges
  • Optional sharing of before and afters
  • ALL PHOTOS from video lessons will be available for you to practice with
  • Watch me edit YOUR photos
  • Weekly photo tips (better out of the camera = less editing)

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