{Water}Coloring Printables

Jacqui E. Smith’s store was new to me this month, as it probably was to you. I’ve been subscribed to her newsletter to follow all her new plannery releases. When I saw these
awesome printable coloring pages, I immediately knew I wanted to break out my new Peerless watercolors.

First, I printed Jacqui’s design onto watercolor paper. I’m still experimenting with what works better… laser printer vs. inkjet printer. My paper was a little thick for my printer, so the design didn’t quite print centered. I decided that was okay, though, because it would give me a space to journal about some things I’m thankful for.

Next I gathered my supplies:

  • Watercolors
  • Water brushes
  • Art Masking Fluid (tinted)
  • Silhouette Hook
  • Water
  • I wanted to paint a watercolor wash across the background of the page. Since this design had quite a few tiny spaces, I decided to use the masking fluid to mask out the design. I grabbed my medium brush and painted the masking fluid over all the areas I don’t want to wash in the background color. Let this dry super well. Depending on how thick you apply that masking fluid, it can take a while. Be careful not to pick up the paper while it’s still wet or that fluid can run. (Yes, this is the voice of experience talking!) The black ink edges did bleed a little, but that adds to the handmade look.

    Once the masking fluid dried, I painted the background. I wanted my page to be in fall colors, so I started with a dark orange, blended to a burnt umber, then a reddish brown to a yellow brown.

    Now it’s time to let everything dry again. This won’t take nearly as long as the masking fluid. Once it’s dry to the touch, it’s time to wick away the masking fluid. Using the Silhouette Hook, scrape up a corner of the dried masking fluid and peel it all off.

    Now, with the design left white, I was ready to paint the rest of the page.

    My final touch was to add a list of things I’m thankful for. Now I can hang up my painting as a daily reminder to give thanks in all things.

    Back to School Inspiration

    As I shared yesterday, this time of year brings out all things crafty and creative in me. I get so excited to see the school and office supplies lining the aisles of stores and I love to cruise the web for fun ideas. While I always have more ideas than time, I do have my eyes on a few specific things for this year.

    I love, love, LOVE this burlap pencil banner from Glued To My Crafts. I think it would be so cute in our school room!

    I love this idea from Polka Dot Chair of having a homework station. My kids are always asking me where they can find a pencil, tape, scissors, etc. Now if only I could get them to keep all this stuff right where it is…

    Having a checklist similar to this one from 36th Avenue would make evenings easier. This one is printed and then put in a frame so you can use a dry erase marker each day.

    These projects from Brunch at Saks, H20 Bungalow, and I Heart Organizing all fall into the pile of totally not necessary, but they also fall into the pile of so-cute-I-HAVE-to-make-them!

    I think a school lunch sign like from While He Was Napping would be perfect for the kitchen. The kids could follow the plan and pack their own lunches. I think it would also help mom remember what to buy at the grocery store!

    And finally, I am loving these homemade bookmarks from Everything Etsy. I think this will be a fun project for my kids and I to do together!

    So how about you? What crafty & scrappy back to school projects do you have planned?

    ​DIY Wedding & Cricut Explore

    Check out this Cake Topper made with the Cricut Explore Silhouette!

    My daughter, Amy, got married recently and over the past several months, I’ve been sharing news and wedding plan updates with the team here at The Daily Digi. I’ve even had a few wedding related layouts to share over the past few months, using the DigiFiles. After the wedding, I shared a quick 2×3 layout of some of the professional pictures that had already been on Facebook.

    When I shared it, I noted that I had made the cake topper for their wedding cake from an engagement picture taken by the same photographer. Wendy asked if I would share the process of making it, so here we go!

    The photographer, Joshua Ayres, had some wonderful silhouette shots since they started their engagement photo shoot at sunrise. This made my project very easy to do. I selected a picture that had a good silhouette of them both from the waist up.

    Gorgeous! I opened the photo in PSE 13, (any editing program would work if you can save as a png file) duplicated it, and cropped so that basically just Amy and Cam were showing. I then used the magic wand tool to select the figures. When the marching ants appeared, I selected layer/new layer via copy.

    I then hid the color copy and added a layer mask. I used a round hard black brush to clean out the bushes on the right and also the stray hairs on Amy. Then I added a black brush right on top and filled in some areas that I didn’t want the Cricut to cut out.

    When I was happy with my work, I saved the file as a png. In retrospect, I would have smoothed Cam’s hair out a little. My Cricut cut it beautifully, but it really labored to do it. Next I opened Cricut Design Space (you can only do this type of project if you have a Cricut Explore) and uploaded my png file.

    This opened a window where I uploaded my png file. It gives an option to clean it up, but I had already done that in PSE so I didn’t need to. I just chose simple image since I was working with black and white.

    Then I clicked continue and added the png to my project. Make sure that you choose the option for cut rather than print then cut. Finally, I chose a couple of frames and welded all of the pieces together.

    I cut out two layers so Amy could put the stick in the middle. It turned out to be a fantastic topper for their cake—one no one had ever seen before.

    Incidentally, we used old atlases to make most of the flowers that were used for the bouquets, corsages, and other decorating. Some of these I also cut with my Cricut but Amy made hundreds of origami ones as well.

    Of course, you wouldn’t have to make a cake topper. It would be great for cards or gifts as well. Hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did!

    12 MORE Awesome Scrapbook Pages With Maps

    A few years ago, as my family was getting ready for our six week road trip, I shared 12 Awesome Scrapbook Pages With Maps.

    As summer quickly approaches and dreams of travel fill our minds, it’s time to be inspired once again! I love the creative techniques scrappers have used to incorporate maps into their albums.

    And if you’ve got a big trip coming up (or one from the past you have yet to scrap), make sure you check out yesterday’s post where you show you the Insta-Trip album that is part of this month’s Digi Files. Make sure you are a member in order to snag it!

    And here is my layout!

    Now let’s see some inspiration!

    (whenever possible, layouts are linked to their original source)

    Gratitude Journal {week eight}

    On Sundays this year at The Daily Digi, we are going to be sharing a FREE weekly gratitude journal spread. These pages are a place for you to record little memories you don’t want to forget, little reasons to be grateful. Each week their will be a gratefulness quote as well as a few photo spots.

    You can use these FREE pages in a number of ways:

    1) As digital scrapbooking templates. The download will always include .psd files for both 2-page 12×12 spreads as well as 2-page 8.5×11 spreads. You can add your own papers and elements and scrap ’till your heart’s content! (This is also a good option for those of you who get twitchy because I started the week with Friday. Since January 1 is a Friday, I like to start each week that way, but you may not! Feel free to adjust as needed!

    2) As a digital journal. Keep the colors and text just as they are. Simply flatten the layers and add your notes of gratitude. Easy peasy!

    3) As printed pages. Print out and write on them the good old-fashioned way. There is a .pdf file included for printing two letter-sized pages. Print your photos and attach!

    If you have missed previous weeks, grab them HERE.


    If you have used the templates or print-outs, we’d LOVE to see them! Share a link in the comments or EMAIL ME . We just might feature your page!

    Be sure to be back next week for your next FREE journal template!

    Love Your Family {poster project}

    I have a new hobby obsession. I love creating posters and other home decor projects. With all the amazing new fonts that are out there (along with their constant advertising on Facebook and other sites I visit), playing with words has become such an amazing creative outlet for me. How could it not be?

    words + pretty things = happy me

    For this poster, I used Sugary Fancy’s You Complete Me kit from the February 2016 Digi Files. It’s so full of amazing papers and elements. I knew I could whip something up to put on my bulletin board for Valentine’s Day.

    I didn’t have a particular quote in mind but I knew I wanted something family related. A quick Google search turned up lots of options.

    I chose one and got to work! It was quick and easy and I love being able to use my stash of digital supplies and fonts for more than just scrapping. I have hundreds of kits just waiting to be used in all sorts of ways!

    Click the image below to download a free printable letter-sized image. Or better yet, try making your own!

    Quick and Easy Hybrid Mailer

    When I was in high school, my friends and from camp and I used to write each other letters on a regular basis. This was before many people had email (yes, I’m that old!) and so actual written letters were the name of the game. We used decorate our envelopes and add all sorts of fun stickers and designs to the outside.

    Then we upped our game a bit. One day I decided to rip out a bunch of colorful pages from a magazine. Then I took an envelope and unglued all the edges and traced it onto cardboard. I then cut out the design and had my very own envelope template. From those magazine pages we made HUNDREDS of envelopes. With a white sticker on front to add the address, they were not only the coolest envelopes around but also the most economical!

    And yes, the post office WOULD mail them!

    Well, with the plethora of digi supplies available to us, the process of creating quick and colorful envelopes is even easier!

    I love Up, and Away! by Flergs in this month’s Digi Files. When you become a member of The Digi Game, you get this kit AND six more for just $7.50!

    In order to make my envelope, I grabbed a template by Miss Tiina.

    Then I grabbed a few papers and some elements from Up, and Away!

    I created two 8.5×11 documents, both with the template in the same place (I just duplicated the first document to ensure my templates would exactly line up.)

    Next I clipped my papers to the templates and added the airplane and white strips.

    Then I flattened, saved, and printed the first side. Once it was done printing, I put the flipped the paper over and printed the second document. This allowed my outline to match up perfectly.

    I simply cut, folded, glued, and called it done!

    You can make your own or download mine RIGHT HERE. Once you are in Dropbox, right click and choose download. Resize if necessary, print, write, and send!

    So Much More

    As I approach my tenth scrapping anniversary in a few months, I have been doing a lot of thinking about digital scrapbooking and what an effect it has had on my life. The impact is huge! Not only do I have thousands of memories preserved and sitting on my shelf, just waiting for someone to flip through, but also I have made some beautiful friendships and gained innumerable skills. Who knew that one little magazine article would change my life so drastically!

    As I look through my photos, though, I realize that my digi skills haven’t been just for scrapping. I’ve done so much more with them! I love that people can come to me and ask me to edit photos for them and I love to make things for our family and friends. My kids often come to me asking me to make an invitation for something (spur of the moment little parties at home). I love my scrapbook albums, but all the other opportunities to use my skills are so fun!

    Cake and Party Decorations










    So what about you? What, other than scrapbook pages, have you created with your digi skills?

    Custom Birthday Cupcake Toppers

    My little man turned one back in March. It’s bittersweet to see your baby hit that big milestone. I love seeing him grow up and I can’t wait to see who he becomes, but his days as a snuggly little baby are over. Sad.

    We were still living in Indonesia at the time and we had some friends coming to visit near his birthday. I wanted to find him a cute birthday shirt for them to bring, but I didn’t want the typical powder blue “birthday boy” shirt you see so much. I searched Etsy and a few other places and finally found this awesome shirt on Amazon. It was perfect! We call Zachary “Z-Man,” so a superhero inspired shirt was ideal! (Note, at the time of writing, this shirt is currently unavailable, but they do have it in ages 2-5. I might have to order more!)

    Doesn’t Z-Man look so cute in it?

    Although I don’t usually have much of a theme for birthdays, I decided to keep with the superhero thing for Z’s cupcakes. I looked in my digi stash for a superhero image, but couldn’t find one I liked. So I searched around a little online and found this.

    Since my main man’s name starts with a Z and not an S, I had a little work to do.

    First, I used my polygon lasso tool to trace around the outside shape. I then filled the selection with the yellow.

    Next, I duplicated the yellow layer, enlarged it, and colored it red. I then looked for a font that would work and typed a Z. I cut off the edges where it would hit the border.

    Next I added a black outer stroke to the red layer. And finally, a stroke to the Z layer.

    Once these were done, I needed to find a t-shirt. Again, I looked through my digi stash and after trying to alter a few things that looked too girly, I decided to just outline my own. I added a darker blue border for some definition.

    I then added my superhero emblem to the shirt.

    I merged the layers together, reduced the size to what I wanted, and then duplicated the t-shirt a number of times so I could print them.

    At this point, I could have printed them out and cut them, but pressed for time, I got out the directions to my long-neglected Silhouette machine and managed to get them cut out for me. I really should use that thing more!

    Then I added toothpicks to the back and I was done!

    I think he liked them!