Welcome the Designers of TDF#54

Welcome June, Summer, sunshine and our DESIGNERS that contributed to The Digi Files #54!!  What a great lineup we have this month! Some familiar names, returning vetrans, and maybe a new-to-you designer or two?  I can’t wait for you to get in the members area and start downloading and unzipping all of your goodies! Annual members are able to login right after the clock strikes midnight ET on the first. Many set their alarms to wake up in the middle of the night and download! Wow! That’s some Daily Digi Day dedication!

If you aren’t a member yet, once you sign up, you will wonder why you waited so long!

We have SEVEN full size products, never released in digiland before for only $7.50 total (less when you become an annual member)!  Some of the products are actually larger than ONE product for the designers and will be broken up when added to their store. It’s an UNBELIEVEABLE deal and the BEST deal in digital scrapbooking! Here is a look at the designers for this month:

Weeds & Wildflowers Designs

ViVa Artistry

Scrapping With Liz

Cilenia Curtis

Angie Kovacs

Quirky Twerp

Meagan’s Creations

Our members love “Daily Digi Day”! Many of the annual members have already been downloading for a few hours because they automatically get access when the calendar changes to a new month. Here’s what our members said in the comments yesterday:

I am coming to the end of my second annual subscription and I look forward to my third. I have consistently received beautiful kits by my favorite designers as well as an introduction to designers I might not have discovered on my own. The variety of styles and colors helps me to broaden my layout repertoire in ways I might otherwise have never considered. Great value for the money!

*My Life of Change* came as a welcomed surprise in my May 2013 downloads! I cannot believe I’ve been a subscriber for nearly three years already! I love everything!!! Truly. Madly. Deeply. ;-)

Another fabulous month of Digi Files! Thank you!!

I really LOVE The Digi Files and think everyone needs to be a member. 🙂 Nowhere else can you get so much value for the price. Even when my supply budget is small, I always know I’ll end up with new, awesome products! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “where’d you get that kit?” and my response is always “It’s from this months Digi Files”. I’ve tried so many styles and really grown through my membership thanks to always having a diverse selection of kits and templates. The Playbook really gives me the confidence to play with styles outside my comfort zone and I love the tutorials, tips and tricks. The Playbook could be a magazine in its own right, but it’s just a happy bonus to the membership. I can’t wait for next month!- Carrie

PS: Congratulations to the FOURTEEN random winners selected from yesterday’s comments, each person won $10 in product from one of last month’s designers. Be sure to check out the Rafflecopter widget in yesterday’s post to see if you won! All winners will receive their prize via the email listed in Rafflecopter within 48 hours.


Have you ever wondered why we keep it a surprise?

the digi files are a surprise

From the very first time The Digi Files were introduced, we’ve had a very fun and unique way of revealing them each month. When the new files are ready for download on the first of each month, we don’t post all the previews here – it’s a surprise for our members as they go to open each one of the 7 collections included in that’s month’s set of Digi Files. Have you ever wondered why we do it this way?


the first digi files

When Janet Phillips founded the site back in January of 2009, she had a vision that we still follow today. These are her exact words from the very first month of The Daily Digi’s existence.

Each of included designers have created something special just for THE DIGI FILES. These products (mini-kits, element sets, etc) are new and never-before-released.  The hope is that you can safely and inexpensively try new-to-you designers as well as stock up on stuff from your tried-and-true favorites.  We worked hard to bring you a range of styles and stores and we hope that you will be THRILLED with your purchase!

We won’t be showing you the contents of THE DIGI FILES right away (that’s part of the fun!)  However, throughout the month that TDF are available, we will be spotlighting the individual designers. You will get to know a little about them, about their work, AND you will get to see what they contributed to TDF. So, if you are unsure about buying “sight unseen” you can wait and watch throughout the month.

More than 4 years later, our members still love the surprise each month! Many of them call it “Daily Digi Day” or say it is like having birthday presents to open each month. We would never want to take away the fun of that!


waiting for the digi files to be revealed

We don’t post the Digi Files previews until each designer’s special feature day. This gives our readers a chance to see each collection on it’s own and get to know the designer who created it. Even though I have already seen (and scrapped with most of) the contents of the files well before the month begins, I really look forward to these feature days. When I read about the designer and see all the great layouts from the team, I fall even more in love with the kits and templates. It’s such a fun way to keep the excitement of The Digi Files alive all month long.

It’s also a great solution for those who don’t like surprises. All they have to do is wait for some of the reveal posts to see if they want to buy the files. Once they have seen one or two collections that they like, they already know they will get way more than their money’s worth! Each kit included in the files is the same value as the price of the entire Digi Files. Oh, and the playbook alone is well worth the cost so it’s a win-win no matter what!

To keep it fun, we kindly ask everyone not to share previews of the kits on blogs, pinterest, or anywhere online until after the reveal date for each contribution. That keeps the original intent behind The Digi Files in place and helps us feature and honor those designers who have contributed their amazing talents to make the files a success!

There would be no Daily Digi without The Digi Files and we are so grateful for the designers and for our members who make this magic happen every month!

katie big

Decoding a Digi Scrap Preview

Flergs_FamilyArchives_Frame7 copy copy

Flergs Family Archives, Christine Chodil On this Day, Carbon Block font


Have you ever wondered how to decode a preview image for digital scrapbooking supplies? It can be overwhelming at times to look at all the fun goodies that come in a digi kit so it helps to have few pointers to use.

I’m going to use the previews from all the collections included in this month’s Digi Files as examples. Can you believe you get all of these great products for a total price of only $7.50? (Less for annual members) Wow! The proceeds from THE DIGI FILES keep THE DAILY DIGI running!!

I love this kit by Tickled Pink and as soon as I saw the preview I could tell that it was filled with all sorts of designs I could use on my creations. The layer of papers in the background is a great preview of the patterns and colors that come in the kit. The embellishments are layered to show the variety of items included. It is a standard practice for the designer to include the name of the product and their own design name as part of the labeling.

kitpreview (5)

Many scrappers focus on the element items included in a kit and just need a glimpse of the papers. Some designers use more than 1 preview image in a pop up window so you can see previews of each part of the kit (embellishments, patterned papers, solid papers, etc.)  Dunia also included some paper previews inside her kit this month.

kitpreview (4)



Krystal Hartley illustrates some ways to use the included items in combination with the arrangement of her preview image. When I saw the flowers clustered together with the leaves, ribbon, and branch, I knew I would want to use them that way on a page of my own.

kitpreview (2)

With careful layering, you can see the intricacies of patterned papers and added elements on the Queen of Quirk preview here.

kitpreview (1)

Christine Chodil uses a banner across the middle of her preview image to help visually separate the papers from the elements while still showing how they coordinate together. Most previews are shadowed to give definition to each piece pictured, but that does not mean that the individual embellishments come shadowed in the kit.


Whenever I look at digi scrap previews, I pay special attention to the layouts made using the product. Many stores will include some team layouts as alternate images on the preview. At The Daily Digi, we include them in the feature posts and even more in the Team Inspiration section. I like to save these layout images to my hard drive and file them right in with the kit to use for ideas when it comes time to scrap. It’s also fun to pin them on Pinterest for later scraplifts.

kitpreview (6)

Most of all, I find that looking at the layouts created with the kit give me a much more in-depth look at how the designs look in action. I often find that I *have* to get that kit because of a certain paper or a piece of word art I have seen on a layout. I already completely adored this kit by Mari Koegelenberg, but when I saw this layout by Kimberly, I knew I needed to go back and use some of that fun Washi-style tape in the kit!


Previews are important for templates also. I love how Jeanye Labaya uses bright colors to show what her template designs will look like when I bring them to life with my own digi ingredients. I really look for layout examples when I’m exploring template previews so I can see how they look in action!

kitpreview (3)

If you want to understand what comes with a digital scrapbooking purchase, look over the preview and pay attention to the type of items that are pictured. Be sure to check out any sample layouts or additional preview images as well. When you are shopping in a digi store, read the product description to see a listing of the included items. That is especially important for really large kits and collections.

I’m going to use the BIG collaborative kit My Life in Print as an example. This is the kit our members receive as a free gift after their 16th month of the Digi Game. Here’s the preview image:


It’s pretty much impossible to include everything on a preview for a kit this size. This is just a small sampling to give you an idea of the colors, theme, and overall design feel of the kit. It really helps to read the description.

This kit includes:

  • 105 papers
  • over 280 elements
  • 2 layered templates
  • 1 brush set
  • 6 alphas (1 in 3 colors)
  • 2 printable art posters
  • 6 quick pages

This amazing collection was created by 30 of the top digital scrapbooking designers (all of whom are previous contributors to THE DIGI FILES) and two Daily Digi team members.

That listing is important so you can really understand what you get with this particular kit. I’m sure you’ll find that as you read the descriptions, study the preview, and explore additional images, that you will find many digital collections that are longing to become a part of your own stash!

katie big

It’s That Time Again and SEVEN Will Win


When you become a member of The Digi Game, for ony $7.50 a month you get over $50 worth  of high quality products from seven different designers each month. You also get the Playbook, an interactive ebook with layouts, tips, tricks, links to other resources, and a video tutorial showing you ways you can use the supplies! We also upload bonus gifts for our members each month, just a little surprise as our way of saying THANKS!  When you subscribe to the annual membership, you get TWELVE months for the price of eleven! That makes it less than $7 per month!  Here’s a close look at everything included during August:

Designs by Kat: Pictures that Tickle the Designer In Me

The Tattered Pear: An Instant Connection

Meredith Cardall Designs: She Choked On a Blue Adhesive Tab

Kelleigh Ratzlaff: My Blog is My Dumping Ground

After Five Designs: Scrapping Should Be Fun!

mle Card: Sewing A Straight Line

Studio Basic: Let Your Emotions Flow to Your Mouse

These products are only available until the end of today and then they go into the designers’ stores at full retail value.

This month the Playbook includes tips and techniques on:
Hybrid (tutorial)
Layout Design
Scrapping Outside the Box
Time Savers

And if all of that weren’t well worth the value, The Digi Game members also get access to exclusive kits every four months they are subscribed AND a bonus kit just for joining!

Story of Everyday Life is the first the exclusive kit that Digi Game members get access upon subscribing:


Good Life is the 2nd exclusive kit that members get after 4 active months:


My Journey, My Life is the 3rd exclusive kit that Digi Game members get after 8 active months:


We will have a brand new kit that will start going out to our members that have been active for 12 months tomorrow (and I LOVE, LOVE this kit).

NOW…for the FUN part! Leave us a comment sharing one thing you enjoyed about The Daily Digi during August! We will randomly select SEVEN people from the comments below to win $10 in product from one of this month’s contributors.

Using and Organizing the Digi Files


Digi Files #27 (March 2011)

The Digi Files are a collection of kits and templates that are put together each month to keep The Daily Digi running (we have no advertising revenue, the files are the only thing that keeps The Daily Digi going). The purpose of the Digi Files is to provide a way for digital scrapbookers of any level to try 7 different designers each month with 7 full size kits/collections for about the price of only 1 digi kit. Such a great deal for everyone! I (Katie) have been digital scrapbooking for 6 years now and I’m still amazed when I open a new set of files each month! I’ve discovered many favorite designers because of the Digi Files.

This month we just finished revealing all the contents of the Digi Files #27. That means that there have been 27 sets of files! Looking over the list of past contributors, I realized that because I have every one of the files, I now have 174 different kits (or template collections) from more than 150 different designers and stores. That’s a whole lot of digi goodness! So how do I organize all of those supplies?

I know when I was just a reader, I wasn’t really sure how to organize the Digi Files each month. Should I split them up and file them with my regular folder system? Or should I leave them organized by monthly digi files? If so, how would I remember to go back and use them? As a team member, I still struggle with this because currently all I do just keep them all in a digi files folder, but I rarely remember to go back and use past ones. I decided that I needed a solution for organizing these collections so that I could still keep track of which supplies came from which set of Digi Files, while also integrating them with my regular organizational system. Who better to ask than some of the other digi team members?

Tips from the team:

Heddy: I use ACDSee. After downloading and unzipping The Digi Files (and deleting the zip file) into my Scrap Supplies folder, I tag the preview for each item according to type (element pack, kit, templates, etc.), by store name, by designer name, and with the tag “The Daily Digi”.

Jacki: After I’ve unzipped them, I leave them in my Downloads folder and label them TDD and by number with the designer’s name and kit name (e.g. TDD28_JLarsen_Lonestar). Once I’ve used it, I remove the TDD and number and cut and paste the designer’s folder into my Digital Kits folder. In there I have them organized by designer name so it’s easy to find again. If the kit is more of a topical/themed kit, I place it in a different folder (e.g. Western). That way if I’m scrapping something by theme, I can easily find it.

Jenn: I do basically the same thing, where I download and unzip to a file labeled with the given month and “TDF” which I keep on my desktop until each designer’s kit has been revealed. Once the month is over, I move each of the individual kit folders to my PU Digi Kits folder, which has each of the kits labeled by DesignerName_KitName. The templates go into a subfolder in my PU folder. I tend to remember specific items that I may like to reuse, so this system by designer works well for me.

Melissa S.:  This is my process –

  • Download into a TDF## folder in my Digi folder on my PC
  • Unzip with Unzipthemall
  • Import into PSE Organizer
  • Add them to TDF## album
  • Tag all the previews as previews
  • Use them to create!
  • If I decide I want to move some contributions around I use the Organizer to do it, this keeps them all linked up
  • I have smart-albums set up for my favourite designers so I just click on Flergs (for eg) and all her deigns come up or I use the Ctrl-Shift-K for find by filename

Trina: I unzip them and keep them all in one folder for TDF and I label them with ‘TDF #’ so I know I got them from TDF.  Once I’ve used them I put them in my general kits (or templates) folder or in the designer folder if it’s one I already know and love.  I keep TDF in the name of the kit because it reminds me that I got a great deal on it and I like to be reminded of that lol!

Amelia: I’m certainly a newbie here, but thought I would throw in my input too since I have bought quite a few of the files in the past:
– I separate them by designer and then kit name.  However, I highlight the kit name (I am on a Mac) and put – “from the daily digi” (though I really should abbreviate that! Smiley by it so I know where I got it!
– I also use picasa and tag them according to what they are + Daily Digi (again so I know where I got them)

Tips from our readers:

We also asked some of our readers how they organize their Digi Files supplies. Here are some of the responses:

  • I put them in folders by designer and tag them with TDD so I know where I got them
  • I have a TDD folder and the every kit is in it’s own folder
  • I unzip and put them by month and by items as ribbns, frames, etc
  • I organize in folders by designer/kit name and also tag in Picasa with “Digi Files”
  • I have a Digi Files folder that my downloads go in to and then they’re sorted by month after that.
  • If its a designer I’ve purchased from already, I put the file in theirs…If not I leave them in the monthly folder.
  • I pull the kits apart and put them in folders like: paper, ribbon, flowers, animals, alphas…etc.
  • I keep them in the folder by The Digi Files, then I tag them.
  • Keep them together as the Digi files and now have them keyword also by designer in Lightroom
  • By name of kit with a folder of kit previews
  • Each file in an individual folder labeled with designer and the Digi Files #

As you can see, there are many ways to organize the Digi Files (and digital scrapbooking supplies in general). There really is no wrong or right way, just find what works for you. I’ve loved having all of my supplies in folders labeled by the Digi Files number. I love to look through the past collections to see what has been included each month. It’s sort of like taking a trip down my digi scrap memory lane because I’ve found so many new-to-me designers through the files. But I do think it will help me to either tag the previews according to theme, or include preview images in my regular folder system so I remember to use the great kits that have joined my collection because of The Daily Digi.



Do you have any other methods for organizing and using the digi goodies from the Digi Files? We’d love to know!



I’m so excited to have Scooty’s Designs finally joining us in The Digi Files!  I started watching Scooty’s Designs when Mscraps first opened about a year ago.  I really love the clean, simplistic style of her designs.  I also love the fun doodles and sentiments she often includes!  Here’s a closer look at the Scooty’s Designs contribution found in The Digi Files this month:


Here are some layouts for your inspiration:

Layout by Lauren Reed
Layout by Jacki, additional supplies: Font is Tracey Script by Darcy Baldwin
Layout by Heddy, additional supplies: DJB BellyButton Innie font and Mrs. Webster font by Darcy Baldwin. Inspired by These Are The Moments by Ladie Grace.
Layout by Tara, additional supplies: template by Deena Rutter, design 365 vol. 9 and font AmerType Md BT
Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Wendyzine glitter action

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



Hometown : Belgium

Family : I have 2 children, a boy of 4 1/2 years old and a girl of 3 years old.









What I adore in scrapbooking is to emphasize the photographs and to write a journaling to remember these small moments of happiness. I have the feeling which my photographs take life when I scrap them.


I discovered scrapbooking by chance. I sought ideas to create announcements for the birth of my daughter. It was 3 years ago and since I didn’t know any more me to stop and this for my more great happiness. Creation came gradually, sometimes I created elements when I didn’t found what I sought in the kits. And a day, I decided to share what I created.


All I see around me like the clothes of my children, a landscape or even a memory.


Computer : a pc with 4 GB of ram

Program: Photoshop CS3

Camera: Canon EOS 450D

Anything else: a tablet WACOM Bamboo Fun

favoriteproduct3 My Glasses & Me


A Special Day


Here are some of my favorite products by Scooty

On the Road

Let's Play


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Scooty’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Scooty’s Stores TWO LITTLE PIXELS & MSCRAPS! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!



I am so happy to be welcoming Heather T. to The Digi files this month!!  Heather has a wide variety of styles in her designs, but I think the thing I admire most in her designs are the very cool things she does with text and word art!  Let’s take a closer look at her contribution to The Digi Files this month:


This is one of SEVEN collections that you can get in The Digi Files from the store or by subscription for just $7.50 (including the Playbook $5 without).  Subscribers get bonus gifts uploaded to their accounts each month and subscribers to The Digi Game get EXCLUSIVE FREE kits every four months they are subscribed!

Here are some layouts created using Tendresse:

image Layout by Heddy
image Layout by Jacki, additional supplies:  Leora Sanford’s Frayed Fabric Bin template
image Layout by Karen
image Layout by Jenn Lindsey, additional supplies: House Blends Vol. 4 template by Jenn Lindsey, CK Becky font
image Layout by Katie, additional supplies: template by Dawn Inskip. Fonts are Book Antiqua and Palace Script

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



Name: Heather Taylor

Hometown: Prangins, Switzerland

Family: One hubby, one schooled-at-home son, one goofy golden retriever, two loving black cats.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Originally from Switzerland, even though my parents are American. Bi-lingual French-English. Came over to the United States to study English. Stayed a lot longer than planned!

Stores: The DigiChick


Blog: Ooh la la, Artsy! Not!







One of the easiest tools to use for extracting something that has a well-defined edge from its background in a photo is the magnetic lasso (usually hidden under the regular lasso in PSE & CS). Set the values to Feather=0, check anti-alias, Width=10 px, Contrast=35%, Frequency=100. Click once to start along the edge of a person or object, then continue dragging around the outline. You’ll need to work pretty close in, but as long as the edge is fairly distinct, this will be an easy tool to use. If you have to, just back up to where the contour was good, then press the delete key until you’ve gone back to where you needed to re-start. End by clicking again where you started. You can use the regular lasso to clean up: just press the shift key to add to the selection, and the alt key to subtract from the selection. When you’re all done, go to SelectàModifyàContract (by 1 px), then SelectàModifyàFeather (by 0.5 px). Copy, paste to a new document. Ta dah!


A friend in Taiwan encouraged me to delve into digital scrapping, since she knew I was familiar with computer graphics (I was designing rubber stamps at the time). Being crazy stubborn, I tried to not only make scrapbook pages, but I also tried to make all the papers and elements too! Took me a couple of years to figure things out, but I finally got the hang of it.inspirestocreate3

There are three main ways I can start a page. One is with a kit that I want to use: I’ll go and find a photo that would go well with the colors and/or theme, then start laying out things around it. A 2nd way is the photo itself, of course. A 3rd way is when I feel a poem bubbling up—I’ll start with that feeling, find an appropriate photo, then let the words come out shaped by the photo.

When I’m designing, I try to start a kit with a concept, then build the colors up around that. I always make the papers first, and then sometimes reuse some of the pattern as a brush or colored element. Then I try and make sure all the basics are covered (frames, flowers, something that flies, borders, ribbons, buttons, etc.), and I end up with wordart.


For scrapping or designing, I primarily use CS5 and Illustrator CS5; Picasa is my photo/kit organizer, without which I could not live; and I use High Logic’s Main Type to organize my 10,000+ fonts. Occasionally I’ll use Art Rage. My tablet (Wacom Intuos 8×11) is absolutely invaluable—I haven’t used a mouse in years. And of course, let’s not forget a camera (Canon PowerShot SX120 IS, which I really can’t recommend—we don’t get along!), a scanner (CanoScan 5600F), and crafty paper goods!

My Puter

I got this built for myself two years ago so I could continue to use Win XP. It’s of course completely old already, but here’s what it is: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive; DVD/CD write/read. I also have a 500GB external hard drive (EHD), and a 1TB EHD. I keep nothing but my programs on my C: drive; all my files are actually on the two EHDs. I back up every night using mozy.com.





Here are some of my favorite products by Heather

Take The Time


Out Of Line: Dates


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Heather’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Heather’s Store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Thankful for You!

turkey copy

Gobble Gobble by Kristin Aagard. Fontologie Messy Bessy font.

While we are enjoying a day of Thanksgiving with our families, we wanted to be sure to tell our readers and customers here at The Daily Digi how thankful we are for you! We wouldn’t be able to share all the great digital scrapbooking ideas, tutorials, and of course The Digi Files without all of YOU!

Thanks for all you do to help us keep going each day. We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and Happy 4th Thursday in November to all of our other friends around the world! Winking smile


P.S. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a special “Black Friday” edition of Funtastic Friday!

Introducing The Designers in The Digi Files#23

I am very excited to welcome November’s designers to The Digi Files!  They are all very talented and our team has had so much fun working with their designs the past few weeks.  THANKS so much to each of them for joining us:

Sabrina’s Creations
Jenn Lindsey (templates)
Designs by Kat
Misty Mareda
Jenn CK
Geek Chic
Jazzmin Designs

You can grab November’s Digi Files in your account if you are a subscriber, in the store OR through subscription (if you haven’t signed up already).

We are also releasing a new issue of the Playbook which you can grab along with The Digi Files in the store or subscription.  Each month there are a couple of free gifts included with the Playbook and this month they come from our very own Heddy and Amy Wolff. In the Playbook this month, we cover design tips, tips for creating a layout without a template, some fun text techniques, and so much more.  It’s 40 pages total for November.

Now, for our winners from yesterday’s post:

They each have won $10 in product from one of October’s contributors!  Check your inbox, your codes have been sent!

Join In, Seven Will Win

We are getting ready to close out October at The Daily Digi, which means this is your last chance to grab October’s Digi Files and/or Playbook in the store or by subscribing. After tomorrow, they will be gone! The designers will take their contributions and add them to their own store’s for full retail value, which will be over $5 per collection.  The Playbook will return to our vaults at The Daily Digi.  You can take a closer look at the collections in this month’s files as well as some exclusive coupons on our awesome designers page.

I want to say a BIG THANKS to this month’s contributors!  I always enjoy working with the designers each month and this month was no different:

Kate Hadfield
Allison Pennington
Kim Wresh (templates)
Designs by Anita and here
Misty Cato
Jennifer Labre and here

Also, if you subscribe to The Digi Game (Digi Files and Playbook combo) before the end of October, you will get “Story of Everyday Life” (exclusive collab) upon subscribing.  You will receive access to exclusive collabs every four months you are subscribed. If you subscribe during October (and continuously stay subscribed), you will receive “Good Life”, in January.

As always, we want to hear what you enjoyed this past month at The Daily Digi!!  Seven winners will be randomly selected from the comments and will each win $10 in product from a contributor.