Throwback Thursday: On The Road

Spring Break is approaching for many of us in the US. We don’t go somewhere special every year, but we are heading out on a road trip this year! That means it’s time to get the laundry caught up, pull out the suitcases and swimsuits, dig up the car games and look for the big camera.

Speaking of cameras, I may just do this vacation using my iPhone 7 only. With it’s super 2x zoom lens, it makes getting great pictures so much easier. And, if I take all my photos with my phone, that means that I have the opportunity to scrap my vacation while still ON the vacation. Doesn’t that sound amazing? To arrive home with the vacation memories already recorded? It’s going to take a little bit of pre-planning, but here’s what I need to do.

1) Make sure my existing photos are synced up to Google Drive. (For some reason, my photos won’t sync unless I go into the app. I need all my current photos synced so my vacation photos can sync as soon as they are taken.)

2) Pack my iPad, also synced up to Google Drive and Dropbox. Scrapping on the iPad is so much better than the phone! (Check out Steph’s free class on Google Photos.)

3) Purchase a few select kits through the Project Life App. I have a few already, but a new vacation is an excuse for a few new supplies, right?

4) Make sure I have some photo editing apps installed on my iPad (like Over or LetterGlow).

5) Throw a few additional digi kits into Dropbox.

6) Pack my Bullet Journal so I can jot down any bigger stories that might need a full page layout when I get back home.

With all that setup done, I think it’s very doable to scrap one page for each day using the Project Life App. There are so many templates in there (with just a few photos to a ton of photo spots) that I should be able to fit each vacation day into one page.

So that’s my plan! However, there are many ways to scrap a trip or vacation! Here are a few more articles to inspire you as you plan for your vacation memories!

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Sticky Goals

Today we have a special guest post from Dani of Just Because Studio. Thanks for inspiring us Dani!

SUPPLIES: This Year I Will and Apple A Day Wordbits by Just Because Studio; Font: RM Typerighter Old.

How to use your scrapbooking supplies to stick to your goals!

You started the year full of energy, ready to make changes, set your goals for the year and start making progress… It’s March, you look back and realize life happened and you’re not making that much progress (if any at all).

I think most of us can relate to that in one area or another, right?

After years of working on my schedule and goal setting, learning organization techniques and how to beat procrastination, reading a lot of books and blogs on the subject, I can say I’m very focused on my goals and they are all related to what is really important for me.

When Janet invited me to write a tutorial for you, I thought I could share a tip that is a way to keep you accountable and make progress in your goals while having fun because goal setting and organization doesn’t need to be serious and boring.

… and let’s announce it to the world: scrapbookers have so much fun!

I make a layout to set the mood for the year, I write what I’m expecting and what I’m willing to do to meet these expectations. This is kind of a resolutions page, but I don’t write any specific resolutions – those I leave for my bullet journal. I prefer to make it more as an inspiration. I read it once in awhile to remind me of my intentions for the year.

Take a look at the ones I made back in 2015 and 2016.

This is a good way to keep me motivated to achieve my goals and go for what I want out of life. However, it’s not enough to make me accountable. That’s when I create monthly check-ups.

Every month, I make a monthly check-up digiscrap page answering questions that will help me review my progress. All questions are focused on what is important for me and related to the goals I write down for myself. I also add questions just for the sake of recording my life because… hummm… it’s fun.

Take a look at this month check-up I made in Jan, 2011.

This makes me reflect about how I’m living my life, what I’m spending time on and what I can do to bring more joy to my everyday.

So, here’s a list of prompts you can use to create your monthly check-up.

  • My favorite moment…
  • I’m proud of…
  • My greatest challenge…
  • What can I do to overcome it…
  • Something I want to repeat…
  • Something I want to delete…
  • Something I learned…
  • Something I did for the first time…
  • How I felt overall…

I want to invite you to join me in this journey. I love setting goals and doing the monthly check-ups, I’m an action-driven lady who loves feeling accomplished. It will be so nice to have you by my side during this year. Join our digiscrap community, Just Because Tribe Group on facebook and let’s have fun. We share our creations, chat and have fun. Tribe members also get special coupons and are entered in giveaways. Join us now.

Visit Dani’s store at Gingerscraps!

Reflecting On My Scrappy 2016

(Make sure you read to the end!)

As December winds down, I found myself reviewing my Faithbooking project from 2016. As I did, I noticed quite strikingly, that my style throughout the project changed several times. I started out excited about doodling with my Bamboo Spark. At some point, I moved on to watercolors, both real and digital. But I finished up my project with a more “traditional” digital scrapbooking style. Here’s a look at the evolution of my pages.

Supplies: Sherwood Studio, Jen Maddocks and Studio Wendy Faithbooking products. (Faithbooking eBook available at Scrapbookgraphics.)

I realized that although I enjoyed trying new things in this project, I really loved the pages I did digi-scrap style. It took me back to my scrappy roots and my natural love. I was happiest both creating these pages and with the result. So, as I look forward to 2017, I want to refocus on my favorite hobby. There’s definitely value in stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new. But when it comes down to making decisions for my 2017 projects, I want to do what I truly love. So it’s back to digi kits for me!

Have you reflected on your projects from 2016? What gave you the most joy? Which ones are you happiest with? What projects will you do in 2017?

Finally, I have a quick announcement from one of December’s featured designers. Make a joyful noise! It’s a blitz sale. 50% off HeatherT (one day only @ Pickleberrypop).


Inspirational Pocket Pages

It’s the time of year I start thinking about and planning my memory keeping strategies for the coming year. Life has changed significantly over the past few years and keeping up with the memories isn’t as easy as it once was. Every year I consider pocket scrapping, and every year I fail. But it doesn’t keep me from being inspired as I swoon over all the gorgeous examples. Here are just a few that have me giving pocket scrapping a genuine try this year. Images are linked to source.

Inspirational Gallery Walls

It’s not the first time we have talked about gallery walls. Katie shared a great post about different layouts and another post on gallery wall inspired layouts. I’m a fan.

Gallery walls are one of my favorite things in my home. I have them in my living room, hallway, bathroom, dining room, and I am getting ready to put one up in my bedroom. As a memory keeper and photographer, gallery walls are a great to display our family’s memories!

I am often looking for new inspiration, and it is never lacking. Check out these fun and inspirational examples i came across! Sources are linked whenever possible.

Cheerful Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Fabulous Fall Scrapbooking Inspiration

There is no denying it…summer is over and fall is here. And while I don’t love the cold weather, the bare trees, or busyness of the upcoming holidays, I do love the camping, bonfires, and all-things-pumpkin that fall brings.

With all the activities — from pumpkin patches, to tractor rides, to changing leaves, this is the season to get your camera out and capture your fall. And when you are done, it is time to get scrapping. Here is some fabulous fall scrapbooking inspiration for you. Paper and digi layouts help us see how beautiful this time of year can be.

Layouts are linked to their original source when possible.

Inspired by All Hallows Eve

The following layouts were created using “All Hallows Eve” by Flergs and included in The Digi Files during September, 2016:


Layout by Flergs. Supplies: All Hallows Eve by Flergs; Template by Jenn Lindsey; Font: Celia Garcia.


Layout by JillW. Supplies: All Hallows Eve by Flergs.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: All Hallows Eve by Flergs.


Layout by Trina. Supplies: All Hallows Eve by Flergs; Scrap Like Rebecca (template) by Kate Hadfield.


Layout by Cheryl. Supplies: All Hallows Eve by Flergs; Fonts: Stamp and Always In My Heart.

Telling My Story: No. 2

As I mentioned in our first post in this series, here at The Daily Digi we’ve talked a lot about “All About Me” pages. We’ve talked about our fears, we’ve talked about telling our stories, and we have even shared some simple ways to do it.

But the truth is, I STILL struggle with this. It isn’t that I am really afraid (though I might not be excited to share some of the information with those outside my family), and it’s not that I don’t really know what to say (I rarely run out of words!) For me, the reality is I just don’t think about it and therefore I don’t take the time to do it!

And so, in my question of, “If not you then who?,” I realize once again I am my own memory keeper and I am the only one who can truly tell my story. If I want my children and grandchildren to know who I was, what I thought about, and what beliefs ran deep, I must be intentional in writing those things down.

Every week or two, I’ll share a new template with a new question. I hope that these will enable me to tell more of my story and for you to tell more of yours! And I would LOVE to see what you create!

This second question in our series is about one particular day we would like to relive. Maybe it’s because the day was so incredibly perfect and we want one more chance to experience it. Maybe we chose a specific day because we have regrets and we would do anything for a chance to right some wrongs. Perhaps what we want most is the chance to say goodbye to someone we loved, to hug them one more time, to tell them what they mean to us.

10 Amazing Creative Spaces

Whenever I play get to know you games, I let people in on a very odd reality: we have moved every summer we have been married (and one Christmas!) That makes 18 moves in 17 years. Sometimes the move was within eyesight (we’ve lived on a number of campuses) and sometimes the move was on the other side of the world (we’ve lived in four countries.)

Because of this moving thing, I know that when it comes to unpacking and decorating, I have to get it done fast. If I don’t, I won’t have a chance to enjoy it. Whatever doesn’t happen in the first two weeks doesn’t ever seem to happen.

But this summer, as long as nothing unexpected happens, we will NOT be moving! And that means catching a second wind in decorating and finishing spaces up. I did my office before we even moved in, but there were a few things that never got done. So, I went looking for inspiration and here is what I found. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to show you the inspiration in action as I finish my office project!

Now I will admit that many of these are too-picture-perfect and the chance of anyone actually keeping their creative rooms like this is negligible (or is it only me that has papers strewn amongst the empty coffee cups?) But let’s not that stop us from being inspired!

And one more, an amazing before and after of a closet-turned-creative space!

So, what does your creative space look like?

12 MORE Awesome Scrapbook Pages With Maps

A few years ago, as my family was getting ready for our six week road trip, I shared 12 Awesome Scrapbook Pages With Maps.

As summer quickly approaches and dreams of travel fill our minds, it’s time to be inspired once again! I love the creative techniques scrappers have used to incorporate maps into their albums.

And if you’ve got a big trip coming up (or one from the past you have yet to scrap), make sure you check out yesterday’s post where you show you the Insta-Trip album that is part of this month’s Digi Files. Make sure you are a member in order to snag it!

And here is my layout!

Now let’s see some inspiration!

(whenever possible, layouts are linked to their original source)