Roundup Your Month


Janet asked me (Katie) to share my monthly roundup idea with the readers here at The Daily Digi. I came up with the concept of recapping the events of each month back in January of 2006 and I haven’t missed a month since. It is by far my most useful memory keeping tool! The basic idea is to take some time to close out the ending month before you forget the details. If you take time to jot down your memories, you are more likely to remember them and you will have an organized system to refer back to for your scrapbook journaling. I find myself looking back through my past roundups for other reasons also – like to find out when I last went to the doctor, or when did so-and-so get married? I have tweaked this tool a little bit since I started and I have found that by answering these simple questions each month, I’m able to accurately record the daily events of my life.

Here are the roundup questions:

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

What were my accomplishments this month?

What were my disappointments this month?

Anything else noteworthy to include?

You can add more questions if you want or you can choose to answer only a few, feel free to customize this tool to best meet your needs. After I answer the questions I just post them to my blog and my roundup is done. If you don’t have a blog, just save them on your hard drive or print them out, just be sure to save them! If you want to see how I do my own roundups you can view all of them by exploring the roundup category on my blog. I post a lot of pictures with mine, but you don’t have to do that. The important thing is to take a few minutes and answer the question prompts to help you record the important everyday details of the past month.

How do I remember everything I’ve done during the month when it comes time to do the roundup? Well, I look back through my personal calendar, my blog posts, and even my email archives. If you post on social sites like facebook or twitter, reviewing your posts can also be a great memory jogging activity. You will be surprised at how much information you can find when you simply review jotted down notes on a calendar. The best part is that you will always have material for journaling! I often refer back to my roundups for scrapbooking ideas and sometimes I create a page based on the actual roundup for a specific month.

Free template by Janet Phillips, Months and Months by Steph2, Journaling font is CK footnote. Journaling details taken directly from my September roundup.

I also post a PART 2 for the roundup each month to help with organizational tasks. I admit that I don’t always do all the things on this list, but I still love having the reminders each month so I don’t get too behind on any of these things. I ALWAYS answer the questions, for me that is not optional. The tasks in part 2 are important as well and I always feel so much more organized when I get them done, but I don’t worry too much if I miss a month now and then.

Here are the tasks that I suggest you do at the end of each month to prepare you for an organized and creative month ahead:

  • All digital pictures uploaded to my hard drive, uploaded to flickr (or any offsite photo storage site), and backed up to DVD. Ideally, these activities should be done every time you process any pictures through your computer so you don’t lose any precious files.
  • Choose photos or digital layouts to be printed out and get it done while you are thinking about it.
  • Backup any other documents or files as needed. I use an external hard drive. I use backblaze as an offsite backup, and I also upload many documents to Google docs. I don’t like to lose stuff!
  • Backup your blog if you have one. (Typepad backup or blogger backup)
  • Clean off work area and empty inbox or clear up papers that have been piling up. I always end up with a messy desk by the end of the month and it feels good to get it under control again, even if it doesn’t last long.
  • Clean off your computer desktop as well. Unzip files and put them away. Here’s my digi organization system if you are interested.
  • Change desktop background to something new for a fresh start to the month! Free desktop resources right here.

I post the roundup questions and tasks on my blog on the last day of each month so if you want a gentle reminder, I will be glad to help you there. I personally set a goal to have my own roundup by the 4th day of the new month. I have found that the longer I wait, the harder it is to get it done. I share all my roundups on my blog, but don’t feel like you have to do that. It is ok to just keep the records for your own use. If you do have a blog though, it is fun for your readers to see a snapshot of your life and I bet they will soon want to start their own roundup tradition!

When you combine the roundup prompts with a few month end tasks, you will find that you feel ready to begin a new month. Tomorrow is the last day of October so why not end the month in scrapbooking style and get your own roundup done? You will be so glad you did!


Right Now

right-now_webEvery Life Has its Story from THE DIGI FILES 8, stitching by Syrin, template by Janet Phillips
  • Right now…I am drinking coffee and waiting for the kiddos to get home from PE and music class
  • Right now… I am trying to decide between french toast and chicken tacos for dinner.
  • Right now…I am trying to find cheap flights for Christmas
  • Right now…I soaking in all the beautiful sunshine, blue skies, green grass, and birds chirping. I never want to take those things for granted
  • Right now…I am excited and scared as there are some “news” and “unknowns” in my life
  • Right now…I am wondering why Mac computers come with white keyboards. Disgusting is being nice.
  • Right now…I am avoiding cleaning out my office
  • Right now…I am loving life

What about you? What are you doing/feeling/thinking/praying about/worrying about/enjoying/avoiding/craving RIGHT NOW?


Write On Your Photos

A Note from Janet: Just wanted to say that THE DAILY DIGI is thrilled to announce that team member, known in the digi world as “Katie the Scrapbook Lady” is going to be sharing her wonderful scrapping tips, tricks, and tutorials with us every Friday! You can read more about her HERE!


The idea of writing directly on a photo is one that takes a little getting used to at first. We are taught that photos are something special to be framed or put into albums so the idea of taking a pen to them seems a little disrespectful, and even a little wild! Before I (Katie) discovered digital scrapbooking, I never dared to do such a thing. I was too afraid of making a mistake and I wasn’t really sure why I would ever want to use a pen or any other kind of tool to mark up my precious pictures. One of the best features of creating something digitally is that blessed UNDO function, so there is no need to be scared of marking up your photographs. In fact, I bet you will be searching your files for photos to “write” on after I show you a few creative ways to have more fun with your photographs.

Why would someone want to write (or type, or doodle) directly on a photograph anyway? Besides the fun factor, there are several other good reasons:

  • a good way to document memories
  • include special details that might not otherwise be shared
  • create meaningful messages of inspiration
  • decorate your home, office, or other surroundings
  • make gifts for others
  • create visually stunning scrapbook pages
  • add interest to blog posts and journal entries

There are a few easy methods that I love to use to work on photo-writing projects.


Search through your files and look for professionally designed word art and photo overlays. Most word art files come in .png format which means you just need to digitally add it on top of your photo. When you pair a simple graphic or title to a meaningful photo you will create an instant work of art!

word art by Kitty Designs. “A child’s world is about play” – I want to frame this one!

word art by Manda Bean at Sweet Shoppe Designs. (No Longer Available) Quote says “Life is not meant to be easy my child, but take courage…it can be delightful.” George Bernard Shaw. A motivational quote that would be fun to hang on a bulletin board.

word art by Jen Wilson. Wouldn’t this make a great Valentine’s Card?

Word art by Maya at Scrapbook Graphics. I printed this one in a square format and included it as a scrapbook page in my daughter’s album.

word art by Steph2 at The Daily Digi. I think this would make a beautiful birthday card or I might frame it for my Father-in-Law since he’s the one blowing out the candles.

Word art frame by Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. This would be another great one to frame or to include on a scrapbook layout.


You don’t need to use pre-designed word art to make a picture shine. I love to type quotes or thoughts right onto my digital photos in my photo editing program. Simply save as a new file and print.

This hangs above my desk for inspiration. My husband even asked for a copy to take to work. Font is papyrus.

I used a simple font (arial) so I didn’t detract from the details in the picture.

This one certainly isn’t “frame-worthy” but it was a great addition to my blog post about my daughter’s birthday. Font is CK classical.

I turned this one into a 2 inch magnet to hang on our reminder board when Ginger is out of food. It works like a charm and I never have to nag anyone!Something Blue Studios is my favorite place to get magnets made because they are so nice and sturdy.

I used the Hootie font on this one to make a motivational reminder for myself.

Document the date and/or title of a picture. Great for photo 365 projects! Great way to include journaling details as well.


You can have a font made from your handwriting and then you will be able to type up anything you want using your own familiar writing. Or you can scan in your own handwriting. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to incorporate your handwriting into your digital projects. You can also use a digital pen and tablet like a Wacom.

That’s my handwriting on that photo. I’m not a big fan of my own writing so I don’t use it very often, but I know it is a very meaningful addition to my creations.


  • Look for photos that have empty space or dark portions so your words will stand out. They will be hard to read if there is a lot going on behind them so open areas like sky, water, grass, or walls make especially nice backdrops for words.
  • Always save your file with a new name and don’t save over the original photo file. This is good practice for any type of digital photo creation.
  • Share your creations by printing them or sending them in digital format to others who will enjoy them. They will appreciate your amazing artwork!

katie big

Notes to a Younger Self


“Hindsight is 20/20” they say. Looking back, we often see things that we didn’t see — maybe couldn’t see — when we were in the midst of an issue. Looking back, everything makes more sense, the wheat can be separated from the chaff, and things don’t look the same. Sometimes when you are too close to something you just can’t tell what it really is. Sharing those lessons is important. Not only is it therapeutic to look back and see what we have learned but it also leaves a legacy behind. Perhaps those that come after us can learn from our mistakes. After all, isn’t that why we study history — to learn what people have done, to see what worked and what didn’t work, and to know how to do it better the next time? As I scrapbook my story, I want it to include these “looking back” moments.

In early 2007 I did by first “to a younger me” layout. It was very therapeutic for me and I am glad that I had a chance to share my heart.

to-a-younger-me-copyCredits: Wild Love by Shabby Princess, zig zag stitching by Lisa Whitney, stamped heart by Michelle Coleman

Two and half years have passed and I am sensing even more the need to share more of these “letters” to myself. I want to save my story and the things I have learned from them for my children — especially my daughters. My teenage and early adult years were so very hard. If by sharing the mistakes I made I can spare my own girls just one moment of misery, then it will all be worth it. I want to start a collection of these layouts so that one day I can pass them to my daughters. I was looking through old pictures the other day and came across one that to an outsider, wouldn’t look like much. To me, it spoke volumes and will always remind me of many wasted years. I feel a little vulnerable sharing this layout, but it is real and in my journaling, I always want to be real. I’ve shared my story with a lot of people anyway, but I usually like to do it in a one-on-one setting. But hey, what’s a little vulnerability between me and a few thousand of my closest friends 😉

rewind_web450Credits: Track of my Life by Lauren Reid for THE DIGI FILES 8. Staples by Shabby Princess

And here is a gorgeous layout by team member Karen — “If I’d Known Then What I Know Now”

karen-note-to-self-1009CREDITS: Lauren Grier A Beautiful Glow kit, Borderline, Jacked Up Kind of Love font with Darcy Baldwin; Janet Phillips template; Fonts are Pea Devon, Pea Devon Caps and Gimme Space by Lauren Reid and Darcy Baldwin

So what do YOU want to tell YOUR younger self? Do you have some advice? Do you have a funny story to tell? Do you have a “you never will guess how this turns out” letter for her to read? Whatever it is, go ahead and tell her. You have no idea how much she needs to hear it!


I Remember

i-remember_forweb450Credits: Black paper from Snapping & Scrapping, stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz, staples by Shabby Princess, photo from web, font is Typewriter Scribbled

Eight years ago today I was in India, sitting in my school staff room, watching the World Trace Center towers come down.  It was a moment I will never forget.  I sat there in total disbelief, feeling all sorts of emotions — pride, fear, wonder, rage, uncertainty.  It was a day that changed my home country forever.  It was a day that changed me.

Rewind another 15 years to the Challenger space shuttle crash.  I was in third grade, I think.  I sat in the school lunch room, probably ignoring my food, as I watched the shuttle make its launch.  And then, just as soon as it began it was over.  Another day that will always be with me.

As scrapbookers, we record a lot of stories.  We tell stories of good days, bad days, and every day moments.  We tell of birthdays, vacations, milestones.  But what about the REALLY big days?  The days that have changed history.  The days that will end up in our children’s text books.  Have we told the story from where we stood?

For Americans, September 11, 2001 is a day we won’t soon forget. Today marks 8 years since our homeland was attacked.  I am sure it brings back a flood of emotions and memories that should be recorded.  I know someday my grandkids will wonder where I was and what I was doing.  And now they will know.

I encourage you, no matter what your nationality, to take some time to scrap some of the big days in history. Maybe it was an election day.  Maybe it was a day of national disaster.  Maybe it was day that seemed normal and yet changed everything. Whatever it is, tell the story.  Yours is unique and it is worth being preserved.


Dream Big Dreams


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


Dreaming dreams and having goals are important things.  They are what push us, what give us a destination, and help us filter experiences along the way.  Living life without dreaming dreams and having goals is like trudging along, having no idea where you are going.  And if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you have (or haven’t) gotten there?

In scrapbooking we have the opportunity to not only celebrate the milestones of life but also we have a chance to tell ourselves — and others — of our dreams.  It allows us a way to document our journey…both  where we are and where we want to go. Writing our dreams and goals down is like making  a declaration — “I WILL do this.”  And when we see those dreams written down we are more likely to remember what we want — to strive for it, to grasp for it, to give it all we have.  Scrapbooking our dreams can be a great motivation.

Over the years I have done a number of layouts that incorporate dreams and goals that I have at the moment.  I love being able to look back and see how I was feeling at a particular time, what was important, and what themes reoccur (like finding balance in my life!) Some of these layouts I can look at and say, “I did it!” and some, like the one below, will be a constant motivation throughout the rest of my life.


Journaling Reads: I dream so much for all of you.  I dream that you will grow up and know what love feels like.  I dream that you will love God with all your heart and understand His sovereignty.  I dream that you will continue to love each other the way you do now.  I dream that you will look back and say you had the happiest childhood.  I dream that your childhood will be filled with running and playing and exploring, not wasting away in front of a TV. I dream that you will grow to love the the world and its amazing diversity. I dream that you will have hearts of compassion for the lost and the poor. I dream that you will learn to love the Word of God and find it trustworthy.  I dream that you will learn that eternity it what matters and therefore sometimes we have to make decisions that aren’t easy or fun.  I dream that you will find the mate that God has planned for you and that you will learn to love as Christ loved the church.  I dream that you will one day have your own children and then finally be able to grasp the depth of love that I have for you. I dream with all that is in me.


Here are some ideas for scrapbooking about your dreams and goals:

1. Pick one thing that you really want to change in your life.  Be specific. Print out the page and put it in a spot you will see often.

2. Journal about specific goals you want to complete this week. It will give you a record of where you are right now and what is going on in your life.

3. Create a layout (like mine above) that lists dreams you have for your children.  It will help you put words to thoughts and feelings and give you something to filter experiences through.  When we know what we really want for our children we can ask ourselves, “Will this opportunity or experience help me achieve what I am aiming for?

4. Scrap a page about a goal you set and have already achieved.  It is a great way to record your success!  I did this a few years ago when I lost 25 pounds and I love seeing a goal set and achieved.  It also inspires me to do it again!

5. Have your kids tell you what kinds of goals they have and create a page together about it.  This will help “freeze in time” where their hearts and minds are right now and also give you a way to be involved in helping them realize their dreams.


“The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.”



All Things New and Fresh


It’s March 20 and for many people, this is a day they have been dreaming of.  The first day of spring.  The promise of warmer weather, flowering trees, and the chance to start fresh.  I may not get to experiences “spring” where I live, but I still love the idea of all things new and fresh.  Spring has a way of coming in and bringing with it a wave of fresh air and fresh ideas.  I just love it!

Our life is filled with times that are “new and fresh.”  Spring.  A new baby.  A new home.  A change in jobs.  A start of a healthier lifestyle. A fresh coat of paint.  Things that are new always mark the change  in our path of life.  Whether these changes are big and beautiful or hard and filled with trouble, they are part of our story.  And they need to be shared.

For today’s, “THE WRITE WAY” I encourage you to create a layout about something new and fresh in your life.  Maybe you have snapped a photo of the first flowers popping their head up.  Maybe you are welcoming a new child into your family.  Maybe your oldest is getting ready to graduate and move away from home.  Whatever it is, stop and share the story.

Here is a page I did talking about the newness of my oldest not being the only girl in the family anymore.  I wanted to remember the transition she made from being our only baby girl to being “the big sister” to two brothers AND a new sister.  It was a change in our life and I wanted to record it.


(credits: Vintage Linens by Shabby Miss Jenn, staples by Shabby Princess, Alpha from “Art Class’ by Shabby Miss Jenn, fonts are Porcelain, Century Gothic, and Mom’s Typewriter)

And here is a template to get you started on your page. You can download it HERE.


If you scrap a page this weekend documenting something “new and fresh,” leave a comment here.  I have some coupons from our participating designers to give away!


Something is Missing


Something is really, really missing.  As I have been travelling around the galleries in the digi world I have been noticing time and time again that there are no words. I see lots and lots of incredibly talented scrappers who are scrapping amazingly beautiful layouts, but I keep asking myself, where are the words?

I know people scrapbook for all different reasons. Some people do it purely for the artistic expression and creative release.  It really isn’t about the legacy they leave behind, but rather, for the experience of actually making the page.  But for most of us, the motivation to leave a legacy, a piece of our heart, drives (at least in part) the creation of our pages.  Without journaling, our pages are just pretty pictures and elements.  Future generations will look at them and not even know who is in the pictures, much less why we loved them.  Don’t you want to savor the feelings in your heart for others to see?


When we released our 10 Reasons Art and Album last week, I really wanted to make something with it.  I knew I wasn’t going to have time for a whole album, but with Valentine’s Day approaching, wanted to make a page for my husband.

Look at these two layouts.  The first one is a tribute to my man.  It tells him that I love him (which is true!) It is a nice layout and a sweet sentiment.


But you know what?  It is missing something!  For me, it isn’t enough to tell him I love him.  I want him to know why.  I want him to know the things about him that make me feel lucky to be with him.  And right now, the way he is with our kids is topping the list.  So this layout better portrays what is in my heart. And not only did I tell him I love the kind of dad he is, but also I was able to sneak in two other reasons.


If journaling is hard for you, don’t worry!  The more you do it the more naturally it comes.   There is no “right” way to journal!  It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out mushy sentiments.  Journaling can take many forms.  As I looked through my own albums I saw that I journal in lots of different ways!  If you get stuck on some of your love pages, try some of these ideas:

1. List format: A simple  list can work well.  It gets the point across! Top ten lists keep you stretching and searching within your heart for more. In this two-page layout I listed a bunch of little things about my son that was loving at the time (and yes, I know, I am the queen of typos.  These were fixed before printing 🙂 )



2. A letter to someone or something: Sometimes, talking “to” someone or something makes it easier to share what we are feeling.

3. Pretend like you are talking: written and spoken language tend to be different.  As your write, just imagine that you are just talking to a friend and sharing about something you love.  Write like you speak, even if it isn’t gramatically correct.


4. Question and answer format: sometimes it is easier to answer a direct quesiton rather than “start from scratch.”

5. An acronym: Sometimes, using the first letters of a persons name or a place we love  helps us get creative when trying to share what is inside our hearts


6. Record real conversations: Nothing is truer to life than the actual words spoken!

7.  Take 5 W’s approach: who? what? when? where? why?



If the placing of your journaling on your scrapbook page is more of a problem, try some of these ideas:

1. Shaped journaling or text on a path: Sometimes we can help convey meaning through shape or flow. (For some great premade text paths try these by Jen Caputo! That is what I used on the two page layout below)



2. Journaling as a border: sometimes there isn’t a great place to put our journaling.  Instead of using a frame or other border, why not use journaling?  That was the case in this layout.  I loved the TIC TAC TOE theme I had but I just felt like without words, it was missing something.  The journaled frame was the perfect accent and the perfect way to share how I felt about these people!


3. Random words: Rather than writing out a lengthy journaling block, try putting random words on your page.  They can convey the same meaning and they are fun to read!

4. Add another page! Sometimes I get done with a layout and love it.  But then as I look at it I realize it is missing the story.  Rather than redo the whole page I just add another one! For example, this past weekend I made this page.  But as I looked at it, I realized that there was more to it. There were reasons that I wanted to make a page about being creative. So, I just flipped the page and added the story behind why the pictures are important to me.




5. Journal on a photo.  From an artistic standpoint, it is sometimes hard to find the right place to put our journaling. Why not try adding journaling on top of a photo!

6. Hidden Journaling: If you are willing to give hybrid a try, you can take advantage of one of the great things about paper scrapping — hidden journaling.  In this layout all of my journaling is hidden underneath the photo.




Go ahead, take a look through your albums.  Imagine yourself as your own grandchild and great grandchild a few generations from now.  What do you learn about yourself?  Are the stories there?  Do you know what the photos are about?  Think on your own grandparents. What do you wish you knew about them?  Do you ever look at photos of them and wonder what they are all about?  Yes, the pretty papers, unique embellishments, and cool photo treatments are FUN.  I love new digi supplies as much as the next person.  But I want to leave a story behind.  My story.  The story of my family.  And to do that, there have to be words.

So come on…try it out.  Look at one of the journaling ideas above and give it a try!

What’s in a Name?

Names.  We all have them.  We all use them.  They all have stories.

Before I had children, I thought that one of the best parts about being pregnant would be choosing a name for our baby.  Here would be my chance to forever give a name to another human being — a name that would stay with them for the rest of their life.  How cool!

Well, now I have been pregnant four times.  And I have decided that one of the worst parts about being pregnant is choosing a name!  How do I choose something that will stay with them for the rest of their life?  Where do I even begin?  Do I pick a family name? Do I just pick a name I like?  Do I pick a name deep with meaning?  And what if I like the name but everyone else hates it?  What if there are six other kids in his/her class with the same name?  How will I spell it?  What kind of nicknames can cruel little kids turn it into?  The questions are endless!

In the end, we chose four names that we love completely. They fit our children very well and I love how they have grown into their names.  I also love how their nicknames have evolved.  Each has their own story, each has their own origin.  And you know what?  These are stories that need to be told!

I am sure that you have “name” stories that are special to you as well.  Maybe they are about the names you chose for your children.  Maybe they are about the pet names you and your spouse have for each other.  Perhaps you had a nickname growing up that has a story.  Maybe your kids have nicknames and no one knows where they came from.  In any case, the stories of our names are important to tell.  People use our names multiple times a day.  They are part of who we are and how we are presented to the world.  They are stories worth telling.

So, for today’s The WRITE Way, I want you to tell a story about a name.  It can be any story you want to tell.  Just take it from your heart and share it with those you love. My family is full of names stories and I have been glad to start getting some of them out of my head and into my scrapbook!

levi_forweb1(Credits: Background paper by Gina Cabrera’s OFFICE ESSENTIALS), staple from the PAINTED SUMMER mini kit by Shabby Princess,  HAPPY DANCE  alpha by CD Muckosky at Little Dreamer Designs, brush strokes by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs, template by Janet Phillips for THE DAILY DIGI).


(Credits: Back to the Basics Paper by Doris Castle at Scrapbook Graphics, Doodled Paper Alpha by Kate Hadfield, paw prints by Alana McArthey from her FELINE FUN Kit at SBG, template by Janet Phillips for THE DAILY DIGI).

If you need a jumpstart, you can download this template to get you thinking.  I love the fact that templates are just a launch pad — they help you get started but once you are going you are free to fly.

tdd_freebie2_previewDOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE


And, how about a cool NAME giveaway to go with the challenge?  Sally Molhoek (artist extraordinaire who just so happens to be my sister) is giving away a FREE SET OF WOODEN NAME LETTERS!  Just scrap a page with a story about a name (you don’t have to use the template), give us a link in the comments of this thread by Monday, and we will choose a winner.  How cool would it be to win a custom set of letters?  She is so, so talented (yes, I am very envious).  You will be able to choose from lots of designs (including a custom design) and there are a ton of font choices.  You can choose a ribbon hanging or a regular wall hanging.  If you want to see a lot more examples of her work or to place an order, you can see some more of her work HERE.





Good luck and Happy story telling!


P.S. The winners for the Fontologie gift certificates are:

Jenni (who had a great question that I will answer next)




Watch your inboxes! 🙂

P.S.S.  Some of you posted a similar question question about temporarily loading a font.  When you temporarily load a font using a manager, you do not need to restart Photoshop, you can load the font with PS already running and it will stay loaded until you 1) unload it or 2) close PS.  Isn’t that GREAT!?  I know I am pretty excited about it! 🙂

The WRITE way


I used to be an avid journaler. I probably have 15 filled journals that cover the years between high school and the first few years of my marriage. And then what happened? Well, kids happened. And all time for leisurely activities like journaling disappeared with my waistline.

Thankfully, less than two years after having kids I discovered the world of scrapbooking and I was able to rekindle my love for journaling. I may not fill entire notebooks with long entries of my days activities and feelings but I am able to record small snippets and feelings of my heart as I look back on moments and special days with the people I love. Journaling in my scrapbooks leaves a piece of me on every page and I see it as vitally important to the legacy I leave. More than the art and creativity, more than the photos I take…the WORDS I leave behind will last.

Here at THE DAILY DIGI we will be looking at THE WRITE way to journal. Notice I didn’t say the RIGHT way — there is no right or wrong. Instead, we want to show you the importance of the written word and help you learn to take feelings and thoughts and turn them into words. We will give you ideas, tips, tricks, and journaling prompts. We will inspire you with heart-felt journaling from around the community. We we will show the power of words and the void left without them. We will show you the WRITE WAY.

In order to get you thinking about the WRITE WAY to do things, I thought it would be good to point you to some great places of inspiration. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much we have to say until someone asks us a specific question or gives us specific direction.

Here are a few great places to go to be inspired to get on the WRITE track:

1. {We Are Storytellers} is a digital scrapbooking site dedicated to helping people tell their stories. They are passionate about helping people realize they DO have story to tell and they CAN tell it. One of the really great things they have going on is a regular blog post called the Writer’s Notebook. Audrey Neal uses her love of the written word to teach and to inspire. It’s really amazing and I am looking forward to what she has to share as she goes through the book BREATHING IN, BREATHING OUT: Keeping a Writer’s Notebook.

2. Ali Edwards (Creating Keepsakes Magazine) is known for her passion for WORDS + PHOTOS. She encourages others to simplify the scrapping process and and remember that in the end, the WORDS + PHOTOS will be what will last. Subscribe to her blog for regular inspiration.

3. The One Minute Writer: This has got to be one of the coolest things out there. This blog carries with it the mantra, “You have 1440 minutes a day. Use one of them to write.” Each day there is a short journaling prompt. You are given one minute (there is even a timer!) for you to answer the question. Do this every day and your will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself and the importance of the written word.

If journaling is hard for you and you don’t quite know where to start, we will at times be giving some freebie templates to get you thinking. Use them as a springboard for your thoughts and interpret the prompts how you wish. The important thing is to get the words out and to leave a legacy.


Today’s free template is here to encourage you to write out what you are loving right now. Interpret this as you wish — I will be back tomorrow to show you what I did with it and I would LOVE see yours. Add a comment with a link to a LO you made using the template before Monday and two lucky scrappers will be getting some goodies!