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Add a little flair to your digital scrapbook pages

digital scrapbooking with flair
Studio Blagovesta Gosheva Things I love about You (part of this month’s digi files collection)
  Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a special fondness for “badges”. For some reason, I just love cute little buttons with designs or words on them. I used to go kind of crazy using the pieces of flair app on Facebook – in fact, that app is the only reason I joined Facebook in the first place! I simply wanted to make my own flair. Those flair buttons were low resolution though and it wasn’t long before I discovered how much better digi flair is! With all the talented designers in digiland, there is no shortage of fabulous flair to use on our creations.

How to digi scrap with flair

I love the way that the single flair button is acting as a fastener for the journaling card on this layout. Such a simple touch that really makes the page great! layout by kfite7   The repetition of flair pieces along the side of this page keep the eye moving through the design and tie everything together perfectly. layout by kramer_buffy   Flair buttons don’t have to be round, sometimes they come in rectangles, squares, and even whimsical shapes like hearts. They give nice dimension and interest to any page, and I love the way they add some fun to this beautiful layout! layout by Georgia Visacri   Flair buttons with words or themes can emphasize the message of the page and call attention to the important points of the memory. layout by Tracey Monette   A well-placed piece of flair on a layout is the equivalent of a cherry on top of a cupcake. It just adds a special little something! layout by SATW  

A few tips for flair

Pieces of flair are just as easy to use as digital buttons on a layout and can often be shadowed in a similar way. I personally like my flair pieces to have a little more shadowing since they would be thicker than a button in real life. shadow settings for button and flair Shadowing can be done in many different ways and you will need to play around with your own settings to see what you like. There are several tips and great links to explore in our drop shadows tutorial section. For this example, I used a regular button and a flair button (both by Pink Reptile Designs) and applied the following drop shadow settings (in PSE 11): traditional button:
  • angle 45 degrees
  • size 21
  • distance 23
  • opacity 37
flair button (badge):
  • angle 45 degrees
  • size 21
  • distance 26
  • opacity 43
Another tip to keep in mind is the size and proportion of the flair in comparison to other elements of the page. I like to think of these flair buttons as the same size as the little pin on badges you can find in the real world, or pieces of flair from the paper scrapbooking store. Think about the size of the piece in relation to the other items on your page. The layouts displayed at the beginning of this post all demonstrate great proportionate use of flair buttons.  

Let’s go shopping!

You know this is my favortie part…I can’t wait to show you all of the fun flair out there in digiland! prd_HappyDays_Flairs_preview mle-ToGrandmasHouse-flair preview 3ca3f31b6545642dcd42e8893bf11319 paulakesselring_FlairBox2_preview350 LaurieAnnHGD_MyRideFlairN_Preview600 99e5bd0dba096f86b6184c7310c73353 bg_get_wet_preview_flairs-1 etc_dan_letitgo_flair preview-47 kd_geeked_buttons_preview e2d9e9b75ce11e0bec3767d742688aef lbw_bordersandflairs_pv sfancy-inthedeepblue-flairs-preview 8a0ccfc1db4b92dfd9c6ed970481101e justjaimee_stmay2013_flair_prev studiomix30_sunshinyday_flair_600-3 onelittlebird-ESelements-preview600 folder-31 ALSS-SO-flairs kimeric_bbbfp creashens_lemonsqueezy_flairs_ep WZ_FlairMaker_600-1   If you are looking for a great way to add the perfect finishing touch to your digital layout, don’t forget the flair! Katie_TDD
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