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A Tour of Our New App

image I’m really excited about our new iPhone app! If you have our old app, you will need to download this one as a new app, not an update. This has to do with the way the first app was built and because I wanted The Daily Digi listed as the developer on this one. I’ve received lots of emails and comments from people saying they love the new app! We would love to see some reviews and ratings being added to the store if you are in that club! Smile Winking smile Let’s take a tour of what this app can do. There is probably a lot more to it than most people imagined before downloading.   Here’s the first view you will see when you open the app: image Scroll down a little and you will reveal the Flickr group feed: image Open one of the Posts from The Daily Digi and this is what it will look like: image   Open a Digi Show post and this is what you will see: image Click on the action button in the bottom right corner and get these options: image When you click on Share you will have the option to tweet, post to Facebook, or email. Since Twitter and the iPhone are integrated, if you have logged into Twitter once, you will not need to login before sharing. Facebook will require a login. You can add any of The Daily Digi posts or layouts from the Flickr group to your My Inspiration by touching the “Add to My Inspiration” button: image If you go back to the main screen in the app and touch “my inspiration,” you can see everything you’ve added there and access them easily. image Touch the “Challenge Me” tab and get ready to challenge your scrapping self! If you don’t have any active challenges, the app will show you a note to add a new challenge by clicking the +. After tapping the +, you will see this screen: image Touch “Start New Challenge” and watch the tiles flip over to reveal your challenge: image image After accepting the challenge, it will be added to your active challenges list: image Once your challenge is done, and you mark it completed, you are instructed to upload the image to our Flickr group. After the layout has been added (and approved), then you can attach the layout to the challenge: image image When you select the layout, the image will be pulled up, and you can confirm it (note the layout below is not mine, just chose one as an example): image This is what you will see when your challenges are completed: image When you tap to see your completed layouts, you will see them all lined up nicely, almost like a badge: image Tap on one of those little badges and this is what you will see: image The layout will be displayed with whatever challenge you attach it to, as you can see, this layout doesn’t really follow this, just an example. The biggest question from you lately has been, “Are you going to do an Android version and when?” Yes! We are working on an Android version. Finding Android developers has been more difficult than I ever thought it would be. I have not forgotten our Android users, I promise! This app works on iPhones and iPod Touches, so go download and start challenging yourself!
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