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Blocks and Triangles

As International Scrapbooking Day approaches (usually the first Saturday in May), I am starting to prepare for my twice-a-year printing of layouts. I wait for a sale and then print all of my pages at one time. As I was looking through my layouts from the last six months, I noticed something about my pages: I have two main styles of page design.

I either use a visual triangle or a blocked design.

This is not intentional. I know about basic design principles and what makes pages pleasing to the eye, but when I scrap or create templates, I usually just go with what I think looks good. I don't think about the design very often, and yet, I see that I naturally gravitate to one of two styles.

This post lists a number of different ways you can design your page in order to make it flow, but in looking through my pages, I definitely have my go-to styles!

1. Visual Triangle

(search the site for lots of info on visual triangles): Debbie Hodge, in this post, says this about visual triangles:

If you’re unfamiliar with the visual triangle, imagine placing a transparency over a layout then finding three cohesive points on it that could be connected with a dry erase marker to form a triangle. You may not have been aware of it, but your eye will subconsciously look for this completion in design. Learning how to use this tool effectively in your own projects will make them more visually appealing to your viewers.

Here are a few of my pages where I see that I used this technique:(The red box with the lowered opacity is to help you see the outline of the design)

2. Blocked Page Design with white space

Although it wasn't intentional, I like that my styles creates a cohesive feel to my albums. Although pages aren't created to go together, when I place them in my album, they all seem to work together. I know I could branch out and try other styles, and I do from time to time, but overall I am happy with my pages and like that after all these years, I really know my style!

Take a look through your albums. Can you see one or two styles showing up over and over again? Are you happy with those styles (like me) or do you want to break out of a rut and try something new?

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