Well Travelled by Jacqui E Smith

Jacquie E Smith drew me in the first time I came across her website. Her designs are fresh and fun and appeal to the minimalist in me. I love her use of color and design. Jacqui’s Well Traveled kit is just packed (pun not intended!) with great travel-related items. Papers, journaling cards, templates, and more! This is perfect as we head in summer and road-trip season!


Hello 🙂 I’m Jacqui Smith. I live in Australia in beautiful sunny Queensland with my husband + son. I’m a working stay-at-home-schooling mum. Each day is full and intertwined with learning, earning + topped with fun, (usually card + board games at break times). Most of my work life has been in my own graphic design business. The last few years we added home-schooling into the mix. As my name is pretty common my husband suggested some tweaks to make my design name more unique, and so I design under byjacquiesmith.

When I’m not crafting ideas for new products, I enjoy hanging out with my family + friends, laughing out loud, reading, watching a favourite show (currently Madam Secretary, Family Matters + Heartland) or movie (Drama based on true stories are my current faves), seeing our beautiful country in our caravan + indulging in buckwheat carob bars.

Typically, when I do a layout, I want all of my elements pointing in towards the middle of the layout. This time though, I pointed the arrow/title element outwards to give the idea of going on an adventure.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Well Travelled by JACQUI E SMITH. Font: sf Heidi.

For a special impact, I wanted to highlight the word “go”. So, I used a simple font (Impact), sized to about 200, and typed out the word. I made sure that the font color was different than the underlying layers and then simplified the word. I then was able to make copies and merge the copies to the layers I wanted to “cut through”. Once it was merged onto the various layers, I was able to erase the letters so that it looked like I had cut them out of the papers. After that was complete, I was able to clip the patterned papers onto the different layers and continue scrapping.

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Well Travelled by JACQUI E SMITH.

I don’t often use journal cards in my layouts, but I do often love the word art on them. In this case, I took the “Enjoying this Journey” graphic from a journaling card. In PSE, using the Magic Wand, I selected the part of the card I wanted to use. Then from the top tool bar, I used Select>Modify>Contract to reduce the selected portion 1 pixel. That eliminates stray bits around the edge of the selection and gives it a cleaner, crisper look.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Well Travelled by JACQUI E SMITH.


Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Well Travelled by JACQUI E SMITH.

I don’t have a specific date on when I started. What’s work + what’s play when you enjoy designing! Life takes you on a journey + I’m amazed as I look back and see how things have weaved together. Nothing is wasted. Everything we learn helps to take us to the next destination.

I’ve been a graphic designer for about 25 years now. One of my first digital projects I can remember making was a flip album of scripture cards of favourite scripture verses with beautiful free stock photography. Not long later I ventured into making the annual calendar for family and friends, each year experimenting with different design styles. In 2009 I was drawn to create my calendar with a variety of free digital scrapbooking supplies I found online. Naturally I wanted to make my own designs 🙂 Years into creating digital scrapbooking products I have circled back around to add planners once again.

What do you do when you enjoy collecting memories + making plans … you roll it into one!

When I started gratitude journalling almost three years ago I never expected the good things I’ve experienced from simply taking a few minutes each day to make note of what I’m thankful for. Gratitude moves the needle on so many things in our life : increases your productivity, enriches your relationships, creates a joy-filled heart, changes the way you see things, helps you complete projects + go after your dreams! Who doesn’t want all that + more?

So this year I combined my love for planners + memory keeping to create a memory planner. The disc rings makes it so simple to add new pages. And you can use all kinds of creative supplies to make it unique. For example my clear cover is made from clear kitchen cutting mats. Super cheap + ultra protective 🙂 It’s great to be creative off the screen to splash some paint + stick some washi.

At least once a month I cover our family room floor with my painted planner pages. You can see this super simple process in my
16 second step by step video. One of the things I love most about this project is that there’s no feeling of having to be caught up! With my client work I thrive on large design projects + deadlines, yet when it comes to my personal creativity I’m more of a free spirit.

Inspiration comes from so many different places. When it comes to product designs I begin with a concept, which is usually something I want to encourage others to express, like capturing moments of gratitude in our everyday life. I’m also fascinated by retro design + been incorporating some of those styles into my products.

With the gratitude themed collections this year I’m can see that my style is continuing to evolve. And I think that is what naturally happens for all of us as we practice our creativity, including those things that speak to us. It’s a journey we go on that have some really surprising + amazing results. So keep on creating + see where your journey takes you!

COMPUTER: iMac 27″ 5K Retina. I noticed the difference immediately + it’s so much easier on the eyes. OS 10.11 | 24GB Ram | 256 flash drive + a few external drives (you can never have too many backups right?!)

SOFTWARE: Creative Suite 6 : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign + Acrobat Pro are my core four! RadLab for awesome photo recipes + it’s super fun and Suitcase for organising fonts, it’s so easy to organise by theme + style.

CAMERA: Panasonic Lumix GH3, my favourite lens is a 25mm. iPhone 6 is what I use to take most of my memory keeping photos these days. The best camera is the one your have on you at the time!

OTHER GADGETS: Wacom Intuos tablet + pen A variety of planners binders 🙂 Kikki K is an Aussie company, they are gorgeous + easily accessible down here. Websters Pages Color Crush, again gorgeous designs + colours. Levenger Planner discs + punch, super versatile. And a range of gorgeous + necessary washi tapes 🙂

I think I use to be the worst when it came to having too many projects on the go. As creatives we have far more ideas than we do time to try them out. The number one thing that has saved me from myself + helped me focus on the project at hand is having a place to collect all these exciting new ideas. I created an Inspiration folder on my computer + keep a sketch book for drawing things out. It’s so much easier to focus when I know that very exciting idea won’t slip my mind. And I’m not distracted by following it right now!

If I have to choose just one, right now I’d say the Little Things bundle. This collection is what happens when I mix a little gratitude with retro + modern design. You get a bundle of goodies in delicious vintage colours for planners, pocket style + memory keeping projects … because it’s the little things that can make all the difference. And it’s in those seemingly insignificant moments that we can find unending joy every day!

One of my most popular products are the Faves Right Now layered templates. They’re a super easy quick start to recording what you’re reading, watching, eating, playing, listening to + places your visiting … right now. Simply add your photo, text + colour. Such great way to look back + see what your favourites were.