Cup of Comfort by Connie Prince

After a hiatus in having outside designers join us, we’re thrilled to have a few with us in May. We’re excited to have Connie Prince with us again this month. She’s been a featured designer before and we happy to share her Cup of Comfort kit with our members this month. For all the coffee lovers out there, this is the kit for you. Filled with rich browns and cozy pinks, you’ll be all set for all your coffee-lovin’ pages.


Hi everyone, I’m Connie Prince and I am thrilled to be a part of this month’s Digi Files. I am a Georgia girl through and through, I live just outside of Atlanta and I love my hometown! I am married to William and we have one almost grown (he’ll always be mama’s baby), Hayden. We have two dogs, Peanut the mini-doxie and our big lovable Mokka. I have been designing digital scrapbooking products since 2005 and selling since 2006. The industry has evolved a lot through the years and it has been a fun journey. I have met some absolutely amazing people through this wonderful hobby of ours as well. When I am not designing I love to attend zumba classes, workout, craft, and watch television with my honey. And oh do I love to travel! There is so much in this big beautiful world to see and I Just want to see it all!

I have some scalloped borders but I decided to go old school with this layout. I opened a new layer and a hard brush. For the smaller scallops, my brush was set at 125 pixels for size. I clicked on brush settings and set the spacing at 100%. I then clicked at the top of my layout, held the shift key, and clicked at the bottom. This made a straight line of circles down the layout. I duplicated the layer for the second set. The brush for the larger scallops was set at about 800 pixels and the spacing was still 100%. After I was pleased with my circles (it took a couple of tries), I moved them under the paper layer and attached pattern papers.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Cup Of Comfort by Connie Prince. Fonts: The Only Exception, Watermelon Smile.

I loved the wordart in the journal card that was provided, but the journal card didn’t quite fit my design, so I just extracted the text from the original card and created my own journal card.

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Cup Of Comfort by Connie Prince.

Originally, I had the solid medium brown paper as the background but it looked too plain. I took the blue starburst paper, converted it to black and white, then inverted it (in PSE, Filter>Adjustments>Invert), used the Magic Eraser to get rid of the black background, used Color Dodge in the Layers Palette to convert to brown tones, and then used the Opacity sliding bar to achieve the look I wanted. Then I merged it with the solid medium brown background paper. Now I have some visual interest without it being overpowering and detracting from my wordart. (Fonts used – Mousekateer Kim by Darcy Baldwin, Magnolia Sky, Giggles by Steph, Noodle’s Girlfriend by Peas).

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Cup Of Comfort by Connie Prince.


Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Cup Of Comfort by Connie Prince.

I began designing in 2005 and selling in 2006. Having always been a scrapbooker once I discovered digital it just seemed like a natural choice.

This year I am determined to take a photo each day and I have been scrapping each week’s photos as I go along. This layout is part of that project! To keep it simple, I use my Monthlies templates along with that month’s #2017 collection.

Colors, crafts, Pinterest, you name it – inspiration is everywhere!

Computer: I use Windows 7 and dual monitors!

SOFTWARE: I use photoshop & illustrator to design.

CAMERA: Canon Rebel


Set aside some time each week to work on preserving your family memories through scrapbooks, it’s an important job!

We love to take cruises and we just returned from Mexico recently. This collection was created to scrap my photos from there and I love the bright, fun colors.

I think the sweet, whimsical elements make this one special – it can be used for so many different layouts, too.