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Go On Vacation!

Our family has always been big on going on vacations, or if nothing else, at least trying to get away for the weekend. There are so many reasons for this, but mostly, we feel like it presses the reset button on our lives and helps us focus on one another instead of the endless to-do lists at home.

Parent’s Magazine just published an article titled Family Vacations Have Long-Lasting Impact on Kids’ Happiness.

Now vacations don’t have to be long or expensive. Of course, our six-week road trip will always be one of our fondest memories, but I know most people don’t have the opportunity for something like that.

Our family does a lot of camping, hiking, and visiting friends. We build the memories without breaking the bank.

Just be intentional and choose moments over things. Your kids’ brains will be the better for it.


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Last year, I wrote a post called Photo Angles You Might Not Have Thought Of. I love inspiring and helping people with their photos and how to be creative with them as they try to tell their story in their images.

Today I’m back with another angle or method for photos: Only part of a photo.

While some people don’t like photos that look like they are chopped off or too tightly cropped, these kinds of images can be powerful storytellers. They invite people in to wonder…to let their minds fill in the gaps of the story.

Just like any other ambiguous image, our minds will complete was is lacking. It’s a pretty cool phenomena.

Photos like these are also good to help draw attention to just one thing. In this image, I could have photographed my son so you could see all of him, but that really wan’t the point of the story I was trying to tell. For months and months he called these little guys “my pets.” I wanted an image that showed how tenderly he cared for them. This didn’t necessitate his face being in the photo. Showing only part of the image is a much more powerful storyteller.

In this photo, I wanted to emphasize that my daughter was jumping and jumping HIGH. But cutting off her head, I can give the impression the is jumping right out of the frame.

In this last photo, taken just a few weeks ago, my son took my photo and was copying me—taking pictures of things he thought were beautiful. By moving in close and cropping much of his body out, I can tell the real story, with the emphasis being on the phone and the little flower.

I always encourage people to get their camera out and try new things. You never know what images you’ll end up loving!

Throwback Thursday: On The Road

Spring Break is approaching for many of us in the US. We don’t go somewhere special every year, but we are heading out on a road trip this year! That means it’s time to get the laundry caught up, pull out the suitcases and swimsuits, dig up the car games and look for the big camera.

Speaking of cameras, I may just do this vacation using my iPhone 7 only. With it’s super 2x zoom lens, it makes getting great pictures so much easier. And, if I take all my photos with my phone, that means that I have the opportunity to scrap my vacation while still ON the vacation. Doesn’t that sound amazing? To arrive home with the vacation memories already recorded? It’s going to take a little bit of pre-planning, but here’s what I need to do.

1) Make sure my existing photos are synced up to Google Drive. (For some reason, my photos won’t sync unless I go into the app. I need all my current photos synced so my vacation photos can sync as soon as they are taken.)

2) Pack my iPad, also synced up to Google Drive and Dropbox. Scrapping on the iPad is so much better than the phone! (Check out Steph’s free class on Google Photos.)

3) Purchase a few select kits through the Project Life App. I have a few already, but a new vacation is an excuse for a few new supplies, right?

4) Make sure I have some photo editing apps installed on my iPad (like Over or LetterGlow).

5) Throw a few additional digi kits into Dropbox.

6) Pack my Bullet Journal so I can jot down any bigger stories that might need a full page layout when I get back home.

With all that setup done, I think it’s very doable to scrap one page for each day using the Project Life App. There are so many templates in there (with just a few photos to a ton of photo spots) that I should be able to fit each vacation day into one page.

So that’s my plan! However, there are many ways to scrap a trip or vacation! Here are a few more articles to inspire you as you plan for your vacation memories!

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Scrapping Like Goldilocks

Sometimes when I am scrapping, I feel a lot like Goldilocks, from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

I’ll try one thing on a page, and it seems like it’s “not enough.”

I’ll try something else, and it feels like it’s “too much.”

But after I fiddle around with things and try something new, I usually get to my Goldilocks moment when I can say,

“This is JUUUUUSTTT right!”

I was working on this layout (using May Flowers from the March Digi Files), and I couldn’t get my layout to look like I wanted. I knew I was going for simple, but I was finished, I couldn’t help but think it was too simple.

So then, I decided I would add a patterned paper. I did that and then I was positive it was too much.

After thinking for a bit, I decided to extract the flowers from one of the patterned papers. Then, I put it on my page and clipped a white layer to it. Then, I adjusted the opacity until I was happy and then voila!


Don’t be afraid to keep playing your pages until you find your Goldilocks moment!

PhotoScan by Google

Many years ago, I did a post called SCAN MY PHOTOS. In it, I shared about me taking almost 2000 photos and sending them away to be scanned. It was easy and I am so glad I did it. I have used those digitized photos hundreds of times!

Sometimes, though, I come across a photo, and I just need that one photo. If I am away from home (at my parents house, for example), I don’t have a scanner with me and taking a photo often leads to glare.

Enter PhotoScan by Google. I’m a huge Google fan and an active user of Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, YouTube, and I even own a Google Pixel (such an incredible upgrade from my last phone!)

PhotoScan is a simple little app that allows you to scan photos with your phone. It’s fast and easy!

Check out the video from Google!


This weeks pocket page spread, like all the others, is designed to help you QUICKLY and EASILY record your story. When you are a member of The Daily Digi, you get these spreads every week plus a WHOLE LOT more!

Scrappy Saturday?

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