February Is Almost Over

Today is the LAST day you can snag all these kits and more before they are gone forever! These kits and products are exclusive to The Daily Digi and for our members. You won’t find them popping up anywhere else.

For just $7.50 you get…

5 full kits

15 layered quick pages

4 templates

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4 {12×24} templates for weekly pocket page spreads

Days of the Week Labels (7 versions)

8-page layered mini album

4 weeks of planner pages, layered and ready-to-use

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  • Not only do you get five great kits each month…
  • Not only do you get a set of templates each month…
  • Not only do you get weekly pocket page spreads each month…
  • Not only do you get weekly planner pages each month…
  • Not only do you get 15 layered quick pages each month…
  • Not only do you get three bonus alphas each month…

But also…you get BONUS bits, which aren’t really “bits” at all. They are full products given free to our members. Our goal is to help you get scrapping and tell your story, and these products are just a little push in that direction.

First we have the February Highlights template. Sometimes, when I feel “behind” in my scrapping, I like to do a quick highlights page, whether it is a week, a month, or even a year. I will often do this with “big” activities like vacations or a holiday. If I at least scrap the highlights, I can stop worrying about getting the memory saved and I can rest in the fact that if I want to scrap more, I can. But at least I have the highlights!

Next we have the pack of SEVEN full “days of the week” sets. I love to add days and dates to my pages and now I have seven new sets to work with. Epoxy, felt, metal and more. It’s gonna be a good day!

Finally, we have this 8 page LAYERED album set. The cover reads, “LOVE YOU FOREVER…AND HERE ARE A DOZEN REASONS WHY.” There are eight layered pages (.psd format) ad well as bonus stamps. What a great way to put into words why someone means the world to you!

If you aren’t already a member, become one today. You only have today and tomorrow to grab these bonus bits as well as all the other amazing products!



Not sure how this happened, but we’re staring March in the face. The year is sprinting by at a pace I just can’t keep up with! These weekly spread pocket packs are designed to help you QUICKLY and EASILY record your story. When you are a member of The Daily Digi, you get these spreads every week plus a WHOLE LOT more!

Super Saturday Sales

Check out these awesome sales and products on sale this week. And scroll to the end to see my picks of the week!

Mega Sale by Neia Scraps

Blagovesta Gosheva has a new colorful collection “Life in color” – on early bird sale this weekend!

Do you love scrapping old family photos or just fancy a Collection with a vintage flair? You’ll love this new Collection! Save 50% OFF the Bundle and 30% OFF the Kit and Add-Ons this week!

Wendy finally released more pocket page templates! Choose from traditional, or droplet-style. Contains 63 templates in both square and rouned corners. What a bargain!

Say it LOUD

Recently, I was looking through Pinterest and trying to get inspired. I hadn’t been scrapping much and I wanted to kick-start my mojo. One of the things I came across a lot was layouts with really BIG titles. They are just so powerful and make such a statement!

(click on images to be taken to source)

Heddy has written about GIANT TITLES before and since I love how they look, I’d thought I would give it a try. My scrapping skills are definitely rusty, but at least having a starting point helped point me in the right direction and even though I am not in love with these pages (I don’t always like my pages), I am happy for two more memories recorded! What about you? Do you ever create pages with huge titles?

Throwback Thursday: It’s All Digi

Once a month, we’re bringing you a few of your favorite posts from the past 8 years. This month I’m reflecting on digital scrapbooking and what that means. At The Daily Digi, we consider digital scrapbooking to be using technology to record your stories. That’s a broad definition by design! There’s no wrong way to digiscrap. And we truly believe there’s a method that will work for everyone! You just have to find the one that resonates with you. For some of us, that may be simply using our computers to crop and print photos or type up journaling. But most of us are probably incorporating a lot more technology into our memory-keeping process. Here are some ways that we’ve done digi over the years.

Photoshop Elements

The most popular digiscrapping application for digi scrappers has traditionally been Photoshop Elements. Elements added some awesome new features in version 15, making it so competitive with the more expensive full version of Photoshop. Melissa goes through a few of them for us below. Don’t forget the new Guided Frame effect that allows drag-and-drop templates for super easy layouts!

Five Fabulous New Features of Photoshop Elements 15 Scrapbookers will Love!

Workspace Remodel: Customising Photoshop Elements

6 Unique Photoshop Elements Features (That Photoshop CC Wishes It Had)

Photoshop CS/CC

And let’s not forget the workhorse, Photoshop Creative Cloud. Here are a few awesome posts full of helpful tips in case you missed them the first time.

Creative Cloud 2017

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Scrapbookers in Photoshop

Two Useful Photoshop Selection Tips

Video Tutorial: Warping Ribbon Shadows

The Most Useful Keyboard Button

My Most Used Scrapping Trick

Power Scrapping

Katie introduced us to Power Scrapping, a method I love and now use for the bulk of my layouts. Need more power tips? Read about Power Shopping and Power Preferences.

Power Scrapping — Digi Style

Power Shopping — Digi Style

Unlock the Secret Power of Preferences


I’m still scrapping in Lightroom. Since I keep my photos in Lightroom, it makes sense to use Lightroom to export my photo collages. It’s so quick and easy! Then I can spend the bulk of my scrappy time decorating my pages, which is my favorite part. Here are a couple posts about my process.

How I Scrapped 65 Layouts In 1 Week

The Lightroom-Project Life App Showdown

Scrapping Faster With Lightroom

Project Life

Project Life entered the scrapbooking scene quietly, but quickly exploded, making paper scrapping more accessible to many who had given up paper scrapping or just couldn’t find the time it takes to make full size layouts. Here are a few articles about Project Life and pocket scrapbooking from over the years.

Is it Project Life or Pocket Scrapping?

Does Project Life Fit In With My Life?

Organize your Pocket Scrapping and Project Life Cards

Project Life App

Steph is a huge fan of iPhone scrapping with the Project Life App. She’s simplified her process and has been able to keep up with her stories by scrapping almost exclusively on her phone! Here are some posts about her process.

Tutorial: Using Project Life Live Brightly (from The Digi Files) in the Project Life App

Phonebooking 911 – I’m behind but not beyond rescue

Scrapbooking My Vacation On My Phone – Before I Get Home – iPhone and Android

My Super Simple Phone Photo Management System

Digi Scrapping in 2017

Digi Scrapping in 2017 looks a lot different than it did in 2009! Are you still scrapping with Photoshop or Elements? Have you moved to Project Life or pocket scrapping on your phone? Have you given up traditional or digital scrapbooking entirely and use something like DayOne, Chatbooks or Blurb on your phone or tablet? Whatever you are doing, keep taking your photos and recording your stories. There are so many options available to us now, that there is a way that fits your lifestyle. Only you can tell your story, so make sure you’re documenting it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll through the archives. I’ll see you next month!


This month’s PACKED Digi Files include three bonus alphas (in addition to the alphas in some of the kits). All three of these alphas were created to be able to used with a variety of kits and pages. I’ve had so much playing with them in my recent pages! We hope you have lots of fun with them and everything else you will find in THE DIGI FILES!


The month is moving right along and we STILL have more of our great February products to show you. In all we do here at The Daily Digi, we want to help make your scrapping faster, easier, and more fun. To that end, we’re trying to make our Digi Files filled with products you can use and re-use. WIth over $50 worth of product EVERY MONTH, your $7.50 just can’t go farther!


Our February templates feature some fun triangles and simple photo-focused designs. I’ve had so much fun playing with them and I hope you will too!

The Power of Lightroom: A Watch Me Edit Video Tutorial

Lightroom is such an amazing editing tool. I love Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for scrapping, but for editing, it’s Lightroom all the way. There is VERY little I still rely on Photoshop for.

In the video below, I’ll let you watch me and listen to me as I walk you through the entire process of me editing this photo. It’s amazing what you can do with this powerful program!