Enjoy The Ride

Life can be tough, but you just need to KEEP. ON. PEDDLING. and ENJOY THE RIDE. We’re excited to bring you this month’s third full kit. It’s full of inspiring colors and patters, with lots of word art to remind you to just keep going and enjoy the ride.

My number one tip should always be: PROOFREAD YOUR LAYOUTS. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the number of typos I have on my printed layouts, all because I don’t proof first. Typos aside (did you see it?), I love this page. The striped paper gives a feeling of movement, as well as the arrows and the circle (supporting the idea of wheels.) I added the white paper to give the eyes a resting spot in an otherwise busy layout.

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Enjoy The Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

Sula is so talented when it comes to her pages. Just look at all she gets on a page without it feeling crowded or overdone. I especially love the trees sticking out at the top…it makes me feel like I am right there in the woods with her.

Layout by Sula. Supplies:
Enjoy The Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

Trina’s page is such a great example of balance. The thick vertical lines are balanced with the strong horizontal title and arrows. The circular elements are placed in a way that creates a visual triangle centering on the photo. And the black to white balance on her page is just perfect, allowing the touch of colors to really POP.

Layout by Trina. Supplies:
Enjoy The Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

This layout is part of my yearlong Faithbooking project. I was really inspired by the trees here and thought they added a lot to the meaning of my chosen verse. I placed them in my layout at 42% luminosity and that seemed to give them the texture I was looking for.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Enjoy The Ride by THE DAILY DIGI. Blender by Brandy Murry; Fonts: Beauty and the Beast, Century.

Even a bad photo can tell an important story. This was a major milestone I wanted to record, so I opted to use a section of a bad photo, made black and white. The title and journaling says it all!

Layout by Wendy. Supplies:
Enjoy The Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

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