It’s Your Last Chance! January is over!

Today is the LAST day you can snag all these kits and more before they are gone forever! These kits and products are exclusive to The Daily Digi and for our members. You won’t find them popping up anywhere else.

For just $7.50 you get…

5 full kits

15 layered quick pages

4 templates

3 bonus alphas

5 {12×24} templates for weekly pocket page spreads

10 photo overlays

31 calendar cards

5 weeks of planner pages, layered and ready-to-use

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BONUS BITS 3: January Calendar Cards

It’s time to show off another one of the bonus bits of this month’s Digi Files. Not only do you get five great kits, templates, planner pages, pocket pages, and fun alphas, we also have thrown in some bonus bits…just little things to make your scrapping faster, easier, and more fun. I look at it this way: you could make some of these things yourself, but why do that when we can do it for you?

This is a cute little set of 3×3 calendar cards, one for each day of the month! There are so many uses…planner pages, layout dates, and more. I am using them for my photo-a-day album. I love what they add to my 8×8 pages!

Time is running out! You just have today and tomorrow before the January Digi Files are GONE. Remember, these are exclusive kits, so you won’t find them anywhere else. Where can you find FIVE full kits, a template set, three alphas, pocket pages, planner pages, and MORE for $7.50? Become a member today! Or, if you are already a member, download your goodies before it’s too late.

Oh So Super

Fridays are full of digi goodness, and today is no exception! Here’s what’s new this week…

Yin did this 2016 Year in Review layout and loved to share the Free template on her blog.

Have you been anxiously awaiting the season premiere of your favorite shows this month? Here’s the perfect bundle capturing the anticipation of Premiere Night! Introductory price of just $8 through 1/29!

Flergs & Amber have their first #believeinmagic collection of 2017 hitting the Sweet Shoppe this weekend. Honey Bear is perfect for fans of Pooh & friends. Save BIG on the bundle, on sale thru Sunday!

Make Valentine’s Day unforgettable with this whimsical party pack! (All packs are separately available as well)

NEW January Icy Dreams by Sugary Fancy & WendyP Designs ON SALE – January 28th at SSD!

Wendy has a set of color swatches for PS and PSE based on Copic markers and Peerless watercolors. Grab these inspired colors (over 300) in one massive collection!

Blagovesta is one of my all time favorite designers. Maybe I shouldn’t pick favorites, but I definitely have a bias, so might as well admit it! These journal cards are irresistible!

Brrr…. While it may be very warm in my backyard today, I know that we have more winter weather to come, so I’m still stocking up on winter kits when I see them!

This kit makes me want to curl up with some cocoa and a blanket and good read and get some me time!

It’s never too late to start anew. If you have something new to scrap, this fresh kit can help you do it.

So fun! We play a lot of games in the winter and this bright kit brings out the fun in family time!

ALPHA #3: Watercolor

We’re back with our third and final bonus alpha for January. You can check out #1 HERE and #2 HERE. Of course, these are in addition to the alphas in some of the kits. We’re super excited about giving you a wide range of incredibly useful digital scrapbooking products.

I LOVE this alpha. The imperfections are gorgeous and the delicate watercolor makes me happy. This alpha comes in two colors as well as in brush format. The possibilities are endless. Duplicate layers for added effect, overlap letters for cool layering, play with the blending mode for realistic texture, and even clip with paper. So many ways to use it!

I have had so much fun using it already. Here are two of my layouts using this alpha. The top one was made using Winter Woods (I recolored the papers) and the bottom one gives a sneak peek of one of our February kits…coming soon!

You have just a few more days to grab January’s Digi Files before they are gone FOR GOOD! If you aren’t a member, become one today! If you are already a member, have fun with all your goodies and don’t forget to show us what you’ve made!

Throwback Thursday: Fonts

Once a month, we’re bringing you a few of your favorite posts from the past 8 years. This month, we’re talking about fonts. One of your very favorite posts of all times is Fonts Don’t Float by Suzy. Check out this awesome technique for more realistic text.

Next up is Text Size Matters by Katie, and the Daily Digi Team. We talk about our favorite font sizes.

While we’re talking about fonts, we cannot forget to mention Font Organization. Digi scrappers are known for their massive font collections. Loading all those fonts can slow down your computer significantly, or cause random errors if any get corrupted over time. Using a font manager allows you to easily load and unload fonts from your system. Although some of the programs mentioned in this article are no longer around, the article offers some great information and is still worth reading. I still highly recommend FontExplorer X Pro and Extensis Suitcase as two great options. Font managers can be expensive, but you can usually skip several versions and upgrade only when you get a new computer or Operating system. And, you can usually get decent upgrade pricing, so if you are getting overwhelmed with all your fonts, check them out.

Finally, Steph wrote this super helpful post, More Than You Want To Know About Type. It covers several things that most of us never knew you could do with the type tool. (Not all of these features are available in PSE.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll through the archives. I’ll see you next month!

BONUS BITS 2: Photo Overlays

We love throwing some bonus bits into THE DIGI FILES for our members. This is the second little set of extras that our members can download all month for FREE. Our first bonus bit was the January Highlights Template and now we have some fun 4×6 photo overlays.

And these overlays aren’t limited to using on photos. Use them to frame a photo, to outline some journaling, or to create your own pocket cards, like I did below.

Once again, we’re always striving to make your scrapping faster, easier, and more fun….DAILY. If you aren’t a member, join today and get a whole ‘lotta goodies!


Here at THE DAILY DIGI, we’ve always been a big fan of templates. Just search in the box over to the right, and you’ll pull up all sorts of posts we have written over the years praising the merits of templates.

Almost every month of the Digi Files (of which we have had 97!) we have included templates. Although many scrappers prefer to create their layouts from scratch, there are also many scrappers who use templates on almost every layout. After having created templates myself for over ten years, I find that they are such a great place to start. Even if my final layout looks nothing like the original template, the design is a great jumpstart to my creativity. Staring at a blank document usually leaves me with a blank document…I just don’t get started. Templates to the rescue!

Even with the changes we are making at The Daily Digi, we will still always provide templates each month to our members. I am always, always looking for ways to make scrapping faster, easier, and more fun!

Our January templates are the perfect balance of simplicity and creativity. We hope you give them a try. This layout, using only items from ENJOY THE RIDE from the January Digi Files took me TEN MINUTES. I wish all my pages came together that fast!

We’d love to see the pages you create with these templates!

Love These!

“My One True Love” by On A Whimsical Adevnture is now available at Sweet Shoppe Designs!

Meagan’s Creations released a brand new elegant collection this weekend, Fairy Tale. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this magical romantic kit will help you treasure all of your sweet dreams. Also, Meagan’s entire store is on sale for 30% off through January 26th and you get the Fairy Tale kit for free with your $10 purchase!

Wendy has an awesome deal for you! If you ever have to resize your layouts or previews in multiple sizes for a variety of purposes, you need a custom resize action. And now you can get one for just $5!

Once a year, One Little Bird offers a huge bundle of pocket page cards at a huge discount. Today is that once a year!

Studio Vicki is having a huge retirement sale. Right now you can save 50% off on everything.

The other day I was looking for some word strips for a layout I was working on. If only I had these go to phrases by Kim Jensen in my stash!

This kit is perfect for all your fresh start layouts! Do you have one little word to scrap? This kit would be perfect for mine!

These tiny date tags are adorable! I can see tucking a tiny one onto every page for this year!

Before It’s Too Late

Three years ago, I wrote a post titled, In the Picture. It is a post (still one of my favorite’s!) about the need for moms to be in the picture with their children. It’s an important part of the story that is missing in many families memory keeping. Two months after my mother passing away, this line stands out:

Don’t wait. Do it now. Do it today. You never know when tomorrow will stop being an option.

This is the only picture I have of both my parents with my kids. It was taken in August 2014, right before we left their house during part of our six week road trip. Unfortunately, my two littles ones were sleeping and aren’t in the photo. But I am so glad I made my parents come outside to take this. I had no idea I wouldn’t have another chance.

In November, as our family was camping in Florida, we got the call that my mother passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly. That was it. Our time with her was over. As my sisters and I looked through photos, I felt a variety of things: thankful for the photos I did have, sorrowful for those we didn’t take.

It’s so easy to put things off until “tomorrow,” but often, that “tomorrow” never comes. Good intentions don’t make good actions. And of course, the problem with putting everything off until “tomorrow” isn’t limited to the death of a loved one. Other times, it can be other things or situations that if you don’t act now, it won’t ever happen.

We have this path of sorts on our property. It is unique in that the ground is clear but there is a large canopy overhead. Bethany, my youngest daughter, calls it her “garden.” She loves it and spent much of the summer playing in it. One day in September, I decided to finally take pictures of her there. I had been meaning to do it for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

A few weeks after I took these photos, the electric company came to “trim” trees that are near the power lines running toward our house. Their “trim” ended up completely obliterating the canopy that made Bethany’s garden so special and majestic. If I hadn’t taken the time to simply photograph her there, I would have lost my chance entirely. I had no idea the power company would do that!

On the same day, my son wanted to play outside and take pictures too. He was being silly and dancing and making this goofy little face he has been known for. The thing is, he rarely does it anymore. It has been so much a part of him being three, and I am glad I now have photos to remember this short, but special, memory.

Our favorite camping spot, right next to the beach, has this amazing magnolia tree that provides shade and hours of climbing fun for the kids. We had reservations to camp in November, and when Hurricane Matthew made the news, we were all afraid our special, special tree would be wiped out. Thankfully, it was spared (though many trees at the campground were not), but if it had been ruined, at least I had taken lots of photos.

One day, he won’t have freckles anymore

One day, they won’t run and dance like no one is watching (doesn’t this remind you of that episode of Friends when Rachel is embarrassed to run with Phoebe?)

One day, we won’t have any more little ones who need a “power stick” for hiking (a story for another day!)

People die. Friends move. Kids grow out of stages. Houses are bought and sold. Favorite restaurants close and pets pass away. We never know when life will change and we need to be intentional about capturing important memories before it’s too late.