Using Linear Burn to Add Realism

One of my favorite ways to alter photos or a layout is to add a linear burn blending style. I just love the result!

The Adobe website defines linear burn like this:

Looks at the color information in each channel and darkens the base color to reflect the blend color by decreasing the brightness. Blending with white produces no change.

To be honest, I don’t worry much about the definitions of blending modes. I’d rather just play around!

What I love about linear burn is that it adds a bit of realism when used to blend items onto a textured background.

In this layout, I used linear burn a number of times to help the photo, title, and journaling to blend the the textured brick wall I used as a background paper (the wall was an image I pulled of the internet — for personal use only!)

Let’s take a look up close.

Here is my layout with the photo as-is (other than I light erasing of the edges):

In order to bring in some of the texture, I chose to use linear burn for my blending mode. This blended the photo and brick layer, allowing the texture to show through.

Here is it, zoomed in:

I liked the result and so I did the same thing for the title and the journaling:

Using blending modes is just one more way to add realism to your layouts

What blending modes do you like to use?