A Little Something

My scrapping time these days is limited. I miss it so much, and yet there are many things calling for my attention and I don’t always get to scrap like I used to.

When I do get the chance to scrap, it has to go fast. I don’t have lots of time to play around with stuff, making sure it is perfect.

And yet, there is something in me that wants to at least like my pages a bit. I want something to grab my attention (other than the photos).

I had a few minutes this morning and I decided I wanted to scrap. I used Heather Roselli’s Creativity Kit (from this month’s Digi Files). It was the last kit I have downloaded, so I just decided to make it work for my photo. I pulled out the darker colors along with the yellow (for a bit of pop) and scrapped away. The layout took all of ten minutes.

Overall, I was happy with the page, but I felt like it was missing something. Remembering something from home design principles, I realized it just needed a bit more color.

In home design, it is recommended to use the 60-30-10 rule.

60% Primary Color

30% Secondary Color

10% Accent Color

And that is what was missing. I had my primary color (the grey and dark blue to meld into one deep color), my secondary color (the happy yellow), but I was missing an accent. Just a little something to make the page pop.

So, I scanned my scrap stash, grabbed a few bits of red, and put them on. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little something can make.