The Not So Obvious Stories

Sometimes, we just need to look at our photos in a new way.

This can apply to all our photos, but it is especially true when we have photos from events/activities we do on a regular basis. I know I don’t need to take photos on our next hike…but I always will. I can’t help myself.

So when it comes to telling my family’s stories, I choose to look at these commonplace photos and ask myself if there is another story to tell.

I talked about this in my post, A New Lens.

Sometimes, the most important stories we want to tell aren’t the obvious ones.

We get lost in the who, what and where and we forget about the why. We miss the deeper meaning our photos are telling us.

There are little details in our lives, and in our photos, that are so commonplace that we don’t notice them.

It’s kind of like people who live near a train track have the ability to completely tune the noise out, wheras a guest would be distracted.

So every once in a while, I look through my photos and ask,

“What else are these pictures telling me?”

I want to look beyond the obvious story and instead, look deeper. It’s then that I see my most precious memories come to the surface.

Here are a few examples:

What not-so-obvious stories are your photos telling you?