A Month of Curated Photos and Stories

A Month of Curated Photos and Stories

Put your hand up if you’re a fellow pocket scrapbooker!

I have been making pocket albums and individual pocket pages for a few years. Through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t.

When I first started pocket scrapbooking, I used the Project 52 idea of having a 2-page layout spread for each week of the year. With P52, if you fall behind, it’s no big deal because you can go back and fill in weeks as you have time. On the negative side, sometimes you have too many photos and stories to fit in just a 2 page spread — or the opposite where you’re struggling to fill the pockets. Thank goodness for art cards!

I had one year where I just made pages and filled the pockets as the photos and stories interested me. I didn’t worry about filling a 2-page spread each week. Some 2 page spreads held only 1 week and others held 3 weeks worth of material. I thought this was the best style for me, but then “life happened” and I naturally fell behind in memory keeping. My first instinct when catching up is to start with today and work backwards, but with the linear timeline of this album, I couldn’t just pick up with the current week and always had to work “in order”. Long story short – I’m still working on this album.

What I’m Trying Now

I am experimenting now with monthly spreads. There are no rules, other than I need an even number of pages for the spreads because I’m using one kit for the whole month and I like the facing pages to have the same colour scheme.

Here’s how it turned out for the month of April:

Supplies: Status Memory Pockets Monthly from The Lilypad

How I Did It

I used standard 4×3 and 4×6 spaces, which I sized down a smidgen to leave a nice border around the page. I like to use these industry-standard sizes so that I can buy pre-made journal cards to drop into the spots.

To add a bit of interest, I warped the shadows on the cards to give them a more realistic look – like I sat them down on the paper and took a photo.

The biggest “trick” though was to select only special photos and the stories that I really wanted to tell. There’s not as much filler material on these pages and when I look at them, they really capture this month in the life of our family. A pretty ordinary month, but in 5 years and 10 years and more, I know the daily rhythm of our days will have changed and I’ll look back on these memories fondly.

The whole month came together in a couple of hours and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I even did May and (if I can find a few hours in this busy summer month of July!), I think I can get June done quickly too.

Happy scrapbooking!