Taking Inspiration from Magazine Text

Taking Inspiration from Magazine Text

Magazines are often filled with examples of beautiful page design and interesting text placement. As a digital scrapbooker, I’m always happy to find new ways to add some visual interest to my journalling.

Here are a few very common text ideas that you’ll see in magazines:

Bold First Line

Adding the first word, few words or even a sentence in bold text is a text treatment you’ll find in many magazines. It’s used at the start of articles and even to indicate the start of new sections or ideas.

Bold First Letter

I happen to love the look of the bold first letter. It gives such a clear starting point to the text. Sometimes you’ll see the accent letter in a compatible font or in a different colour to help it stand out.


Obviously columns are a frequently used tool in magazines because of space issues. Sometimes you’ll see them paired with the bold first letter or line, like above.

It’s easy to pull from magazines and add some oomph to your journalling. On this page (below), I just added a bold accent line in a different font and colour from the rest of the journalling. I like that it ties the journalling block into the overall page design.

There you have it! A few very simple ideas for adding visual interest to your next digital scrapbook page – taken straight out a magazine!