Making Your Own Graphic Background

Making Your Own Graphic Background

Making your own custom graphic background is a quick and easy way to add colour and movement to a page.

Here’s how I made a page by making my own graphic background, featuring triangles.

Step 1 – Choose Your Shapes

The first thing I did on this page was draw some big, bold triangles on a 12×12 canvas and then clipped some paper to them.

Step 2 – Accent the Shapes

I thought the colours on the triangles needed a little “oomph” so I duplicated each triangle and clipped a bold blue paper to bottom triangles. Then I “nudged” them over a bit so that just the edge peeked out from underneath.

Step 3 – Add Photos and Word Art

I added a few pictures to the the page and I replicated the look of a Polaroid frame by just adding a white rectangle under each photo and extending it a bit on one side. Then I accented the photos with some fun word art.

Step 4 – Add the Finishing Touches

Finally, I added some floral clusters and, my favourite, some journalling.

Oh Lazy Day!

An easy colourful design and another memory captured!