It’s that time again…time to share some LAYOUTS WE LOVE! Our Flickr pool is always JAM-PACKED with amazing layouts by amazing artists. It is sooooo hard to choose which layouts to feature. They are all so incredible. However, here are 12 that especially caught my eye! And as always, the layouts are linked to their creator. Check them out!

In this layout, I love the circles on the background paper. I have never been very skilled at using bold background photos and I could take some lessons from this page!

The simplicity of this layout made it stand out right away! I love the journaling down the right side of the page and the close up photos on the left. Perfect!

The geometric quality to this page is astounding! I love the two background papers meeting in the middle, forming two large rectangles. Then there is a square photo and some really cool triangle cut outs. Love it!

Big photos have a BIG impact. This page is just perfect…nothing else is needed when a photo is this incredible!

I absolutely adore photos in a series. On this page, the slightly different photos have such a powerful impact on the story that would have been missing if only one of the photos as included. And how sweet is that little smile?

Ack…so, so beautiful. The photo is so incredible, showing once again that the angle of photos makes a huge difference. I love how she mimicked the colors of the paint with the colors of the journaling mats. Just stunning!

We all know I love pages with maps and more maps! On this layout, shapes once again take center stage. The background papers create triangles and a pentagon, the map and the arrow paper are circles, and the photo has frames added to it, creating thin vertical rectangles. So cool!

Oh my…our very own Melissa completely rocked this page (and when I chose it, I didn’t even know it was hers!) I love the photos with all the dates printed on them along with the little bits of journaling. Everyday life pages are my favorite!

Six awesome photos on one layout! I love the strong lines of the rectangles and the photos shot at all different angles and distances. It really makes you want to look at each one and see the details each of them offers!

Another incredible two page spread, featuring SEVENTEEN photos. Babies learning to eat have to be one of the cutest things and this layout expresses it perfectly. She could have just put the larger photo on the page and it would have been adorable, but adding all the others is so intriguing. Being able to look at each individual photo and face makes me feel as if I were there!

The understated simplicity of this page is what got my attention. It seems counter intuitive, but it really is true! The white space with the two identical-sized photos makes the eye zoom in to see what is going on. Amazing!

Keep posting your layouts in our Flickr pool. We love to see your work and we can’t wait to feature more scrappers!