Telling My Story: No. 1

We’ve talked a lot about “All About Me” pages here at The Daily Digi. We’ve talked about our fears, we’ve talked about telling our stories, and we have even shared some simple ways to do it.

But the truth is, I STILL struggle with this. It isn’t that I am really afraid (though I might not be excited to share some of the information with those outside my family), and it’s not that I don’t really know what to say (I rarely run out of words!) For me, the reality is I just don’t think about it and therefore I don’t take the time to do it!

And so, in my question of, “If not you then who?,” I realize once again I am my own memory keeper and I am the only one who can truly tell my story. If I want my children and grandchildren to know who I was, what I thought about, and what beliefs ran deep, I must be intentional in writing those things down.

And so, I created a simple template for myself, ready for me to add little questions and prompts. And if I am doing it for myself, I might as well do it for others. Right?

Every week or two, I’ll share a new template with a new question. I hope that these will enable me to tell more of my story and for you to tell more of yours! And I would LOVE to see what you create!

I chose this for our first question because it takes so many people off guard! I remember being at a meeting with a bunch of other moms, and being the introspective person I am, asked, “What are you really, really good at?” With confused looks on their faces, I explained that we are so quick to tell everyone what we can’t do, what we wish we could do, what we’re bad at (especially as it pertains to mothering!) But how often do we recognize the things in which we excel—as a mother, as a mom, as a friend, as an employee?