Use Groups to Make Design Decisions

Use Groups to Make Design Decisions

I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one who adds items to a page, then looks at the page and takes them off again. Repeat, repeat, repeat. We’ll just call this comparison part of the creative process.

When you have just one item, like a flower, that you’re testing out on a page, it is easy to just toggle that one layer on and off to see if you’re happy with it on your page.

But what if you have more than one item? You could toggle each layer on and off, but that would get tedious.

An easier way is to use groups within the Layers palette. For one of my recent pages, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep the black stitching I had added. To “group” the stitching together in my layers palette, I first held down the CTRL key and selected each stitching layer in my layers palette.Then I selected Layers>Group Layers from in the menu.

The layers are grouped together now in the layers palette, under the name “Group 1” (which can be customized). Now, to turn the stitching layers on and off, all I need to do is toggle the eye icon beside Group 1. Here the layers are on:

And here the stitching layers are off:

In the end I liked the black stitching and decided to keep it on the final version of my page.

Do you use layer groups in your scrapbooking workflow?