You Should Check These Out!

Time to share some great stuff I’ve found while browsing around digi-land! Enjoy!

Scrapbooking Memes

Becca Bonneville hosted a scrapbooking meme challenge recently. The results are HILARIOUS! (Well, hilarious to us digital scrapbookers, that is!) Definitely worth the time to read them all.

Here’s my attempt at a meme.

Try making your own on this web site. It’s fun!

Saving Layouts – A Scrapbooker’s Workflow

Aaron (aka SirScrapalot) shared his workflow for saving layouts on The LilyPad store blog recently. I love peeking into other people’s process! He also shared this quick note, which is worth sharing again:

It can be a little tricky to find the Save for Web Dialog in the latest models of Photoshop. If you go to File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) you will get here.

It IS tricky to find the Save for Web in the new Photoshop! It took me a while to get used to it being hidden in the menus.


Miranda at The Digital Press shared a wonderful idea about scrapbooking a trip that may happen in the future. How fabulous! I should do a page planning the trip I want to do through Germany and England.

Tipster Tuesday

I just learned that Scrapbookgraphics ladies Ana and Rue share tips on scrapbooking each Tuesday on Facebook. They have been helpfully compiled into Tipster Tuesday posts on the SBG store blog. I love this one on warping shadows (a most useful trick in Photoshop!):

Tip: Warping shadows
I’m obsessed with shadows and always use them, tweaking them as needed. Here’s a quick way to tweak them in Photoshop.
1. Apply a shadow style, click fx arrow to open drop down menu.
2. Hover over drop shadow, left click, select “create layer”.
3. This creates shadow layer below the product layer, make sure you have selected this layer, then select edit>transform>warp.
4. Pull at points to move the shadow. I like to pull corners to appear that corner is lifted up off the page.
Hope you have fun trying this warping method with your shadows

Check out the blog for many more tips!

5000 Photography Ideas

TDD team member and all around great person Katie the Scrapbook Lady shared links to more than 5000 photo ideas! There should be something for everybody! Time to get clicking!