Write Around the Page

Write Around the Page

My scrapbook pages are full of stories and little notes about everyday life. I have a hard time not including journalling on a page.

Except sometimes finding a spot to put the journalling is tricky!

Take the page below for example. It has a strong central cluster and lots of white space around the outside of the page. I tried many different options, like breaking up the journaling and using a journaling tag, but no matter where I put text it just made the page feel off balance. Finally I settled on adding it as a sort of “border” around the edge of the page.

Sweet Fall Memories

Supplies: Sweet November by Blagovesta Gosheva, templates pieces from Oh the Sweet Memories by Two Tiny Turtles

To add this journalling, I created a square using the shape tool and then created a path from the shape. In Photoshop, you can create a custom path from any shape. Steph showed us how to do that here and here. Melissa wrote a detailed tutorial on how make text on a shape in Photoshop Elements. There are a lot of useful tricks to learn in Photoshop, but this is one of the top 10, I think. It is so useful!

But, one of the beautiful things about Photoshop is that there is always more than one way to go about things. If you only want to journal in straight lines like this, just type the four lines of text and then rotate them and place them on the page wherever you want. Easy-peasy!