Scrapping Rut Be Gone!

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I’ll admit it. 2015 was the year of the great scrapping rut. When I usually scrap hundreds of pages each year, I don’t think I did more than about a dozen pages in 2015. Eek! This was due in part, I am sure, to my decision to not do photo-a-day. Fewer photos = fewer scrapbook pages.

But really, it was more than that. 2015 was a really hard year personally. I should have read Katie’s How to Scrap When Life’s Not Picture Perfect! I’m okay with taking a break now and then, but this was far too long and I have missed it.

Even more, my family has missed it. They love to look through my albums and even my husband told me he wished I was scrapping more. He has seen the value of saving our memories over the last ten years and it is something he now really values.

So, I have been willing myself out of this rut. It hasn’t been easy and I have a long way to go, but here are a few things I am doing to help get myself back into the swing of things.

I have a lot of digital scrapbooking materials. A lot. And it has been a long time since I have looked through my stash. When I did that (along with some much-needed organizing), it was so easy to be inspired. I am such a visual person and seeing all the beautiful kits made be get excited to start scrapping again!

Although my scrapping skills were definitely out of shape, I knew I would struggle if I didn’t make myself just get started. Sometimes that is all it takes. It also helps that I am okay with not-so-great pages. In the end, it isn’t the art that makes me want this, it is the preserved memories. If I focus on the joy of one more memory saved rather than the creativity aspect, it is easier to step into it. And then often, once I just get going, the creativity starts flowing. Win-win!

After seeing my children go through our albums recently, I picked them up and started looking through them as well. Reading all the stories and seeing old pictures made me so happy that I have chronicled our life through thousands of layouts. As happy as those pages made me, I also felt sad because so many of our recents memories have gone undocumented. The little stories, especially of my younger kids, aren’t getting told and therefore they won’t be remembered. That sure lit a fire under me to get scrapping!


I know there are many of you who have stopped scrapping and want to get started again. It’s tough, for sure, but not impossible. Together we can do this!

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