Watch Me Edit Mini Class

We had a special contribution to this month’s Digi Files. We have a 6-part series on editing photos in Lightroom. Janet leads us through 6 different photos and how she edits them, the tools she uses and her thought process behind it. Even if you don’t have Lightroom, it’s worth watching! You can make many of the same types of adjustments in Photoshop. But the ease in which you can make them may just make you decide to take the Lightroom plunge.

This mini-class includes OVER AN HOUR of videos and is part of the amazing Digi Files deal you get for only $7.50!

My Lightroom story, for the most part, begins in early 2012. I had used the program a few times before, but only when I was working on editing an entire photo shoot (a few engagements, etc.) I like the ease of which some things could be done (such as copy & paste) and at some point, I decided to make the leap and use Lightroom for ALL of my editing. It was the best decision I have made in my photography journey!

I am definitely still learning the ins and outs of the program (even after four years!), but the things I have learned have helped take my photos to a point where what I feel in my heart is accurately portrayed in my final images.


Let’s take a look at what our team learned from this Teaser Class!

Photo by Katie

I’m an avid Lightroom user and I feel very comfortable with my editing skills in the program so I wasn’t sure if I would learn a lot from these videos. I loved watching Janet’s process and I was surprised at how many little tips and tricks I picked up from watching her work. I have to admit that I haven’t utilized the brush editing tool much in LR until I watched these videos and it makes such a difference when you want to work on areas like eyes or skin without changing the entire photo.

People are definitely the most challenging subject to edit and Janet’s tips really helped me improve those skills!

These videos will be a great resource for the beginner and expert alike. You really can’t beat the kind of learning you gain from watching an expert at work!

Photo by Toria

I loved Janet’s video about using Lightroom for the regular shots. I always thought of Lightroom as something to use when I had my Big Camera Pictures! My husband took this on his iPhone, and it had a lot of noise because of the low light. I surprised we got it at all! My little daughter was having Stranger Danger and I had to pick her up! (Notice the red face?) It’s the only picture I have of us in our homemade Halloween costumes (a bee and a flower) and I think it’s perfect for scrapping now!

Photo by Toria

I had no idea how to use Lightroom, and I thought these videos were great for me to get over my intimidation factor! I used the the eye dropper to find my white balance, and a little bit of the eye pop brush. I am really happy with the results!

Photos by Wendy

This photo was shot in a dark gymnasium and had a terrible yellow cast to it. I followed Janet’s simple tips in Video 1 on color cast and exposure. Even though the video showed a person, I was still able to get a much better image using the same techniques! And, I loved the vignette tip. I’ll be using that one a lot.

Since Janet was working on a photo with a yellow color cast in Video 3, I decided to make a virtual copy and follow along using the same photo I edited earlier. I ended up preferring the first attempt. It’s good to learn multiple techniques and settings in Lightroom because it puts more tools in your bag to get the photo you are looking for.

My favorite tip overall was actually in the very last seconds of Video 2. Janet showed how to apply sharpening and then mask it to just the edges of the images. I never knew I could apply a mask like that so quickly. Super helpful!


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