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Super month . . . but I can’t wait ’til tomorrow! After several years, each month is still new and different and as great as the last! – ajmahle

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Southern Creek Designs

Paper Garden Projects

Two Tiny Turtles

Bee Tree Studios

Kimeric Kreations

Tangie Baxter

Janet Phillips

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Cultivating Creativity

I am getting ready to speak at a women’s retreat for our church. I am so excited to be sharing about one of my favorite topics: cultivating our gifts and talents. Because those gifts vary widely among women, I won’t be sharing specifically on creativity. However, for me, creativity is the gift I choose to spend my time cultivating.

It can be easy to fall into ruts and patterns in how we express ourselves creatively. That’s why it is so important to try new things, stretch ourselves, and look at creativity from new perspectives.

As scrappers, we do this in many ways:


Trying new or new-to-us designers through The Digi Files

Participating in scrapping challenges

Limiting ourselves to certain productsUsing template that differ from our normal style

…and so on.

All of these a great way to push ourselves into new territory. Creativity, like everything else in life, will grow only with cultivation. The best way to stagnate is to continue to do the same things in the same ways.

Journaling card used is by Tangie Baxter from the January 2016 Digi Files kit, Get Messy. Quote design by Janet Phillips.

I came across a great resource for cultivating creativity. It has 50 ideas of things you can do to stretch yourself and grow your creative wings. I’ve actually done some of them (like an ABC photo walk and other wonder walks), a Daily Photo Project, and finding beauty in the mundane. There are some I can’t wait to try like the Circles Test and Portmanteaux.

Photo Credit

Check out the entire list of 50 ideas from Learning Bird.

Workspace Remodel: Customising Photoshop Elements

Do you like floating windows, neat tabs, or a combination of both? Photoshop Elements 11 and later has a variety of options for you to customize the look and arrangement of your workspace.

As a scrapper, we want easy access to our supplies, layers, actions and styles. We want our windows where we like them.

Come with me and I’ll show you how to remodel PSE to get it looking just how you like it!

Quick, Guided and Expert Modes

Digital scrapbookers will generally head straight for Expert Mode in Photoshop Elements.

You can’t customize the Quick and Guided modes, but they are still great tools in your arsenal! If you haven’t kept up with all the creative and useful features in Quick and Guided modes, I have more details about how these modes work in Fast Photo Fixes over at Big Picture Classes.

Customizing Expert Mode

The first thing we can customize is our panels. The panels appear on the right side of the screen and were previously called palettes.

Panels help you manage, monitor, and modify images. Some panels have menus that provide additional commands and options. You can organize panels in the basic and custom workspaces in Expert mode. You can store panels in the Panel Bin (highlighted in the image to your right) to keep them out of your way, but easily accessible.

In the Expert mode, panels on your right can be displayed in two ways: Basic Workspace, and Custom Workspace.

Basic Workspace

In this view, buttons for the most frequently used panels are placed in the task bar. The buttons in this workspace are Layers, Effects, Graphics, and Favorites. For example, clicking the Layers button displays all the layers-related options. To view all the other available tabs, or close open tabs, click More.

Custom Workspace

The look of the Panel Bin in the custom workspace is similar to Photoshop Creative Cloud (PSCC) and older versions of Photoshop Elements.

To use the tabbed layout in the Panel Bin, click the arrow next to More, and select Custom Workspace.

You can had the panels float over your workspace by dragging the tab out and letting go of the mouse.

You can group panels together or dock one panel at the bottom of another panel. To dock a panel, drag title bar of the tab and drop it in the tabbed layout.

To turn a panel back into a tab drag it
and drop it on the title of another tab.

You can also do this with the History, Actions and other panels not shown by default. Find them in the Windows menu.

Heads Up!

You can’t save your expert mode layout like you can in PSCC, so if you switch back to Basic workspace you will lose all your customizations.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Photoshop users often debate over floating vs docked windows for open files.

I prefer a neat and tidy docked interface, and that’s the default in Photoshop Elements on Windows.

If you like the floating windows, you can simply enable that feature by heading to Edit > Preferences > General… and click the check mark to Allow Floating Documents in Expert Mode.

Then all your documents will open in floating windows and you can then drag them around the screen.

Find your Favorites

In my Finishing Touches in a Flash article, I explain how you can get easy access to your favorite styles and scripts. Check it out for more details!

Tool Options vs the Photo Bin

Do your Tool Options constantly get in the way of your photo bin? If it annoys you, you can turn it off. YAY!

Click on the menu in the upper right corner of Tool options and deselect Auto Show Tool Options. That will stop it from appearing up every time you select a new tool.

If you want to see the Tool Options, just press the Tool Options button or Ctrl+T (Cmd+T on a Mac).

Make it Work for You

Now you know what you can do, why not try making a few customizations today.

  1. Clean up your workspace to remove panels you don’t need.
  2. Try out floating windows and see how you like them.
  3. Turn off Auto Show Tool Options, and give it a try.
  4. Select your most used styles and scripts from the Effects panel and add them to your favorites.
  5. Move your tabs around in the Panel Bin to match your scrappy workflow. (I have layers, then effects, then favorites.)

Now, it may take a few scrapping sessions to adjust, but I’m sure you’ll come to love your new personalized workspace.

What customizations do you like to make to your workspace?

Fun & Simple April Fool’s Day

Friday is April Fool’s Day and that means it’s time for some good-hearted fun.

I’ve never been much of a prankster (because some of it can be far-too-mean for my sensitive nature!), but there are some cute and fun ideas floating around that I think would go over well in our home. Fun and silly without anyone’s feelings or body getting hurt. We always tell our kids that if both people don’t find a joke/prank funny, then it isn’t funny. It takes knowing our kids/spouse and their individual personalities to know how far to take things.

If you need a few ideas to inspire some fun memory making at your house, you’ve got a few days to gather what you need for one of these ideas…

Swapping Heads in Family Photos

I think these photos are so funny, especially if you have a framed photo displayed prominently in the home. If you don’t want to break into Photoshop like I did, try one of the face swapping apps for Android or iOS.

Cat Poop Cake

We aren’t much of a “potty humor” family, but as my kids get older we have let up a little bit on these kinds of things. I know they would be torn between being disgusted and thinking this is hilarious. That’s right where I want them to be with a day like April Fool’s. I’ll spare you the photo in case you have a weak stomach, but if you are curious, you can see an example and directions HERE.

Back of the Car Sign

If your spouse drives to work and you know he/she won’t look at the back of the car, a sign like this would be perfect!

Thread Through the Underwear

Take a needle and thread and pull them through all the underwear in your child’s drawer. When they grab one pair, they’ll get them all.

Sparkle Towel

We have a sparkle-loving girl in our home and we tend to add sparkle and glitter to her things (like at the bottom of all her gift bags so when she flips them over, all the glitter comes pouring out.) I think it would be fun to put a bunch of sparkle confetti inside a folded towel and when the person grabs the towel for their shower, they get what we call in our home, “Sparkle Tagged!”

Cold Feet

As your child or spouse is getting ready to walk out the door, hand them their shoes with ice cubes in the toes. If you know they are going to be barefoot, cold spaghetti would be hilarious too!

Surprise Eggs

With Easter being before April Fool’s a quick and cruel joke is to tell your kids you found some Easter Candy you forgot about. When they open their chocolate eggs, they’ll be surprise to find grapes inside.

Mint Oreos

If your family loves Oreos (as most adults kids do), try replacing the beloved cream with toothpaste. At their surprise, remind them how much the love mint Oreos!

photo credit

Candy Apples Onions

It may not be the season for caramel apples, but what kid could resist the special treat from mom? Wrap onions in caramel and place a stick in them just as you would for the fall-favorite. Present them to your delighted kids, who when they take a bite, may not be quite as delighted anymore!

A New Youtube Favorite

Youtube is a fun way to spend time as a family, enjoying the amazing creativity and ingenuity that exists in our media-saturated world. Tell your kids you found a new favorite video and show them this.

Happy April Fool’s to all of you…may the pranks be funny, the doughnuts filled with mayo, and the brownies you promised your kids for a Friday night treat be brown-e’s.

Gratitude Journal {week 13} and HAPPY EASTER!

On Sundays this year at The Daily Digi, we are going to be sharing a FREE weekly gratitude journal spread. These pages are a place for you to record little memories you don’t want to forget, little reasons to be grateful. Each week their will be a gratefulness quote as well as a few photo spots.

You can use these FREE pages in a number of ways:

1) As digital scrapbooking templates. The download will always include .psd files for both 2-page 12×12 spreads as well as 2-page 8.5×11 spreads. You can add your own papers and elements and scrap ’till your heart’s content! (This is also a good option for those of you who get twitchy because I started the week with Friday. Since January 1 is a Friday, I like to start each week that way, but you may not! Feel free to adjust as needed!

2) As a digital journal. Keep the colors and text just as they are. Simply flatten the layers and add your notes of gratitude. Easy peasy!

3) As printed pages. Print out and write on them the good old-fashioned way. There is a .pdf file included for printing two letter-sized pages. Print your photos and attach!

If you have missed previous weeks, grab them HERE.


If you have used the templates or print-outs, we’d LOVE to see them! Share a link in the comments or EMAIL ME . We just might feature your page!

Be sure to be back next week for your next FREE journal template!

Photographing Kids Through the Years {interview, pt. 2}

Last week we shared part one of my interview with team member Jacki. In those first few questions, we focused on Jacki’s background with taking photos and what that looked like when her children were little.

This week, we’re going to focus on what Jacki has done as her kids grew older. It is our hope that these questions and answers will inspire you and help you navigate the sometimes-difficult process of photographing tweens and teens.


Capturing the moment. Life speeds by at such a crazy pace. I want to just capture the now. I want to look back and remember these things. I’ve always worked outside the home because the nature of our work and ministry, so I know I have to be conscious and deliberate about enjoying each season of their lives. I’m so grateful I work in a school so that I see my kids, their friends, and all their events and activities. We’ve also been privileged to travel some in this region of the world, so there are those special moments I want to “freeze” forever. I try to keep up with digital scrapbooking, posting photos in albums on Facebook for my family, and printing photos for albums. My kids spend hours every summer looking through those photo albums at my mom’s house. That’s when I know it’s really all worth it.

When they were in elementary school, I served as the class mom. That gave me opportunity to take photos of field trips, parties, dress-up days, and more. As they’ve gotten older, I have less photos of their lives during school. I also miss things just by nature of them being older, more independent, and at friends’ houses or out and about. I often download photos from Facebook which I sometimes use for scrapping or printing. They’ve also gotten to the point of taking their own photos, including selfies, so that I can still see and share in the moment. My oldest has a GoPro now so it’s fun to see the world through his perspective. My middle one has her own DSLR and has a real knack for nature photography, and my youngest does a terrific job with her iTouch and is especially cognizant of getting photos for mom!

It’s very rare for them to say no, but my son did a few times early in high school where he just didn’t want me there. I didn’t push it as I know it can feel invasive and embarrassing. Thankfully it was for little things so it really was no loss. Sometimes my timing wasn’t great, or we were in a rush, but I can usually convince them because they know it’s worth it and later they’ll be glad to have the photo. The times I can sense their irritation is when I have to keep taking a photo because I can’t get the lighting right, or my settings are off. Maybe something will happen that I have to retake a photo because something gets in the way. I’ve watched other kids tell their moms ‘no’ or ‘enough,’ but I’m so grateful that my kids are patient and understand. I think they know how much it means to me. Photos are my love language. They seem to recognize and respect that and I dearly love them for it!

I take thousands of photos of kids a month, for the school website, publications, athletics Facebook page, and more. I always let kids know that I won’t post a bad or embarrassing photo. I edit all my photos and I do remove blemishes and pimples. I feel that those things are temporary and I’m not altering what the kid really looks like. Kids love that! They are more than happy to look good. I’ve never had a kid ask me to remove a photo. For my kids, I let them know. If it’s a really goofy photo or slightly unflattering, I’ll have them look at it before I post. I only tag kids after age 13 and when they have their own FB page. We have some guidelines at school which I use for school photos as well. For my own kids, we’ve talked at length, and frequently, about online safety. They use their real names on FB but carefully monitor their settings. When applying to college, both my older kids had nothing to be ashamed of on their FB pages and didn’t have to remove anything before a rep took a look. My daughters are careful about beach and swim photos and I think those are lifetime skills they’ve learned. Photos communicate who we are, the people we love, and the activities we’re passionate about. I can see that in my kids’ photos.

Keep snapping often! My kids’ friends all know me. They know I take photos. When I come, they’re happy to pose and cooperate for a photo. They often ask me to take photos. It helps me see a more dimensional view of my kids lives and to know their friends a little more too. My girls really love photo shoots. They’re time consuming and often not my favorite thing to do, but they end up with lots of photos with friends in places with special memories. They use the photos to wish a friend a happy birthday, or tell someone they miss them, they post them on their bedroom mirrors, in their lockers. My son never wanted a photo shoot, but he definitely appreciated all those sports photos, team pics, holding up trophies and medals, and those photos he has in his college dorm room. I wouldn’t underestimate kids’ appreciation for photos. I certainly wish I had more of me as a teenager! At least ask, and keep asking. You never know when all of a sudden they’ll appreciate it.

This might sound terrible, but I don’t follow anyone. I work full-time, do lots of volunteer work, and try to keep up with my kids, so I have precious little time to be checking things out online. Not only that, but the standard can be unrealistic. I’ve never taken a photography course. I’m truly just a “mom with a camera.” I keep things very simple and only use PSE with minimal editing. There is really only one person that I regularly go to – partly because I know and appreciate her and she taught me how to digiscrap, and partly because she is inspiring and her family is adorably real – Janet Phillips. (I’m not lying! ) The only feed I follow on Instagram is National Geographic and I “like” a local photographer on FB who takes gorgeous photos of the island. That’s it!

It’s Always a Good Friday

Celebrate Easter with Jenn Labre’s sweet new kit, Hippity Hop! On sale for 20% off this weekend.


For a short time, 50% off Heather T.’s “Little Princess” collection!


Melissa has a new tutorial for you. The refine selection brush helps make precise selections. You can use them to edit specific areas of your photo – say where there’s a shadow you need to remove. It is also helpful for creative scrappers who love extractions (erasing the background of a photo), or when you want to merge photos or papers. Learn how to use the refine selection brush! And check out Melissa’s tutorial on
fixing a distracting background?


Liz just released her latest in her Month Re-cap series and Weekly Life series. These are great for reviewing your month and scrapping weekly pages. They are all 20% off through 3/27.


Studio Wendy has updated her book on the business of designing for new practices. It has a new commercial use grab bag and a few new interviews. It’s on sale for 1 week only!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady’s April Salutations are perfect for documenting happiness and friendship in a variety of creative projects. Perfect for digital and/or hybrid scrapbooks, planners, journals, stationery, note cards, mini albums, and more! The files comes in a wide range of sizes including; 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, 6×4, 6×8, A4, letter, and 12×12. More than 60 digital files are included!


If cooking is not your passion and if you have a sense of humor, then you’ll love Blagovesta’s new kit Eat.Pray.Laugh!


Free Photo Effects from Google

Today, Google announced that they are giving away NIK Collection for free! This set of pro tools is well-known in photographer circles and offers many powerful effects including awesome noise reduction. Rumor has it that these previously paid apps may no longer be updated, but for now, they are yours to use for free! If you bought NIK in the past year, they are processing a refund. I’m excited to try the noise reduction filter and the Lightroom plugins. If you try it, let us know how you like it!

Font plus Layer Style for Titles

Font plus Layer Style for Titles

When I see a scrapbook page, the title is often the first thing that catches my eye. I love good title work! I also happen to find making my own titles really challenging. Luckily, we have a lot of different options for creating titles in digital scrapbooking.

A Lot of Great Title Options

The most obvious option for title work is perhaps using alphas. Many kits includes alphas and there are certainly a lot for sale individually. Some scrapbookers are masters at mixing alphas to make truly unique and creative titles. But, I don’t think I’m alone in finding alphas hard to work with on pages! When they work, they work though. Check out these tutorials for working with alphas:

My usual go-to for scrapbook titles is pre-made word art. Beautiful word art is enough to make me purchase a kit. In fact, I am often inspired by word art to create a page on the same topic as the word art! Sometimes though the word art included in a kit doesn’t go with the theme of my page. In those cases, I find it helpful to make my own word art strips:

Font + Styles = Winning Combination

But, by far, the easiest and fastest titles for me are made using nothing more than a pretty font and pairing it with a Photoshop Style (or two). I already own 1000+ fonts so it is a pretty safe bet that I’ll have one font that will suit my title and page design. Over the years I have also collected a fair number of Photoshop styles. If you are new to Photoshop styles, check out:

Here are a few example titles that I made using the same font (League Spartan) and various layer styles that I have purchased over the years:

Supplies: Papers from My Life Online which is a TDD member exclusive kit. Drop Shadows are by One Little Bird Designs. All other styles are by Mommyish Designs as listed in the graphic.

It’s amazing how many different looks can be created using Photoshop styles! Best of all, it is easy to test out dozens of style options just by clicking the different styles until you find one you like.

Do you have a go-to title trick?

Pocket Poppers & Templates


We are so thrilled to have Tangie Baxter with us again at The Daily Digi. Tangie is one of those people that make me want to let go of all my perfect lines and squared edges and just let the paint fly. I get so excited and inspired every time I look at her products. Her pocket poppers and templates are perfect for the inner artist who is waiting to unleash themselves!

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Tangie Baxter’s contribution:


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; BE by Tangie Baxter; Fonts: Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by SharonS. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; Fonts: Wish I Were Taller, The Sharon.


Layout by LulyG. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; Memory Pockets Monthly Magic Alpha by Allison Pennington; Font: KG Loves You Through It.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; Stamped Cork Styling #152 by Mommyish Designs.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


I live in the bright sunshiney state of Arizona with my talented hubby who makes all the journals in our Etsy shop, my eighteen year old daughter who is preparing to leave on a mission for our church. I have a beautiful studio in my home that I work and teach from. I’m a collector of all things artsy and truly love the thrill of the hunt at thrift & antique stores!



The Art Journal caravan has meant a lot to me over the years and after taking a year off from it I really truly missed it. This was the first page that I created for the return of the Caravan in 2016. It really captured everything I was feeling at that exact moment in time. I feel whole again with the Caravan back in my life.


SUPPLIES: January Collection 2016 by Tangie Baxter.


I have been paper scrapping since I was about twelve or so! Then I got to that stage of my life that I sort of lost interest in and became a collector of scrapbooking supplies, but never did anything with them. Then I came across art journaling in 2003 and fell in love but didn’t make it a priority in my life until much later. In the spring of 2007 I found out about DIGITAL scrapbooking. I can STILL picture me sitting there with a silly grin on my face not believing what I was seeing! It was love at first pixel and I knew it was for me. I immediately bought Photoshop CS2 and cried myself through learning how to use it. I can laugh about it now, but there weren’t many resources on how to use the program for digital scrapbooking back then. By the fall of 2007, I opened my own store and was determined to quit my day job! Somewhere in the fall of 2009 I realized I could combine my love of art journaling with digital and my life has never been the same since then! The last almost nine years have been some of the most amazing of my life and I’m so grateful each and everyday that I was led down this path in my life and I’m ecstatic for the future.


There is just something deep down inside of me that is called to create! So everywhere I go I’m looking at things, moments, passing thoughts and wondering how I can incorporate it into my artwork. I’m a little magpie collecting ethereal thoughts and tucking them into a nest to work on later. Wow, see? Just writing that makes me want to run create an art journal page with that imagery.


Computer: Computer: I’m still working with my same computer, it’s been a long road together so far! It’s an HP 570f, it has a AMD II 1090T 3.20GHZ processor; 16 GB of Ram and a 2TB hard drive with windows 7-64 bit. I also have two HP2711x LED 27 inch Monitors which I adore!

Program: I use Photoshop Creative Cloud, Artrage, 7zip and Renamer by Den4b

Camera: An iPHone 5s! I have given up on trying to be a photographer (for now) and just enjoy my life through the lens of the camera phone that goes with me everywhere

Anything Else: I’ve got four 2TB external hard drives (various brands) that still doesn’t seem like enough storage..


A notebook! A planner! A something! I carry one with me everywhere I go. I find as I get older I forget things (and fast too!). Having a notebook to jot down my ideas and random thoughts has been incredible. Plus now I have all these really neat notebooks full of “random thoughts by tangie”, the are an invaluable resource and seem to be a part of me now.


The Art Journal Emporium is by far my favorite product I’ve ever created and now in 2016 I’m also hosting the Art Journal Caravan and it is INCLUDED in the Emporium! It’s spectacular! It’s a whole new workshop experience, it’s like a street fair–there is so much to do and try and something for everyone. It’s just one of those things you have to try to really be able to see everything that is included!



Planners are all the rage right now! This product took off at the beginning of the year, we had so much fun creating our calendars that I just kept making products to give to students and my Creative team just kept creating tutorials! We’ve now created converters and printables for over 6 planner systems. It’s so addicting and we just can’t stop! The live portion of the class is over but you can still get ALL the exclusive goodies that came with the class and you will receive access to the archived classroom where you can talk to other students.


Here are some of my favorite products by Tangie Baxter:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Tangie Baxter’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Use coupon code DD25 for 25% off any order. Please use on products by Tangie Baxter only. Expires 4/30/2016.

Go have a look in Tangie Baxter’s store! We will randomly select TWO winners to win $10 in product! All winners will be selected through the Rafflecopter widget below. There are several ways to enter and you can do ALL of them to gain more entries for yourself!

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