Tone on Tone Title

Tone on Tone Title

When you want a title on your page, but you don’t want it to overwhelm your design, using a subtle tone-on-tone colour trick can help.

Here are a few different ways to achieve a tone-on-tone title on your digital scrapbook pages.

Shadowed Paper

I typed out my title in a large font, filling all of the white space on the page. I clipped the same off-white paper that I had used on the background to the text, and shadowed it using my usual paper shadow settings. The shadow gives it just a bit of separation from the background, but overall the look is still uncluttered even though the page itself it full.

Slightly Darker Text

I wanted a simple typed title on this page, but when I used a dark font or red or yellow font, it threw off the balance of the design. To solve this problem, I changed the colour of the title font to the background colour (using the eye dropper tool) and then manually adjusted it to be just a tiny bit darker. It is a subtle title, but definitely there.


Like above, I typed out the title in a similar colour font, just slightly darker. On this page though I added a slight letterpress effect. If letterpress is new to you, Janet did a post about achieving it in PSE here. There are also commercial use letterpress PS styles available for purchase.

I hope some of these title tips help you on a future page. Happy scrapping!