Using Journaling Cards to add Text to Your Photos

After finally editing more than 500 photos from our family’s trip to Florida in December, I am ready to put the photos into an album from Adorama Pix. I don’t want or need to have dozens of scrapbook pages from this one week and yet I want to have most of the photos available for us to look at. That’s where albums are such a great option. I’ll have a few scrapped pages from our trip in our family scrapbook, but the bulk of the images will be in their own book. I’ll use my Scrap Your Year templates because I have found over and over again that they make putting an album together quick and painless.

Because I don’t plan to add paper and elements to my pages, I did want to do something to add a little style to my book. Adding text over photos is a simple and yet powerful addition. To make it easy (and because typography isn’t one of my strong suits), I used some of the many journaling cards I have in my digi stash.

For this photo, I used a card by Kristin Cronin-Barrow from her Life Stories: Girl kit (no longer available). Using my magic wand tool, I simply chose the text and put it on its own layer and added it to my photo.

In this next example, I used two different cards from the Little Boys kit in this month’s Digi Files. Again, I just extracted the text with my magic wand tool and placed them on my photo.

For this photo, I used a card from Kristin Cronin-Barrow’s Once Upon a Summer: Chilling Cards. I placed the card over my photo, enlarging it to the same width as my image. I lowered the opacity to about 75% and changed the blending mode to overlay.

This image, using a card from the Free 2B Me kit from this month’s Digi Files, was created with another simple extraction. After placing the text on my photo, I added a white layer and used a clipping mask to change the text to white. I then lowered the opacity until I was happy with it.

For this image, I extracted the text from the card that was part of the Little Boys kit from this month’s Digi Files. I then played around with the opacity and blending modes. I eventually cut apart the text into different layers so I could center justify the words. I then added a slight outer glow to the “adventure” layer and I used my burn tool to darken the sky/clouds directly beneath so that the word would stand out more.

Here are a few more I made for my album:

Putting together my trip album is going to be fast, easy, and fun. And with these easy text treatments, it’s going to look great too!

What about you? Have you found great ways to use your journaling cards?