Back To Real Life

I was sitting with a young mother, her toddlers surrounding her, talking about her upcoming birth of baby number four. We were talking about the beauty of what’s real versus the image we have in our minds of what life “should” look like. We spoke of the real possibility of resenting your entire life if you can’t see the beauty in what’s real.

In my Photo Goals for 2016 post, I shared my desire to get back to taking photos of real life. I love shooting pretty much anything, but the most joy is found in the photos that aren’t planned and aren’t staged. I love taking pictures of our everyday life!

The first week of January was a good reminder of why I love these kinds of photos so much. Ages and stages change, but the photos and the scrapbook pages I create help preserve the moment and the feeling.

I’m so glad to be back to real life.

What about you? How did your first week of the new year go? Are you making progress in your memory keeping goals?