Digital Scrapbooking On Your iPhone: Beyond Pocket Pages!

Please note, the apps below are available on both Android and iPhone, however, this post was made using an iPhone. I have not tested on Android.

I’ve been an avid follower of Steph’s phonebooking posts since she started, and her recent post about the updates in the app Over, and the mention of being able to possible do a traditional layout got me very excited to scrap beyond (my very loved) Project Life App! Just like many things in the digi-world, there are many ways to scrap on your phone. Here’s my work flow.

1. Get My Supplies On My Phone

I get my supplies on my phone by going into the Dropbox app and saving to my camera roll the elements and papers I’d like to use. I store all my supplies in Dropbox, and I am a kit scrapper, so I just navigate to the folder that holds the kit, and scroll through my options. If you tap on a file, you can swipe through your elements or papers. Typically, just like I do on my laptop, I just grab all the things I really like from a kit and save them on my camera roll. When I am done with my page, I delete the papers and elements from my phone. (The originals are safe in Dropbox and I don’t like having extra stuff in my camera roll.)

2. Build My Base Page, If I Want One

What do I mean by base page? I mean either the pocket pages (doing a grid in Project Life, Photogrid or a similar app) OR doing a blended/artsy background- which is my style (which I do using Photoshop Mix App)

For this page, I really liked the picture I had of my husband and daughter looking at the Christmas Tree, so I enlarged it and played around with blending modes until I got an effect I liked.

3. Build My Page In Over

Now that I’ve got my funky background page, I’ll open it in Over and add my elements, journaling, drop shadows, etc- just like I do in Photoshop! (Or if you like, just open Over and start scrapping!)

I just click the + sign and choose image, text or any other option Over has (like doodles!). You can see all the png elements you saved from Dropbox to your camera roll, or if you want a jpg, just hit view all to get your entire camera roll to choose from. The process is very similar to the computer: there are layers, blending modes, drop shadows… The only thing there is NOT: transforming elements free form (if it’s a square paper- it’s staying square), clipping and a biggie- YOU CAN’T SAVE THIS FILE. In other words, once you quit Over, you can’t reopen the app and find an editable version of your page, with layers. I highly recommend periodically saving your page to your camera roll as you go- if your app crashes, your whole page will be gone an you’ll have to recreate it. (Ask me how I know!)

My journaling font I chose for this page is my handwriting in cursive. You can upload your own fonts into Over by using an app called Any Font (only for iPhone)

4. Save & Share My Finished Page

I have a shared photo stream on my iPhone where I share my scrapbooks with my husband and friends. So I post there, and also on Flickr. I have an IFTTT set up to then save a copy to my Dropbox. And that’s all!