Ringing out 2015

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I love the kits this month! Thank you for always bringing us the BEST in digi! – Amber O.

Another excellent month with awesome designers! I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see what’s in store for December. I know the kits will be gorgeous! – Anne S.

A great month for me…getting my 48th month! Thank you Daily Digi. – Cheryle

Here’s a closer look at everything that is included this month:

Janet Phillips

Created by Jill


Libby Pritchett

Scrapping With Liz

Bella Gypsy

Etc by Danyale

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The Plan vs Reality: Recapping the Scrapping

Back in January I posted my plans for scrapbooking in 2015. So, the question is… How did it go?

A Time to Scrapbook

My #ScrappingSunday and Wednesday afternoons were a success. Although I didn’t scrapbook every single week – they were a great fall back plan. In fact I often ended up doing some other kind of creative activity even if I didn’t scrapbook.

I completed Layout a Day challenges in both February (28 layouts) and October (31 layouts) this year. So that plan worked! I will say that I didn’t scrap much in March and November though, I was a bit worn out!

During both those months I scrapbooked mostly from my ‘to do’ list but if a specific prompt inspired me I ran with that too.

Projects to Scrapbook

Baby Albums

One of my goals for 2015 was to finish my third child’s baby book. I created about 10 pages to finish Lucy’s baby album. I even managed to get it printed before she was 13 months old!

You can read more about my approach to baby albums here.

This success was huge for me, especially as we found out in May that we were expecting baby number 4, who is due to arrive any time now!

I will be adding another baby book to my to do list in 2016!

Recurring Pages

In my post earlier this year, I listed some of the family event pages that are my family’s favourites. Let’s see how I did:

Birthday Pages

2015 06 21 First birthday Party_7200
20130602 Emily 4 party_7200
20130602 Emily 4 birthday_3600
201406 Emily 5th birthday b_7200
20150428 Edward 3rd birthday at home_3600
20150427 Edward 3rd birthday party DSLR_7200

Week in the Life

I changed my plan and went back to traditional digi-scrapping for Week in the Life this year rather than the app. As it turned out I was very ill that week on top of morning sickness so I scrapped just four pages out of 14. BUT, I did blog my photos and words.
20150809 Sunday_600_L 20150809 Sunday_600_RLOAD1 20150810 Monday 7200

December ‘Not So’ Daily/Christmas Album

My aim was to complete my 2014 Christmas album this year. I did manage about 30 layouts, and looking back have just got two more events I want to include.
December Daily 2014

I’ve been also working on my 2015 December Daily Album.

You Right Now

I created one page for Edward…

and one for Lucy with the Project Life App.

Usually I include a lot more journalling on my pages, but I’m not going to complain about two pages of cute photos!

Family Photo Pages

I made two layouts with our family photos.
201501 family

Love your Daddy

Layouts for fun!

Other topics I scrapbooked this year included:

  • Almost a whole album of memorabilia in Project Life pockets
  • Books I love
  • TV shows
  • Decorating our home
  • Parties the children attended
  • Sleep routines over the years
  • Start of school photos for 2014 and 2015
  • A gift album for a friend’s baby
  • Easter 2014 & 2015
  • Mother’s day 2015
  • 4 pages about me and my husband, events, stories and the early years.

Grand Total: 112 Layouts

This represents probably 200 hours scrapbooking, organizing and uploading my layouts. That’s a lot of time, so I want to make sure I enjoy every minute of it. To keep it fun, I set myself some dos and don’ts…

Do’s and Don’ts

What I don’t do

What I don’t do when the time comes to scrapbook is almost as important as what I do. To give you an idea, here’s what I don’t do when it’s time to scrap:

What I Do

  • Look a my list of page ideas (I write them down when inspiration strikes)
  • Open Photoshop Elements Organizer
  • Pull some photos out and edit them with Radlab if needed
  • Open my supplies catalog
  • Browse recent kit previews
  • Choose one
  • Scrapbook
  • Run a save action to save my pages for print and web
  • Upload them to the Daily Digi’s Digital Scrapbooking Flickr Group to share the inspiration!

What I’ll Change


One thing I didn’t do this year was print as many layouts as I’d like. I had a bit of an intervention from Jennifer Wilson in this podcast episode. So I did order about 100 pages of my completed layouts from Persnickety Prints. I filled another few albums with them! I also printed Lucy’s first year album a few times for gifts.

I will set aside time to get my pages printed in 2016. In fact, I’m adding a recurring event in my Google calendar right now!

On the list to be printed as photobooks are:

  • 2013 December Daily
  • 2014 Week in the Life
  • 2014 December Daily
  • 2015 Week in the Life


My scrapbooking, photo management and supplies processes are still working well for me so I’m going to keep using the same basic process.

The key for me is automation. I need my computer to do the heavy lifting for me: importing photos, supplies, tagging, face recognition, color based searches etc.

You can learn more about how I manage my photos and supplies in my classes here at the Daily Digi.


I need to balance between the fun of community projects and my own ability to finish what I start. One thing I learned from Week in the Life was that I do better keeping up with daily projects when I have a pre-defined design. Although my creative self longs to run free, I tend to enjoy a finished project more than a super creative one. So I’ve already implemented that idea with my December Daily 2015, and am using Janet’s templates the came with the Digi Files this month. I will keep this in mind for my future projects too.

Planning for 2016

With a newborn in the house scrapbooking may take a back seat for the first few weeks of the year, but I am aiming to scrap another few albums worth of pages in 2016.

The main elements of my plan are:

  • Making time – and setting reminders in my calendar.
  • Keeping a running list of page ideas – so I always have a page idea on hand for challenges like Layout a Day.
  • Printing my pages – so my family and I can enjoy them.
  • Shopping my stash – to save time and money.
  • Choosing simple designs for daily projects – so I don’t spend all year working on Week in the Life!
  • Done is better than perfect – In the end I love having more pages rather than the ‘perfect’ page.
  • Keep it fun – Even with a bit of planning, scrapbooking can still be fun! I keep things light and breezy and still love scrapbooking!

What’s important to you for your scrapbooking? Make sure you include time and space for your favourite parts in your plans.

Ready to Go?

So what do you think about planning your scrapping? Ready to give it a go in 2016?

A Few End of Year Deals

Here are a few special deals for you on this special Funtastic Friday on Tuesday!

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Treat yourself to some holiday goodness during the final days of Created by Jill’s Holiday Sale! Kits, Collections and some super fun Holiday Mishap Word Bits. You don’t want to miss this!


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Save 72% on 16 aA DigitalART products in this new Christmas ValuePack.


Let’s celebrate 2016 scrapping our resolutions and expectations with This Year I will kit, full of gorgeous papers and elements for amazing layouts.


Chelle: “I just want to thank everyone for their love, friendship, & support!”


Wendy is on vacation this week, but she’s re-released her classes formerly sold at The Learning Loft and Scrapaneers, on sale through 12/31!


See you for more fun in 2016!

A New Year of Memory Keeping

Friday starts a new year. 2016. It’s really hard to believe! Another new year filled with hopes, dreams, and memories to be made (and only nine more year until I can open that time capsule my husband and I buried on New Year’s Eve 1999!)

As you start thinking about your memory making and memory keeping activities, why don’t you take a look at some of our popular new year posts. Get those wheels spinnin’!

Quickly Creating a Year-in-Review Album

Making Memories 366 Days This Year

A Year in Review

Truly Inspirational

Photo Goals for the New Year

It’s Not Too Late for a Happy New Year

Memory Keeping in the New Year

Clearing Your Life

It’s that time of year again…the time when we make lists and goals and resolutions. Unfortunately, what often happens is that we try to squeeze all of this newness into an already filled and overflowing life. Everything is chaotic and yet we somehow convince ourselves that this is the year we are going to get serious about those goals and dreams.

Believe me. I’ve been there.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits gives some great advice for the New Year.

In his post he lists 12 different areas of life that need to be cleared for the coming year, things like clearing clutter from around the home and clearing your inbox.

If you want to start the new year off right, why not tie up those loose ends on the year coming to an end? You’ll be glad you did.

Read the rest of Leo’s post HERE

Christmas is Over: Now Get Scrapping!

  • The presents are unwrapped.
  • The food has been eaten.
  • The toys have been played with.
  • The movies have been watched.

This magical time of the year is drawing to a close. But now that the busyness is over, it’s time to get scrapping. The hardest part of all of this just might be trying to choose which kits to use. There are just so many!

A quick spin around digiland showed me just how much talent is in our community. I chose just a few of my favorites. Hopefully these products will inspire you to get those photos downloaded and those memories preserved!

All product images are linked for your shopping convenience!

Happy Scrapping!

Last Minute Memory Maker: REINDEER FOOD

It’s Christmas Eve and most of us are busy with last minute shopping, stuffing stockings, baking up a storm, and trying to make sure tomorrow is the most magical day of the year.

However, if you find your all-too-organized-and-on-top-of-it-all self with presents all wrapped and cookies all baked, don’t despair. You can add just a little bit more magic to your day with

It’s such a small and silly way to have fun with the kids before the big day. It isn’t a new idea but there are a lot of fun examples and ideas out there. It’s a quick activity that can give the little ones something to do other than ask you fifteen more times if it is Christmas yet.

Here are a few of the ideas I found online. Choose one and add some extra magic to your day!

Images are linked to original source

Or, for some fun alternatives, why not try Grinch Dust or Reindeer Poop?

Year In Review List

Year In Review List

As 2015 is winding down, it is the perfect time of year to jot down some quick facts about you, your interests and the world.

If you look below, you’ll see that I have started a quick list of facts that I would like to remember. I’m going to save my completed list on Google Docs. I may even turn it into a scrapbook page later. It would be a great scrapbook page to close an album!

In 2015…

Me in 2015

My age

My job (or school grade)

Where I live

My family

# of years married

My pets

My social media presence

# of pictures taken

Big Events and Activities in 2015

Trips taken

Family changes

Sports played

Entertainment in 2015

Best TV show

Favourite musician

The catchiest song

Best book

Best movie

Notable Oscar winners

Favourite toys

The World in 2015

Memorable news story

Population of our hometown

The price of a loaf of bread

The price of gas

The leader of our country

Food in 2015

Favourite restaurant

Favourite home-cooked dinner

Best chocolate bar

Please share other items that you’d add to your Year In Review list in the comments section below. It might help somebody else to capture a fact or memory.

Taking A Kit in New Directions

SUPPLIES: Make It Count by Bella Gypsy, Great Things Ahead by Created by Jill, Game Night by Etc. by Danyale, Be Cozy by Libby Pritchett, Holiday Cookies by mleCard; Font: WZ You Are Endearing.

A single kit or template can inspire a wealth of different stories! Sometimes simply isolating colors or sub-dividing elements or papers into themes, you can go beyond the obvious and get more out of your products.

I sat down with this month’s kits and brainstormed some additional ways to use them.

mleCard’s Holiday Cookies

So the obvious match here is a layout about our favorite holiday treats! But, this kit is so much more. Emily included a set of adorable paper dolls for printing and playing with. Or, dress up your doll digitally for a layout about fashion. There’s even a sweater for scrapping about the ugly sweater craze. The bright colorful papers would work great for party invitations or carnival pages too. Any story related to a sweet, darling kiddo would fit perfectly with this sweet, darling kit!

Libby Pritchett’s Be Cozy
This kit may have been designed as a winter kit, but it screamed beach to me! The sandy browns and seafoam greens along with wood accents would be perfect for a holiday beach page. Remove the snow elements and you’re left with a very versatile color palette that would be great for boy layouts too. And, the alphas in this kit are gorgeous! They could go on any page.

etc by Danyale’s Game Night
This kit is so fun, that scrapping your family game nights would be as much of a blast as the game night itself! But, you can take those game elements even further. Use the vintage puzzle pieces for pages about family secrets. Or, whip up a great boy page using the arrow, buttons, frames and snakes.

Created By Jill’s Great Things Ahead
This is a kit about looking forward. But the fabulous blue and purple color scheme, with paint and grungy accents mean it will work for so many other things. I could see a fantastic heritage page coming out of this kit, as well as a sweet girl page. Or, perhaps an art journaling “all about me” kind of page because I do love purple!

Bella Gypsy’s Make It Count
This kit has some great word art to use as a starting point. But, you can also sort out these elements by colors to get a great boy page, a great girl page or a really fun clustered page with all the colors. The patterns and elements are classic in this kit, so it can be used with almost any story you want to tell! And, the neutral grey alpha can be used over and over along side other kits.

Scrapping With Liz’s Paper Cut Out Templates
For some reason, when I look at these templates I think construction zone, school art projects, travel, new year’s and beyond! With spots for so many paper strips on these, they can be taken in so many directions depending on the kit you use. The confetti adds some whimsy, though, so it makes me think of fun and lighthearted stories. And, the arrows and angles lend itself to both boy and girl pages.

Janet’s Christmas Album
Janet intended this album for a documenting-December-type project. But
this template set is so perfect in it’s simplicity that it can be used
for so much more! Use it to make a monthly summary of 2015. Slip each
summary in front of your chronological pages in an album, or have it
printed up in a photobook for family and friends. This album would also
work great for a baby book! Just plop in those beautiful squishy baby
pictures and dress it up with little boy or little girl kit. These
simple grids work great for weekly layouts too. Not into pocket pages,
but want to document some everyday photos or moments. You can do that
with these too!

What do you see when you look at these products? Do you use themed kits for totally different pages?

Be sure to stop by these featured designers’ stores to grab more awesome kits like these!