GAME CHANGER: The Best Digital Scrapbooking Tool Is The One You Have With You (all the time)

Supplies used to make my own journal cards on my phone

Supplies by Chelles Creations

I’ve been a digital scrapbooker since fall of 2003. That’s a long time. I’ve seen huge changes during that time. A few years ago, we saw a shift in what cameras people were using the most. Someone started using the phrase, “The best camera is the one you have with you,” it’s so true, and it’s stuck. My primary camera has become my phone, because it’s always with me. I have no shame in that.

I think we are in the beginning stages of seeing the same shift with what we use to digi scrap and document our memories! A shift to using the tools that are always with us…our phones! I’ve always dreamed of using any supplies we want, created by our favorite designers, and any fonts we own, to create fabulous scrapbook pages ON OUR PHONES AND ON THE GO!

My dreams have come true!!

I’ve been an Over (iPhone version; Android version) user for a long time (read my original post about it for the backstory and directions for installing fonts). Over time though, other apps were becoming easier to use and doing the things I wanted/needed better, so I got away from using it.

October 21st, I got an email that Over, that after THREE YEARS there was a BIG update. This past week, I finally had time to play and put the Over App to the test to see if I really could do everything I wanted/needed. Would I be able to create layouts and journaling cards, from scratch, in the app?? Guess what!? It was successful in a BIG way!

The Over App is like having Photoshop in your purse or pocket! Except, there is no learning curve! It’s FAST, it’s easy, it’s mobile! I can now scrapbook on my phone USING ANY SUPPLIES AND FONTS I want!!!! This is exciting! This is HUGE! This IS a game changer!!

Why Over?

I’ve used A LOT of apps to document memories on my phone over the past year. Over 3.0 is truly the EASIEST to use, the quickest, and allows the most CONTROL and FREEDOM! Here are the things I LOVE about it:

  • Install and use any fonts I want for journaling and title work in the app
  • LAYERING (and work within the layers at any time)
  • Use different fonts on one canvas or layout (multiple text boxes)
  • Complete control on colors of fonts and png files (there is a color selection tool, so you can select colors from the items on your canvas)
  • Complete control over typography: line spacing, character spacing, color, opacity, drop shadows, etc.
  • I can edit type, then edit a png on the same canvas, then go back to the type again (many apps will not let you do this).
  • Control over Drop Shadows: direction, blur, color, opacity
  • Nudging (the app zooms in and lets you nudge items and it works fabulously); I was never frustrated by trying to get things positioned exactly where I wanted them.
  • Erasing parts of a png
  • Resizing of pngs on the canvas
  • Exports high resolution files


I know, the first question is going to be about resolution, so let’s put that to rest now. Chari at Persnickety Prints has a GREAT article to help with terms and definitions. When I used a 12×12 (3600×3600) digital scrapbook paper as my background, it exported from the app at 3600×3600. When I brought in a 3600×3600 paper and then cropped it to the 2:3 (4×6) it exports at 2400×3600. The 4:3 (which I use for 4×3 journal cards), it exports at 2700×3600. That is an ample amount of pixels to print at 300dpi. (Again, read Chari’s article for clarification).

How Over works

Aaron, CEO and Designer at Over created a video walkthrough of Over 3.0 that shows how everything works. The app really is user friendly and intuitive, so I’m not going to do a step-by-step tutorial, but here are some tips I discovered while creating.

  • Save the items you want to use for creating, to your phone (I use Dropbox for this or my Photos app on my Mac that syncs via the cloud to my phone).
  • When selecting the canvas size (after selecting your background), tapping the arrow will change the orientation of the crop from landscape to portrait:

  • You can drag the corners to use a smaller portion of the paper, just remember, this will decrease the pixel dimensions as well.
  • You can reorder the layer stack by tapping the layers icon at the top and then dragging and dropping the layer order.
  • You can edit a layer that isn’t currently selected, just by tapping it.
  • When typing journaling, it looks like it’s not going to be proportional to the canvas, don’t worry, it will auto fit to the canvas and you will be able to resize and manipulate it. Don’t insert any returns or anything like that in the editing window.

After I make the journaling cards, I use the Project Life App to put my pages together. I also think complete digital pages could be created in the Over App very easily.

If you try Over for digi scrapping, let me know. If you have any questions, post them here, and I will be happy to help.

Here are some features I would still like to see in Over:

  • Dropbox Integration so I can access all of my folders and files in Dropbox and not have to save them to my phone first.
  • Photo Album Integration (because I like to keep all of my supplies in an album on my phone, it would be great to be able to just go to that album instead of having to go through all of the photos in the whole stream.
  • If I’m in the app using it, then go to Dropbox and save an image, the image doesn’t show up in my photos in the app. I have to close out the current canvas in order to access them. This is a bummer! This is the same case if I buy an add-on through the app.
  • I would like to be able to save editable versions of the canvases that I can open later and edit, as needed.
  • Digital designers’ products added to the Market Place, so I can buy them and use them in app 🙂

Do you see a shift taking place? Are you shifting how you create?