Inspiring Words: September 23 {free printable}

It’s time for another free printable. I’ve had so much fun creating and sharing these with you. Printing all of these about and packaging them together would make the sweetest gift for someone. I think I will do it!

I love this quote so much because I am so much of someone who second guesses themselves. I make a decision and then get scared when I think of all the “what it?” questions. I then stall. Then I stop completely. I need to remember that stepping out doesn’t cease to be scary once you do it. But if you dig it up in fear, it won’t ever grow.

Click HERE to download the card. Once you are in Dropbox, right click and choose download. Resize if necessary, print, write, and send! It only takes a few minutes to brighten someone’s day or to give yourself the reminder you need.

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