Breaking Up Journaling

Breaking Up Journaling

A lot of people find large blocks of text to be intimidating, even in the most reader-friendly of fonts and font size.

From time to time, I do like to do a lot of journaling on my scrapbook pages. How do I keep it from being “too much”? Usually I add headings or bold parts of the text to give the eye places to pause. My most used trick though is to break up the journaling into smaller pieces on the page.

Examples of Pages

On these pages, there isn’t actually a lot of journaling, but by splitting it up on the page, it moves the reader’s eye across the entire design. The journaling is now a design element and helps with the flow of the page.

On these pages, there is a bit more journaling and it is split roughly in half. Now the centre break gives the reader a chance to pause before moving on to the second half.

Do you break up journaling on scrapbook pages?