Real Life in Black & White

Real life is messy. I mean this in the metaphorical sense, but I also mean it in a very real sense. Life is messy. My house gets messy. The kids leave their stuff strewn all over creation. Pretty rooms with well-appointed furniture become covered with toys you know you told your kids to leave outside. Clothes you spent a small fortune on, imagining how cute the kids will look in them, get covered in spaghetti sauce and are paired with colors that should have never met. Yes, life is messy.

Sometimes I will admit to not wanting to take pictures due to how utterly imperfect ridiculous things/people look. And yet, you know I am all for capturing real life moments. Even if they aren’t perfect, they are real. And I want to remember real.

However, sometimes all of the crazy and color and mess can be very distracting from the photo. When you eye has to decide between competing colors and backgrounds, the moment you saw in your heart worth capturing can be easily lost.

That’s why sometimes, it’s best to do real life in black & white.

This past year we were living in a house that was fully furnished. It wasn’t my style and it didn’t have colors I liked. I found myself often not wanting to take pictures because I didn’t see the beauty. I had to keep reminding myself that the moments with my kids are where the beauty is. And so I would click, click, click. And then…I would turn my photos black and white.

When I removed the distracting and crazy colors, I was left with real life moments I truly wanted to remember. I am so thankful I live in a time when getting a black and white photo is as simple as clicking a preset in Lightroom. I can shoot in color and convert as desired. Problems solved.

What about you? Do you let the crazy keep you from capturing the moment?