Page Starters

Page Starters

I type my stories into a Google Docs file to use in scrapbooking later. It is SO helpful to have the stories ready to be documented in a creative way.

Currently, I have an abundance of summer photos and stories. For a scrapbooker, this is a good thing! Unfortunately, life in autumn gets pretty busy – sometimes too busy to do much memory-keeping. Because I have so many photos that I want to use in pages, I want to save my photos with my journaling so that they’re together and ready to be scrapbooked later. I created a simple Page Starter tool to use and I think it’s a great, simple approach to make scrapbooking faster.

Making a Page Starter

To make my Page Starter, I used some papers from the Daily Digi member exclusive kit My Life of Learning and put together this quick page, which I saved as a flattened JPG file. I included a space to save photos, add a working title, the story (journaling), and the date.

If you make a Page Starter for yourself, remember to include anything else that is really important to you – maybe a space for potential kits to use? Or some scrapbook inspiration?

Creating Page Starters

For each page that you want to make in the future, open up the flattened page starter and immediately resave it as a layered TIFF file (PSD would work as well) and give it a new name.

To make it easy to make a scrapbook page, add all of the photos that are needed and then type up the related story. Notice that my photos fall off the Page Starter — that’s okay. It’s a layered file and the entire photo is still ready to be used on my scrapbook page.

Here are a couple of Page Starters that I have made:

When you want to design a page, either just delete the Page Starter background or drag the photos and journaling onto a new canvas. Super easy and quick!