Layouts We Love June 2015

It’s time for another round of layouts we love!

Cruising through the layouts in our Flickr pool, I am once again blown away by the talent in our community. I’ve been in a bit of a scrapping funk lately, and haven’t felt motivated. But seeing all of these amazing layouts…WOW. Now I can’t wait to get scrapping!

Here are just a few of the layouts that caught my eye (images are linked to Flickr, “artist” links take you to the user profile.)

What’s not to adore about this sweet layout? The big newborn yawn, the doodled sheep, the soft polka dot paper…it’s all perfection! (artist)

Another adorable baby layout. I just love the pursed lips! The design on the page is so eye catching. I love the light colored background with all the pops of color. (artist)

This layout is just stunning. It’s the simplicity and the artistry together that make it so incredible. I love the texture on the background paper too. It’s so appropriate for an architectural page. (artist)

What a fantastic pocket page! I love the big weekly title and the simple right here, right now photos. (artist)

So, so, so beautiful! I love the fun background paper! I also love the atypical photo placement, building up from the bottom of the page. It looks like this little guy had a great summer! (artist)

This page is great for so many reasons. I love the simplicity of it, proving that great pages don’t have to take hours. Sometimes, a focus on the photos is just what is needed! Also, I adore the photos. I am a big fan of mom being in the photo, and I am sure these are pictures that will be treasured for a long time! (artist)

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has made pages in honor of her camera! I adore this page! The subject matter is awesome. The triangle design is so cool. The title work is stunning. And the pops of red completely catch the eye. (artist)

I had to do a double take when I saw this layout. And even then, I had to read the credits. That title can’t be digital, can it? I had to know. And yep, it is. Seriously incredible! The layout was already perfection all on it’s own, but the title takes it over the top! (artist)

Without fail, I always choose a layout by Kayleigh. I didn’t even recognize this one as hers, and yet, her creativity and style draw me in every time. I love this photo-centric page and how she captured so much of her daily life. (artist)

What a sweet page! I love the little guy there with his pole, and I love how all of the elements and page design just draw your eye right to him. So cute! (artist)

Since camping is pretty much my favorite thing ever, I couldn’t help but notice this awesome page. Not only that, but there is a pug in the picture, and right now I am missing my pug so much I just want to print this page out and hang it on my wall. Such adorableness all around! (artist)

It’s easy to only scrap about all the good things in our lives, but the tough times are just as much of a part of us. I love this layout because not only is it incredibly visually appealing, but also because it is just so real. Financial struggles are common and they stress and stretch us in ways we couldn’t imagine. I love the raw honesty of this page and wish I saw more like it. (artist)