Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene

I’m a big fan of plain backgrounds, usually a card stock in white or some other light colour. I use light backgrounds so often that my first step in page design is to select the lightest paper in a kit. It’s just so easy, fits with my style and makes the design pop.

It works for me.

…except when it doesn’t work!

Here’s a page I made recently. I selected a nice light beige background. That page is ok, but I felt like it lacked oomph. (I believe that’s a technical design term.)

So I pulled in another photo from the same place and kept it big — filling the entire background. I lowered the opacity of the layer a smidgen (to 88%) to soften it a bit.

Much better!

Big photos, especially as backgrounds, add visual context to scrapbooked memories. I like this version a lot more. The page brings me right back to that day on the beach.