Repetition Repetition Repetition


Around here, the end of the school year is in sight and with that comes a lot of activities! There are barbecues, play dates, parties, and end-of-year activities. I am looking forward to some lazy summer days ahead!

With that in mind I decided to scrap a little memory from last summer.

Enjoy Your View

Every year we visit with the kids’ grandparents in the summer. The kids love it and I know they’re making special memories. I try to take as many pictures as I can while we’re there. And then, naturally, I scrapbook them!

Repetition in Design

When my life is busy and I don’t have a lot of time for scrapbooking, I find that giving myself a mini-challenge actually helps me focus on being creative which in turns helps me to unwind. I went through The Daily Digi archives and found this gem about the design principle of repetition.

What a great challenge! I chose to pick one shape and repeat it on my page many times. My favourite shape lately is the half-circle so that’s what I used.

I repeated four rows of half-circles across the page. (I offset the rows slightly.)Then I selected all of the half-circles and arranged them on an angle. I like angled pages because it gives a bit of motion and playfulness to the page.

I clipped paper to each half-circle. I only used a few of the papers available in the kit and repeated them all at least three times. I think that on this page using too many papers would have been a bit chaotic, especially since the design is relying on repetition to make it work.

I added a big photo over top of the repeated half-circles and then a floral cluster for some dimension.

Look back on your completed pages — how do you play with repetition in your designs?