Liquify—Your New Best Friend

I don’t know about you, but I hate pictures of myself! I am my own worst critic. But, with my new baby, and the lack of pictures of me as a child with my mom, I have a new imperative to get in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time I ask my husband to snap a picture when I am feeling absolutely gorgeous, and the resulting still image doesn’t capture my feeling. This is when photoshop comes to the rescue. There is nothing wrong with a little light photoshopping! The photo is supposed to capture the moment- and sometimes a small detail can distract from that.

In the example below, I felt like a peaceful, glowing new mom when my one month old was sleeping soundly on me. I asked my husband to grab the good camera and snap a picture. Unfortunately, my head is at an awkward angle giving me a double chin, I wish my hair looked like I washed it, and my tank top is doing something strange. What I wanted to capture was not captured! So it’s time for some editing.

First the easy stuff: I cropped and converted to black and white. But how do I fix my hair, chin and tank top!?
Simple: nudge it with liquify!

Under the filters menu in Photoshop CS, choose liquify (
in PSE, go to filer >distort>liquefy). You’ll be able to push and nudge parts of your image around!

For a more natural nudge, a larger brush (around 200 is my favorite) and a smaller pressure (around 25) yield the best result.

Liquify is also great for straightening out t-shirts or cloth backgrounds. I’ve used it to fix askew onesies for my daughter.
Have fun making your pictures capture your moments!